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By Authoress Anna .


Episode 19.








Amaya’s POV



No no no!.. this is not how I wanted my afternoon to go, I’m still very sore and tired, but the thought of those men wanting to harm me automatically had me pumping with adrenaline..


“This way Maya” Kyle said moving to the right “Who are those people?” I asked panting heavily “I have no idea” he replied looking behind us.

“I think we lost them” he said and we slowed to a stop.


I quickly sat behind a tree resting my body on the bark.


“There’s no f**king signal!” He yelled angrily.


“How do we get out of here then?” I asked


“I honestly don’t know, but no matter what I’ll protect you, even if I have to die” he said seriously.


I slowly shook my head and reached for his hands with mine.


“No, don’t say that baby,” I said pulling him closer to me. I could see the surprise on his face when I called him that


“You are not going to die, not if I can help it.. okay?” I asked


He opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by another gunshot.


“Seriously?” I mumbled standing up slowly..


He motioned for me to wait behind the tree, and quickly moved to a bigger one like mine.


He placed his index finger on his lips, signalling me to keep quiet, of course I did, who wants to die?..


Footsteps started approaching and I shut my eyes closed, praying silently that God should help me out of this situation.


“I promise I’ll start attending every service, please just help me” I said silently The footsteps got louder and stopped just at the other side of my tree.


“Where are they?!” A male’s voice boomed, my nose started itching.. oh no.. I’m going to sneeze..


Amaya you’re dead, you’re gone.. and I couldn’t even see my mom first.


I discreetly moved my hands to my nose and rubbed it, supressing the feeling a bit “I don’t know, I think we lost them” another voice said panting heavily


“What do you mean by you think you lost them? Do you want Crystal to kill us?”


He yelled


So it was her


“Spread out, you can get the guy unharmed, remember no single hair on his head should be hurt, as for the girl, bring her back with you, alive or dead..Go!” He ordered, and I heard footsteps rushing out.


Why me?.. I glanced at Kyle to see him staring at me..


“Don’t cry” he mouthed, I reached up to touch my cheeks and felt moisture.. I didn’t even know I was crying already.


I quickly wiped my tears and leaned back on the tree..


He looked behind his tree and looked around,


“Come on Maya” he whispered holding out his hands..


I rushed over to him and he started running again..


Soon the trees started disappearing and I felt the fresh wind on my face.. I suddenly tripped over and fell on the ground, “Oh my God, Maya are you okay?” Kyle asked..


“Yes,” I mumbled trying to stand, I winced at the pain I felt in my ankle, “I think I broke my ankle” I whimpered sitting back down on the grass.


“Let me see” Kyle said squatting beside my legs, he dropped the gun on the grass and examined my ankle.


It was bruised just like I thought, I yelped when he touched it..


I wiped my eyes and looked around.


“Oh run!” I whisper yelled


“What?” He asked.


“Run Kyle, they are coming” I said pointing to the men running towards our direction, they were still far away..but I could still make out the outline of their bodies.


“Go Kyle” I said gently pushing him away “I’m not leaving you” he said pulling me up.


“I can’t run” I said and whimpered at the pain in my leg


“You can Maya.. you can do this.. okay uhm, get on my back” he said standing in front of me


“It will make you slower” I pointed out and wrapped my hand on his shoulder.. and started leap running as best as I could.


“Stop right there!” A voice shouted but we kept running, I started hearing the sound of the ocean moving against the beach…


I screamed when I almost fell off the cliff , which was of course reaaaallly high from the water below.. not to mention my phobia for heights.. I’m going to die, I Know I will..


“What were you thinking?” Kyle asked as he held me possessively beside him.


“I wasn’t thinking” I admitted..


“Let’s go” he said and we turned to take another route only to come face to face with about six men.. all holding guns.



“What the heck do you want from us?!” Kyle asked acting as if he didn’t hear what the supposed leader said back at the woods


“We want the girl.. hand her over peacefully and no body gets hurt” he said and


Kyle shook his head


“Never” he growled


“You honestly don’t want to dare me pretty boy, now hand her over” he said taking some steps towards us.. I instinctively took just two steps back but instead I lost balance and screamed as I felt myself falling. I slowly opened my eyes when I felt myself stop, I looked up and saw kyle holding onto the edge of cliff with one hand, he was going to fall if he didn’t let go of me.. “Maya are you okay?”he asked


“No..” I cried looking down.


“No.. Maya, Don’t you dare look down, look at me.. look at me Maya!” He ordered, I closed my eyes as tears trickled down my cheeks..I opened them and looked straight into his eyes


“Yes, that’s it.. we are going to make it and me, we are going to climb up and go home, okay?” He asked and I nodded


“Well I don’t think so” I looked past Kyle and saw the leader standing on the cliff, just beside Kyle’s hand.. I thought he was going to step on his hand but no.. Everything slowed down as he pointed the gun at me and pulled the trigger. “No!” Kyle yelled.


“Boss, the cops are here!” I heard someone say and the leader disappeared from sight.


My body was in pain, I was already starting to feel more weaker by the second. “Maya open your eyes, baby.. please don’t leave me, hold on I beg you ..Maya!” Kyle screamed as I felt myself drifting away, I looked back down at the ocean my blood was already dropping in.


I looked back at Kyle and noticed his grip on the cliff loosening, if I don’t let go, we’ll both die.. and I don’t want my kyle to die yet. Black dots were already flooding my vision, my grip on his hand loosened and I whispered with all the strength I had left


“I love you much” and then I felt my hand slipping from his.




Kyle’s POV


“Amaya!” I screamed as she fell speedily down the cliff.


“I’m coming” I mumbled to myself and released my grip from the cliff, only for me to feel somebody’s hand on my wrist pulling me back.


“What do you think you’re doing?” Diego said when they finally pulled me up.


“No, let go of me.. Amaya!.. my amy needs me, let go!.. Maya hold on, I’m


coming.. let go of me!” I screamed trying to break free from their grasp


“Don’t worry, the cops have already sent divers to get her.. they’ll take her to the


hospital, come with us..” Diego said dragging me away from the cliff


“No!.. you’re lying!.. amaya needs me, let go of me you d*ck.. I’ll kill you if you don’t, I need to help my Maya, don’t you understand?” I asked pushing them away “I’m serious Kyle, I’m being honest..the divers have gone to get her..let’s go!” He said looking sincere, I turned to follow them when I spotted something on the grass, I moved towards it but was pulled back by the guards “Let me go.. I want to see what that is” I said tiredly..


Diego ordered them to leave me and I slowly walked to the spot, I leaned down and picked up the flip flops,.. my Maya’s flip flop, I’ll give it to her when I get to the hospital.. I thought and walked back to Diego.. **




“Aren’t they back yet?!” I asked was already 8pm and I haven’t heard anything.


I was currently in the family mansion, with mom and Elsa..


“Don’t worry, it’s gonna be okay” Elsa muttered


“It’s not gonna be okay until I see Maya Elsa! Stop saying that” I snapped Diego walked in and looked around.


I quickly stood up and rushed over to him “Where’s she?” I asked


He kept quiet and continued staring at Elsa


“What is it?.. tell me, why are you staring at my sister, I was the one who asked you the question” I said angrily


“Don’t worry Diego I’ll take it from here” mom said walking in.


Diego nodded and rushed out.


What the heck


“Where’s Amy mom?” I asked looking at my mother


“You need to calm down Kyle, can you do that for me?” She asked and I nodded eagerly..


At this point I’ll do anything just to hear that she’s safe


“Good, uhm.. the divers searched everywhere they could..but, they couldn’t find Maya,” she whispered.. I stared at her for a few minutes and started laughing “You’re joking right?” I asked


“No I’m not” she said sympathetically


“You guys are actually trying to make fun of me, okay jokes over, you win..tell me where my baby is, I really need to see her” I mumbled rubbing my temple.


“She’s dead Kyle” mom mumbled with tears rolling out of her eyes. I shook my head stepping back a bit “No she’s not ..” I mumbled


“Kyle you need to calm down” Elsa said trying to touch me “Don’t touch me!” I snapped and she flinched


“I’m sorry son but it’s true, your Maya is gone.. I’m sorry” mom cried “ don’t know that” I said shaking my head “That’s what the divers said” she mumbled


“Get out” I whispered.. feeling my body heating up with rage “Kyle” they both started


“Get out!” I yelled and threw the glass vase against the wall.. Elsa screamed and rushed out dragging mom along.


“No. No..she can’t leave me, she said she loves me, “.. I mumbled falling on the couch


She isn’t isn’t dead!


She’s not!..


Mom’s voice kept replaying in my head..


‘your Maya is gone’! She’s not


‘your Maya is gone’ no Maya is not gone


‘your Maya is gone!’ it


‘your Maya is gone!!’stay away from my head


‘your Maya is gone!!!’go away! I screamed throwing the table on the floor.


Memories of Maya started flashing in my head, her smile, her face everything..


‘my bra has a magnet’


‘make me your PA’


‘jerk!.. ‘


‘Oppa… I can not kill myself, I’ll see you at home. I don’t have money to pay him, so you better run fast!, I’ll try to make breakfast for you!’


‘Because of ordinary fry pan, you are punishing somebody’s child, isn’t this wickedness?’


“Huh? I have the most amazing voice in all of Korea’


‘Well.. a day will come when you’ll miss this voice so much, but by then you would have lost it.. that’s when you’ll know how important it is’ She was so f**king right!


Where’s my Maya?…


I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, if I offended you … just please come back to me!..


‘i love you much’ her face flashed in my head, how hurt she felt when she was shot.


“No, you can’t leave me again” I mumbled


I broke down and screamed out.








To be continued

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