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Chapter 15


Xander’s POV


“It’s been a week, Xander. Swallow your



pride and follow your heart. You won’t be happy if you won’t take my advice. Go to her before you regret your decision.” My sister Stella visited me at home.


“It’s not that easy, Stella. She lied to me.”


“I’m sure she has her reasons. You two


should talk and settle things instead of


being miserable. You love each other.”


I took a big gulp of my cold beer and


leaned back at the pool chaise lounge.


“Mia’s miserable right now.” Stella




“Really?” I chuckled. “She should be. After what she did to me.”


Stella rolled her eyes and crossed her legs together. She was sitting on a chair beside me. “Tristan said she locks herself in her room. She’s always crying and not eating. Tristan is so worried of her. She’s slowly killing herself!”


“What?” That made me sat up. Damn Mia. My concern for her overpowered my anger. I was alarmed that she was not taking care of herself.


“Go to her before something bad happens


to her. Sometimes I think she’s kind of…




“No. She’s not.”


“How can you be sure? She’s hurting so


much and she’s acting like there’s no


reason for her to live anymore.”


Dammit! Curses fell from my mouth.


“You have to gather yourself and control


your emotions, Xander. Please… settle


your personal problem.”


“Okay, I will. I’ll talk to Mia, as soon




“Thanks God. You still love her, right?”


Stella stood up and grabbed her bag,


getting ready to go.


“Yeah. That’s the problem. I can’t stop


loving her.”


“So, what are you waiting for? Go to






It was evening when I arrived at San Bernardino, where Mia’s family house was located. Mia’s half brother, Kobe Latsis and his girlfriend, Sapphire Collins invited me in their house.


“Mia’s not her. Did you inform her that


you’re coming?” Kobe asked.


“No. I wanted to surprise her.”


“Wow. That’s so sweet.” Sapphire giggled.


“Too bad, she went out with a friend.”


“A friend? Who?” I asked curiously. I


thought she locked herself in her room.


“The telenovela actor.” Kobe said.


My temper immediately flared. Fucking


Shit! I wasted my time coming here.


“But it’s not a date.” Sapphire said,


looking at Kobe. “Right?”


“No. No. NO. It’s not. Definitely not. It’s just a friendly… umm… catching up.” Liars. These two made me look stupid. “I’m going now.” I said, moving out of the door. There was no point of staying anymore.


Mad. Disappointed. Tired. Hungry.


I came here to talk to her hoping that we


could patch up our differences. All the


while she was seeing that narcissistic


telenovela actor again.


“Come on man, lets have some beer and


pizza. Saph texted Mia already. She’s


coming home.” Kobe said.




Mia arrived after I had four bottles of beer. She didn’t look pale, thin or depress. In fact, she looked healthier and blooming. Contrary to what Stella said. I was miserable and all the while she was dating and having a good time.


What the hell! I shouldn’t have waited.


Two men were standing behind her. The


telenovela actor and another guy who


looked like his bodyguard.


“What are you doing here?” Mia gave me a cold stare.


“That’s also the question I wanted to ask myself. I’m leaving. It’s a mistake coming here.” My attention focused at the telenovela actor and said in my very sarcastic tone. “Congrats, you won. I wish you both happiness.” I immediately spun around and leave.


“Wait!” Mia almost shouted, following me.


“Xander, it’s not what you think.”


“I shouldn’t have come.” I stopped


walking and turned to her.” I thought


you’re miserable and all the while you’re


dating!” I was breathless with rage.


“Can we at least talk and let me explain?”


She said behind me.


“Ha! You already made a fool of me, Mia. What lie are you going to tell me this time? That you’re not dating him?” I pointed at the guy in the living room. “Stop it.” She hissed. “Dylan is my friend. He’s not my fiancΓ©.”


“I said stop lying.” I looked at the



telenovela actor who was coming near us. “You see, Mr. Valiente… ah… Xander. Can I call you Xander? Ah… Mia and I are just pretending to be engaged?” Dylan Cooper said.


“What do you mean, huh?” My eyes


shifted from him to Mia.


“I’m gay. I’m protecting my image being a






“It’s true.” Mia said and looked at the


other guy. “Mikael is Dylan’s boyfriend.


We’re just hanging out together. They


wanted to make me happy.”


I shook my head, feeling so confused.


He’s gay? All along he’s gay! I’m going


insane absorbing all of these. Mia is


making me crazy.


“We’re going now, Mia so both of you can talk. I hope you will settle your problem tonight.” Dylan cooper said and left the house before I could speak. ***Later


“What do you want me to do. Cry in the corner and wait for you to come? I was trying to move on. You called me a lying bitch and threw me out of the house. What do you think would I feel? You showed me that your’e done with me.” We were back in the living room, sitting across each other.


“Correction. I did not throw you out of


the house. You threatened me that you


would leave. I told you that that’s what


you’re good at, running away. And you


did. Again!”


“Because you don’t listen to me. You’re


pride is higher than Mt. Everest.”


I exhaled heavily. Staring at her. “Why did you lie to me about having an amnesia.” “I’m sorry. It was a stupid thing to do.” “Why? I thought we were doing good in our relationship? Instead you made a fool of me. That’s unfair.”


“I was not happy, Xander.”


Not happy? That was a big blow in my




“What do you mean?”


“You didn’t really care about me.


Everything was all about you!”


“How could you say that? I showered you with my love.”


“It was not enough. You didn’t make an effort to get to know me better. What I liked and what I didn’t. I wanted to have my own career but you didn’t want me to. I wanted to decide for myself, and make a choice but you wouldn’t allow me. It was always your decision. I felt so inferior of you to the point that I felt useless, not needed. I became insecure and lost my self esteem.”


“Mia, I swear it was not my intention. You should have told me.”


“I tried. But you wouldn’t listen. You were so busy with your job, coming home so tired and you always brushed me off when I started talking about my concerns. So I just kept quiet about my feelings. When you asked me for marriage, I thought everything would change but it became worst. You wouldn’t listen, Xander. To the point that I was fed up and… and that picture of you at the yacht with the girls


in bikinis clinging on you. It blew me




“I didn’t sleep with those girls, I swear. Why didn’t you ask me instead of running away.”I became frustrated listening to her reasons.


“Why didn’t you tell me? You were


keeping it a secret.”


I realized I was so wrong. I didn’t


consider Mia’s feelings. That she was a


sensitive woman. I was wrong thinking


that our relationship was perfect because


she was silent and never complained. But


all along…


“Look… I’m sorry if that’s what you feel.”


I took both of her hands and lifted it to


my lips. “We’ll start all over again, Mia. I


forgive you. For everything. And I’m


hoping you’ll forgive me too. Let’s forget


what happened… please. I love you so


much and it’s really hard not having you


in my life again. I can’t function well. I


don’t have pride anymore… I want you


back. I’m going to kneel and crawl a


hundred miles so you could forgive me. I


don’t care about the past, I want what we


have now and our future together.”


She pulled her hands out of my grasp and


glared at me. Her eyes were full of


remoteness. I could feel that I was slowly


losing her. “No, Xander. I can’t. I don’t


want to live with you again… I don’t have


freedom… You have so much pride and I


hate you for not knowing my favorite


color, my favorite food…. I didn’t even


get to watch my favorite movie because


you want to watch Star Wars. Ugh! I hate


Star Wars… I hate those action pack tv


series you kept on watching every night…


hate… I pulled Mia in my arms and kissed her


hard, passionately. She struggled but eventually stopped and melted in my arms.


“I love you so much Mia and I never stopped loving you. I’m going to show you how much, every day and every minute until you forget all the bitterness you have in your heart for me. I wouldn’t stop proving to you how you mean so much to me and how worthy I am to have your love. We will do everything you love. I promise, I will listen to you and get to know everything about you. We will watch your favorite movies, eat your favorite food… I will shower you with flowers and things with your favorite color. I love you so much Mia. Please… let’s give ourselves another try.”


She looked at me with eyes full of tears. “I’m sorry, Xander…”


“Shhh… just say you love me, Mia… just say you love me.”












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