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By authoress Anna Episode 20..







Elsa’s POV..


I can’t explain how I’m feeling, the news of Maya’s death has turned my brother into someone else, standing by the door frame I watched as he spoke to the flip flops, like he was talking to a living thing or better still Maya.


“Aishh, are you hungry baby?” He asked looking at the flip flops he cradled like a child.


“Do you want tea?” He asked raising up the mug on the coffee table.. “You said you’re dead” he mumbled staring at the wall “They all said you’re gone” he muttered


“But they’re obviously crazy, because I believe you’re still alive Maya, what did you tell me?.. that you’d never let me die, not if you can help it… We both know that I’ll kill myself if you die, don’t worry I’ll be here waiting.. I give you two days.. two days, two days to come back to me or else I’ll kill myself..” he stated seriously and I covered my mouth with my palm muffling my sobs.


“You can’t leave me again.. not now, that we’ve both become one Maya.. I love you” he said with a smile then looked down at the flip flops in his arms He raised it up some inches from his face


“You hear that baby?.. I love you so much!” He said and kissed the flops.



I was going to loose it, I couldn’t help it anymore.. I hiccuped as the tears kept rolling down my cheeks.


“Elsa” I flinched and turned sharply to see who it was..


Min yuk, my best friend was standing right beside me, with a concerned and worried expression on her face.


“What is it?” She asked taking my hands from my face


“I can’t help it Mimi, he’s going crazy.. it’s so painful, I can’t bare to see Kyle like this” I sobbed..


“What..” she trailed off looking past me into the room “Oh Elsa” she mumbled sadly turning to look at me “He’s so broken” I said


“He’s gonna be okay Elsa.. ” she said


“No..can’t you see him? He’s acting crazy in there, he doesn’t even want to see any of us.. I wonder how dad will feel when he comes back to see Kyle like this..” I choked looking back at my brother


“I can’t stand this Mimi, he’s my only sibling, we’ve spent so many years together, he’s basically my best friend Mimi.. and seeing him like this, breaks my heart so much” I cried and she stepped forward “Come here Elsa” she mumbled and embraced me


“It’s gonna be alright, Kyle’s gonna be fine.. I promise, I’m here for the both of you, most especially Kyle.. I’ll mend his broken heart, just leave it to me” she said patting my back.


I wanted to ask her what she meant by her last sentence, but I was too shattered to say anything. Mimi was and is still a very good friend, she had arrived in Korea two days before the incident and had come over to the house this morning when she heard the news.


“Elsa?” I pulled back from min yuk and turned to face Diego.


“How’s he?” He asked looking hopefully at me


“He’s been better” I muttered wiping my face.


“Did you do what we asked you to?” Mimi asked and I frowned, hatred and rage


burning through my every core


“Yes I did” he said


“Where’s she?” I asked as calmly as I could


Diego darted his eyes hesitantly between Mimi and I before opening his mouth to speak, when he saw the death glare I was shooting at him


“In the cell, I’ve already told the cops you were coming over to talk, with her.. that’s just what you’re going to do right?” He asked looking at me


“Oh.. I’ll be doing a lot more than talking Diego” I muttered and walked out with


Mimi behind me






Kai’s POV


“It’s done Kai” he said and I smiled


“Good job Luke, I’ll get back to you later” I said and he mumbled an okay before hanging up


“Wow.. I can’t wait to be back home at LA,” I muttered walking down the Rocky trail..


I looked around the beach, it was quiet just as I like it, with no body insight..meaning no fans, paparazzi, autographs and the rest!..


I laughed happily and rushed to the bank of the ocean..


I took off my clothes and ran into the warm Sea water.




After swimming for about thirty minutes, I was starting to feel uneasy.. I moved back to the sand and put on my trousers, sitting on the floor shirtless..


Why do I feel like something isn’t right?, I suddenly feel like I’m going to loose something that very important to me, why?..


Frustrated I pushed my purple hair backwards and away from my eyes.. I looked into the sea for a bit and looked around the beach again, I caught something black almost Raven shining beside a rock.. i squinted my eyes to get a clearer view of it and gasped when it moved.. it moved again and disappeared out of sight. A seagull, oh my gosh it’s a seagull!.


I’m going to catch it and take a picture, I thought and ran over to the large rock, I walked round it and..


“Jesus!.. oh my God, is this?..” I leaned down praying that it’s not who I was seeing.. I pushed her hair away from her face and cupped her cheeks


“No …no.. please Maya, what happened to you?” I asked looking at her pale face, her skin was white… Really white.. and her baggy sweatshirt was cold to touch, nevertheless I placed my hands on her chest and pressed,As hard as I could..maybe she drank too much water, nothing happened..


“Please Maya, just cough out water even if it’s once” I muttered pushing harder .




I groaned and placed my lips on hers, trying the mouth to mouth method, still nothing..



I stumbled back and sat beside her looking down at her body, that was when I noticed something slowly dropping out of her stomach.. I moved steadily to her left and gasped her blood was in a puddle by her side, slowly pouring out of her stomach..


It felt like I’ve been stabbed right in the heart..


“Where do you think you’re going? You’re not going anywhere Maya, I won’t let


you” I muttered and carried her




“What the f**k do you mean by ‘there’s no hope?” I thundered angrily.. The doctor flinched and moved back


“I’m sorry Kai, but there’s nothing more I can do, she’s dead..I can’t help her” he said quietly and I glared at him


“She’s dead?.. she’s dead?!.. are you the one who killed her?!” I asked glaring at the cowering idiot.


“No.. sir” he stuttered


“I don’t care what it takes, I’ll pay anything.. I’ll do anything, I beg you just please save her for me” I said clasping my hands together


I don’t know what’s going on with me, I barely even know her but my heart was pratically bleeding and my rage was increasing at the mention of her being dead. “But.. ” he started


“You haven’t even checked her yet! You haven’t done any tests, what kind of qwack are you?!” I asked


“She’s dead sir, I can’t feel her a certified doctor, I can tell when someone is dead without any devices” he said


“Get her into that theater and start whatever surgery you’re supposed to carry out


on her, her being dead or not is not for you to decide!.. you are going to Carry out


that operation ‘certified or not!’ I don’t f*cking care how much it’s gonna cost, just


get your white ass in there and do your job!.. and Don’t bother coming out unless


she’s awake and well, i don’t care if you have to replace your heart with hers, just


don’t come out without Maya!” I said and watched as he scurried out of the room,


immediately three nurses rushed in and wheeled Maya out of the room. I should


probably call Kyle.






Crystals POV


“I did not do it!” I screamed for what seemed to be the thousandth time



“Oh shut up witch!.. he called your name!, Kyle heard him loud and clear” Elsa’s friend said scornfully


“What?.. I swear to God i Didn’t do it, I don’t know who those people are, I honestly admit that I love Kyle so very much and hate Maya for taking him away, but that’s that.., I didn’t send those guys” I said darting my eyes to Elsa who had a lot of hated written on her face


“Did you or did you not, threatened to exterminate Maya or her family?” Elsa asked staring at the whip in her hands.


“I.. I..might have done that, but I didn’t mean it, I swear.. I only said that to make her give up on Kyle, the only thing I planned to do was send her and her family to America or any other country, as long as it’s far away from Kyle” I admitted pleading with Elsa.


God what have I gotten myself into? I didn’t do it!


“Enough with the lies Crystal!” She snapped and I closed my eyes as tears trailed down


“I need to see my lawyer” I mumbled opening my eyes Her friend scoffed and rolled her eyes


“Your lawyer cannot help you Crystal, you may be rich, famous, connected and all.. but I am ten times more than everything you are, I’ll make sure you spend the entirety of your miserable life in jail, but first..” Elsa paused and moved back. She raised the whip and I gasped


“This is for killing Maya!” She yelled and I felt a searing pain on my side, I screamed and doubled over on the floor..


“This is for ruining my family!” She yelled and another lash landed on me.. I cried and scrambled away from her… Pleading for the pain to go away, “I didn’t do it” I croaked out


“This is for breaking my brother!” Another whip “My best friend!” Another whip


“And my Kyle!” She yelled and lashed me.


I screamed rolling on the floor, what are the cops even doing?, Can’t they hear me.. I cried whimpering as I heard footsteps rushing out of the cell, every part of my body was aching, and I felt bruised all over.


“Tsk tsk tsk tsk… And here I was thinking that you were strong,” I heard her say before i saw her through blurry visions kneeling in front of me


“It’s sad however that you’re suffering for a sin you never committed” she chuckled and tucked my hair behind my ears, I flinched back and she stared amused at me.



“You know, when I heard that a certain someone was in love with my Kyle, while he was dating another, I was amused… I thought she would be clever and smart, I thought you would take a step to hurt Maya..but when you didn’t, I knew I had to do something.. your obsession for Kyle made you my pawn..and I didn’t just kill a bird with one stone, no.. I killed two.. Maya and Crystal, two women with different personalities but in love with the same man.. two rivals filled with hatred for each other, only to be taken down by an unexpected storm in the same boat, ironic isn’t it?” She asked and laughed


“ was you?” I asked as tears clouded my vision. She giggled and stood up with a devilish grin on her face “You killed Maya!” I gasped in realization


“Uh.. nuh huh” she said shaking a finger disapprovingly “I didn’t.. you did” she said and I sobbed “I didn’t.. you said it your..”


“I didn’t say anything about killing Maya, but if it makes you feel any better..then yes, I did send those guys to kill her and call your name, I had someone bug his phone when I heard he was going to his cabin with that thing, so I could hear whatever he was saying and trust me it wasn’t pleasant listening to them having s*x all throughout the night and the next morning, but anyways the feeling of hearing her get shot was enough compensation” she said smiling contently “W-why me?” I asked tiredly


“I’ve never met you before now, so please tell me what did I do to deserve this?” I asked and winced when I tried to lean properly on the wall


“Aww… Poor thing, like I said, I needed a pawn someone who would take the fall for me, and you came along..then proved to be the perfect puppet, you were only at the wrong place at the right time..” she said smirking


“I guess that’s enough info for today, thanks for being my pawn, hope the pain isn’t too much? Deal with it either way, I’ll see you In court, oh and good luck trying to get out of this, toodles” she said throwing a kiss “You’re a devil!” I spat


“I know hun” she winked and sashayed out.


I closed my eyes and leaned back crying my eyes out, for Maya, Kyle and myself.






To be continued..







Just A Kiss

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