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Chapter 3










It was getting dark and this lady was still busy serving different annoying people.


The crowd didn’t reduce as people still tropped in like the day was just beginning.


I could tell from the heavy movements of her legs that she wasn’t tired.


I raised my left hand in an attempt to get her attention.


She walked up to me after several attempts


* I want to go home *


I stated in more like a command.


Something I was accustomed to.


* Bye then *


She blurted and walked out swinging her nicely shaped thighs left and right matching the heels against the tiles.


A beautiful lady for a nice mission which I intend to establish quickly and return to begin my reign.


I stood up from the nook part I was and walked up to the counter * Sir how can I help you? *


The manager from earlier asked and I kept mute.


Rose walked out with another filled tray in her hand and her expression had ‘Surprise ‘.


I held her by her elbow and took the tray with the other hand.


I left it in the hands of the manager


* I will be taking her with me now *


I said and dragged her by her tiny wrist, she’s too skinny .


* Sir your bill *


The manager yelled after me like I owed him. I own him * Shut up *


I snapped my thumb against my middle finger and he was quiet.


We finally got out of the restaurant and she forcefully pulled her hand out my grip


* I’m not going anywhere with you *


She said like it was a choice of hers.


I left my lips in a slight smirk at gestures.


You belong to me young lady.


* Let’s go *


I held her tightly this time pulling her with time as I walked through hoping to get to her house.


I’m sure that will creep her out if I go to her house without any help from her.


Her tiny screams for help like I was kidnapping her was sending a lot of attention.


I stopped by a tall building in the street with dim lights


* Don’t you want to go home? *


I asked


I want to so leave me alone * She said and I let her go.


She started running,


I stood and laughed watching her run.


I took another route and waited for her there,


it was just three more streets from here to her apartment.


I saw her running so fast and looking back at intervals to see if anyone was after her.


She bumped into me and fell to the ground in screams * You! What..what are you doing here? * She asked between heavy breathe.


I lowered to her and stared intently at her


* Rose darling *


I called and she was shocked


* I don’t remember telling you my name, how did you know that? * She asked still trying to calm her breathe.


I pointed at the little letters on the chest pocket of her white skirt spelling her name.


Rose Caliente.


I helped her up and she stood looking at me like she was searching for something. * What do you want from me? *


She asked dusting the particles of dirt off her short skirt.


This was too short for something pure and innocent.


* I want to go home *


I said again



* Then go home why is there any need to disturb me for that * She sweeped her hand over her blonde hair. She started walking leaving me standing there,


she turned and still saw me standing there, she sighed.


I took fast steps and I was trailing behind her.


* Holy crap! *




She exclaimed when she turned to see me following her.


I smiled


* What is it again? Why do you keep following me? Go home already * She was getting tired this time


* I’m going home miss, this is the route to my house too * I said and we started walking slowly. She glance and look away quickly.


We got to the big building where her apartment was and she started climbing the long stairs.


I looked at the stairs and it was 128


* Wait! You live here too? *


She asked almost choking.


I nodded and she started climbing faster


* Are there no elevators ?*


I asked and she gave me a look without answering.


We reached the floor of her apartment and I stood watching her to open the door.


* What are you still doing looking at me? Go to your apartment *


She said and I smiled.


* This is my apartment *




Are you crazy? Oh why’s there any need to ask you’re obviously * She hit her temples.


Look you better leave now or I’ll call the cops *


She added and banged the door at my face.


I could sense her fear as she leaned on her door holding her chest.


She was about to open the door after a while.


I hid by the corner watching her.


She opened the door slowly and looked around,


when she didn’t see anybody she sighed in relief and went back inside.


I opened the door when I felt she wasn’t in the living room anymore.


I went in and admired the interiors of the warm apartment.


I went from the living room into the bedroom,


took off my shoes and laid on the comfy bed.


The shower was running from the bathroom which was at the other end of the medium sized bedroom.


The shower stopped running and the doors of the bathroom cracked open.


She walked out trying to knot the white towel around her dripping body.


She turned and saw me on the bed


* Ahhhhhhhh *


She screamed and her towel fell from her chest to the ground. Wow!





Her Demonic Lover



OH no! Not this man



He’s a demon



She’s human



Fantasy Romance



Written by Shantel

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