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Chapter 13






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A/N: S*xual assault/ content ahead as you guys can probably guess. If you are triggered by these things please skip this chapter



I heard the door opening….then close.



Nervously looking up, I saw him. He was wearing the same pant Kelly gave him, he had a shirt on though. He was staring intensely at me as if I was going to run at any moment. I said nothing to him as he walked into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. I jumped a bit.



Why did he seem so angry? I have not done anything.I am not trying to escape.I didn’t argue with him.



The bathroom door opened….and this time he had no shirt on. He was so


large….compared to my small frame. His muscles shifted involuntarily with


each simple strides he made.



“How was your dinner?”



“Good” I said absent minded



He slowly made his way to me.



“Isabella” he said as his large hand came under my chin to lift it up.



“I do not want to fight with you tonight”



Pushing his hand from under my chin, I stood up. I felt crowded by him.



“We don’t have to” I said while looking down.



“We don’t?” He asked



A large hint of astonishment in his voice.



“No….because we don’t have to consummate our marriage tonight!” I said


even toned



If I raised my voice he would not hear me out. I had to tread lightly.



A growl ripped from his chest.



“Yes we do, it a tradition! Tradition in my kingdom as it is in yours. Do your people not spend the night with each other after getting married? Tell me am I wrong Isabella? ” he snapped as I turned away from him.



Hot tears trailing down my cheeks.I was o so angered by him.



“Isabella” he said again



“Tell me, am I wrong?”



“You’re right” I croaked as I wiped at my cheeks.



“You are right…..but you lied!”





“Yes, because I knew you would be happy. That is why I left you have time for yourself” he said as he lightly touched my arm.



“I do not want to force you. You just have to accept this, Us.” He said gently.



My throat constricted. I pressed my lips together tightly.



“Okay” I said just above a whisper.



His warm hands skimmed over my bare arms. He push my hair to one side. I felt his lips on my neck,suckling and kissing at a spot….that made me shiver.



The odd feeling I was receiving made even more tears trails down my cheeks. I didn’t understand and I didn’t want to understand.



I was surprised as he picked me up and walked over to the bed…where he gently laid me down



Confusion and anger….hurt all bawled into one as he got into the bed and


hovered over me.



“Isabella please stop crying” he said as he wiped my tears with his hand.



I shook my head. His lips descended upon my own. My heart was beating too much…I needed more air and my close mouth wasn’t helping. The moment I opened my mouth, his tongue invaded.



I momentarily lost it.I pushed at his heavy frame,pinching his chest. He stopped.



“Please do not kiss me” I gulped as his eyes had flashed crimson momentarily



“Fine” he said as he began to pull at my gown



“Sit up” he said in a gravely tone.



I pulled my gown off and laid down.



I couldn’t deal with his eyes staring down my naked body…so I closed my eyes. One hand covered my br*asts and the other my womanhood. He pushed both of them away.



“Please…just hurry”



I was exposed. Like a nerve,the smallest touch would make me flinch.



His lips ceased to kiss my own, on according to my wish…but that didn’t stop him from placing them all over my body. His warm lips made a dangerous trail down my neck, Kissing almost every inch of an exposed skin.



My eyes fluttered open when I felt something wet on my chest. Looking down nervously, a pang of pleasure washed over my body. His tongue was swirling around my now taut n*pples,making me squirm underneath him



How could a murderer make me feel these…. Foreign feelings. An


involuntary moan spilled from my lips as he switched to the neglected one. Making me want to push him away. I didn’t want him to know about the pleasure, it was shameful for me.



I closed my eyes once again,praying to God that this will soon be over. His hands ran wild over my naked body. Not missing one single inch,which alarmed me when I felt his large hands pulling my thighs apart. I attempted to close them which….didn’t work.



His strength against mine, you can guess who won the battle. As I lay there expose,I felt something warm…over my private parts.



Slipping one eyes open, I saw his mouth incredibly close to my…my womanhood.



“Wh..what are you doing?” I asked petrified



His arms slipped around my thighs making it impossible for me to close them.



“Ray…please don’t…”I pleaded as I felt his tongue…taste…down there


I gasped



” this…this isn’t sanitary”



He continued his assault as my heart began to beat body felt as if it wasn’t my own.



The pleasure that is tongue was giving me made me cry out. My mouth shut tightly and my hands gripping the soft sheet underneath me.



The onslaught pleasureful moans getting ready to spill from my lips.



Suddenly I felt something pushing,trying to enter me. The odd sensation barely registering within my body as his tongue continued to pleasure me. Soon,I felt a pleasureful building up.



“Ray”I panted, feeling myself getting ready to explode.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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Raymond!” His name spilled from my lips before I could take it back as his ministrations push me off the cliff, i was falling into bliss.






I could hear his deep voice rumble as I felt his lips skimming over my thighs while I put a hand over my face….trying to get myself together. I could then feel him pushing my legs open wider. That alarmed me.



I uncovered my face…and my heart began to beat wildly. He was hovering over me, his….his manhood incredibly close to my womanhood. It was thick…and long…and nothing that I wanted inside of me.




“I…I” I stuttered as I tried to sit up




He gently pushed me back down. His eyes glowing,challenging me to defy him.



“Relax,please” he said softly as he gripped himself in his hand and then pushed into me with one large thrust.



I cried out. It felt as if he had ripped me into two,as if he had shoved a scaring hot item into my delicate womanhood.



“Please…please don’t move” I whimpered as he growled nuzzling my neck.



“Ray ..please…I don’t like this” I said as he began to move within me.



His lips tried to find mine and I refused him.



“Raymond” I sobbed



He stopped and pulled out of me. There was blood on his member. I looked at him in relief.



“Thank you” I said shakily as I tried to stand up



He grabbed me



“What are you doing?” I yelled at him as he flipped me over



“No…please…ray..please don’t” I cried as he opened my leg from behind.



He entered me gently but it still hurt.



“I hate you” I cried as he paused.



“I love you” he growled in his gravelly voice.



He began to pound mercilessly,everytime my cries of pain get loud….his


fingers…claws would dig into my hips



I closed my eyes,my body shaking with each horrible thrusts he made. I had to stop crying at one point,knowing it wouldn’t affect him.



When he stopped…and he spilled his seed into me,I collapsed with him on top of me.



I was shaking. My body hurt. He was on top of me. I was afraid he would do it again. I couldn’t go through that again.



“Are you alright?” He asked as he rolled off of me and turned me around,facing him.



“No” I whimpered as he pulled myself against him.



I burst into tears as he held me tighter kissing my forehead



“I had to claim you” he said gently kissing me again.



“I tried to make it quick as possible” he told me as he held me tightly against his body.



He was trying to justify hurting me, that made me even more angrier.



“I’ll never love you,I’ll only feel hate” I whispered as he seem to kiss me even more.


He Is insane.



“You will learn…I do care for you Isabella and I know you will one day care for me”



“If I could kill you…I would. I would push the blade right here” I said softly, my fingers tracing over the taut flesh of his chest,where his heart was.



“Go to sleep Wify”



To be continued








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