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Chapter 9



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Because of me Sophia was going to die.



My heart was beating wildly in my chest and feeling slightly and shaky. I walked into the castle behind King Ray.



I needed to warn Sophia somehow, help her escape before Alpha Ray actually managed to carry out his threat.



“Alpha Ray” I stated, attempting for a final time to change his mind,however he hardly paying attention to me.



Suddenly he stopped abruptly and I thought perhaps that was a sign he was listening.



“Sophia she…..” I continued



“Yes Marcus?” Ray voice interrupted me.



Marcus? I peered from behind ray large stature and realized he was talking to the man standing in front of him



He was equally a large man. Easily towering over me, with his large broad shoulders. He had blonde hair which curled around his ears and blue eyes that honed in on me as I hid behind the king. He radiated power too and from his well built body and the muscles protruding from underneath his shirt, I had no doubt that he is a strong fighter.



His lips curled upwards at me before turning to Ray.



“Everyone is ready and waiting for you” he said, before his attention turned back to me. His eyes watched me carefully, and I believe he was about to say something more when a familiar figure bounded down the hallway.



“Damn it!! Ray you are back!” Kelly exclaimed as he saw me.



He look at Marcus who was smirking at him,handing him some money before speaking to me.



“I honestly thought you managed to escape Isabella” he said, shaking his head in disappointment.



“That’s €30 I lost on you”



“You made a bet on me escaping? ” I wonder out loud.



I look at ray who was watching us with a lack of interest.



“Yea, I bet that it would take my cousin half an hour to find you, and Marcus bet it wouldn’t take up to fifteen minutes”



My eyes sent wide


“Wait… how long did it actually take?” I asked



“Ten minutes” all three of them say in unison,matter of factly.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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I scoff,feeling more than pathetic. It took me fourty-five minutes to make it as far as I did and it took him only ten minutes to find me.



“But Isabella…” Kelly said with a smirk



“I really have to give it to you for all the effort you made” he encircled a finger at me, pointing at my cloth and the scent hiding mixture caked over my face.



Both Marcus and Kelly look at each other and they burst out laughing. Meanwhile all I want to do is dig a great big hole and bury myself in it. Looking up, even king ray was amused,only hardening his face when he caught me looking.



“Take her back to her room” ray ordered



At first I didn’t want to go but after looking at Kelly for a while, Kelly spoke up.



“Marcus, let me take her to her room. You can go with the king. I will join you guys later” Kelly said



“Why?” Ray asked



“Alpha ray, I think you should let Kelly take her to her room, if I take her she might just stab me” Marcus said as I glared at me.




Ray sighed before walking away with Marcus



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“Seriously though Isabella, you had some gut to try and run.” Kelly tells me as he walk me to my room.



“I thought my mother was dead” I reply as I fiddle with my fingers



“If it was anyone else, ray would have killed them on the spot” Kelly says, his tone contains a warning.



He opens my room door and point for me to enter.



“You need to clean this mess” he explains as I look at my body



I nod in agreement. The scent mixture on my face is already itching me.



“I’ll order a maid to come freshen you up”



He turns to me as he walked away, holding up a finger.



“You better not try to run again”



I force a smile, I can’t promise that,I think.






I had a quick shower, scrubbing my face and body. I dried up my body, applied a cream that the maid brought for me.



I put on a red flare gown. Gosh! It’s so beautiful. It wasn’t Sophia who brought the cream, it was another maid. That got me thinking, Sophia is my



personal maid she should be the one to bring the body cream. Oops! As king ray killed her already?



I paced around my room,wondering if Sophia was still alive or dead. I had tried to open the door but its locked. I guess ray didn’t want me to escape again.



Oh God, please save Sophia



“So your done?”



I heard a voice outside my room. It Kelly’s.



“Yes,you can come in” I responded quickly



I really need to find out if Sophia was alright.



“Kelly” I whisper as he walk into the room. I was sitting on my bed.



“I’m worried about something”



“Well in all honesty Bella, it is a bit late for you to worry about her” Kelly replied already knowing what I was about to say.



“What?” I asked surprised at what he said



“You are talking about Sophia? The maid who helped you?”



I paused and so did kelly.



“She knew what she was doing, and she probably knew the trouble she will be in when we find out that you are missing. She made her bed” Kelly sighed and walk to the door.



“And now unfortunately she had to lie on the bed” he was about to leave but I stopped him



“Is there really nothing I can do to get her out of this situation?”



This girl has risked her life for me and I couldn’t give up without trying.



Kelly turned back, his eyes flashing mischievously



“Alpha ray isn’t that nice. Well since he is a werewolf there is something we can do. You will have…….”






This doesn’t sound like a brilliant idea.



Maybe I should walk away,you know go and hide in my room, let bygones be bygones and all that.



I could feel myself tremble as I stood outside the door. Kelly did say this idea would work,but then again he said there were risks. Was I ready to accept the risks? Perhaps not.



Think of Sophia, I reminded myself. Taking a deep breath in. Think about Sophia who risked her life for me.



I breathed in and gathered as much courage as I could and raised my hand and knocked on the door.



“Come in”



I slowly pushed open the door and stepped into alpha ray office. It had


been hours since I had seen him last. He was leaning back in his chair in


front of a mahogany table,paper work spread out before him on the table.



“What do you want Isabel?” He asked



I was surprised he wasn’t angry that I wasn’t in my room. I lick my lips feeling slightly faint. Any previous confidence or courage I had gathered faded when I locked eyes with him.



“I want you to kill me” I rushed out in one breath



Realising what I just said I quickly held out my hands ,shaking them



“No wait, hold on, wait,no that is not what I meant”



Alpha ray cocked an eyebrow



“Basically king ray, what I meant was that if you want to punish Sophia you will have to punish me too. If you kill Sophia you will kill me also”



I close my eyes. I can’t believe I let Kelly encourage me into saying this



“You don’t think I can kill you?” Alpha ray questioned as he sat up in his chair.



“No sir, I sincerely believe you can and will kill me. If you can murder those villagers in cold blood you can kill me also”



There was no doubt about it. The way his grey eyes darkened and his arm muscles fixed underneath his shirt,made it very certain that if he wished he could easily end me.


“Then why are you here?” He ask



“I gave you a second chance,but you are here in my office asking me to punish you!” He sounded annoyed



I paused, clutchy my sweaty hands together. The last thing I had never think would happen was happening; (having to talk to this monster calmly) he still had the gut to be angry? After taking me from my parent?



“I don’t want anyone to be punish for my sins. She knew she will punished if she helped me but yet still help me because I threatened her. I don’t want her to die because of me”



Alpha ray watched me carefully and for a second I think he is considering my plea. Then he stands up and begins to walk towards me,his face determined. I hesitate for a second and then quickly take a step back when he gets closer.



Standing in front of me, his eyes burn down with rage and before I can even flinch he reaches forward and grabbed my throat,squeezing it.



“You want to be her Messiah? well then as you wish… Since you want to save her you will have to get married to me!”



“No I won’t!”



“Then you want to die with her? So be it”




And with that I faded into the darkness
















Written by ~~~~~~~Pamela James





©Pamela Library



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