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Chapter 19






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“Mercy” I sighed as she pulled me to the corridor.

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She was insistent that we go down to the garden today.she had supposedly found some blue birds under a bush and held one or so the story goes.




“Come on Queen isabel” she frowned as I in turn frowned at her.




Well I was still in pain. It was hard for me to move my back. It was still tender plus, I have had heavy bleeding for the past few days. Thank God it ceased earlier.



Ray would be happy,he had said that the scent of my blood was driving him insane.,in thinking I was in danger….but actually not in grave danger. He


would wake up out of his sleep,waking me up and asking to sniff around me.



Which would entail me going on my back and him sniffing over every inch of my body. Making sure I was not bleeding out of any other place than my womanhood.



“Mercy, remember I am still in pain. You have to go slow” I reminded her.



She sighed and then stood tall. Taking extra slow steps while holding my hand tightly as if I was an elderly and would topple over any moment.



I began to laugh.



“I am no cripple,mercy” I sighed



I saw a flash of blonde hair down the hall. I knew it was Sophia. It had to be.



“Sophia! ” I shouted.



She began to run



“Damnit!” I swore as I tried to go ad fast as I could


Mercy suddenly let go of my hand.



“Do not worry” she said as she raced down the hall going to run after her.



I heard a loud crash, a sigh left my lips as my poor legs began to walk faster than they possibly could. What I saw when I rounded the corner made me burst into laughter.



A maid with a cart full of food over turned.Food all over Sophia and mercy.



“What…what happened?” I laughed as mercy began to lick some sort of sauce from his hand.



“She crashed into me and I crashed into the cart” Sophia said a bit winded as I helped her up.



“Thank you,your highness” she said softly as she looked around the door.



Confusion clouded me.



“Mercy please do not lick Sophia dress” I warned as I looked over her gorgeous dress.



It was divine! I wanted it. How did she afford such a thing? Where have


she been for the past few days? She had bruises on her rather


large one on her neck. Sort of resembling when ray had so kindly bit me.



“I will get her cleaned up your, majesty” the maid offered



“Thank you” I said while mercy kissed my hand and ran off down to the hall.



The poor maid running after her.



Sophia and I were left alone.



“I am sorry…I am so sorry” she whispered ad I watched her eyes began to tear.



“How are you? I heard that you were bleeding from your womanhood, did Mirabel caused that? “She asked trying to hold back her tears.



I laughed a bit.



I am completely fine….and well no.that what happens to human women, it happens it is natural. You do not experience such things because you are an half breed”



She shook her head, bless her soul.



“I must go. I have to change my dress. Kelly would be upset. I had already messed up the dress he had ask a tailor to make for me” she sighed loudly.



I stared at her in confusion. Something was going on between her and Kelly which I have no idea of what it is.



“Why would Kelly buy you a dress?” I questioned.



I did not know that her and Kelly were that close for him to buy her a dress. She looked down again.



“Well first we should get this dress cleaned up” I said with a smile.



we can go to my bedroom and change you into something not covered in food. Even though you smell like a well cooked ham” I said as she laughed a bit.



“Well I have a room now…here…. With… I will explain everything


when we get there”









“But I do not understand.” I said while tying up her new dress.



“Kelly is a good man” I explained to Sophia as she pulled away from me sighing and pacing around their large room.



Not as large as ray and I room…but it’s large.



“He is royal” she stated as she dropped her dress in front of me.



Exposing herself,I could not look away. She was beautiful….her body was


amazing compared to mine. I felt like an ugly rodent compared to her. If ray was to see her naked…I bet you Kelly and him will be fighting .



“Royals are evil”



My eyes lingered on her hips that had dark blue bruises on them. As mine did when ray had taken me on our wedding night.



“Has he forced you? I am sure it runs in their beastality to treat women as such.” I said thinking maybe that why she didn’t like him.


That was one of the reasons I don’t like Raymond.



“No” she said softly.



“Kelly is nothing compared to ray and I would appreciate if you don’t mention that. Kelly and Ray are different men. They are totally different” she snapped as I watched her shimmy into her dress.



“Just because you have had a bad experience with a beast doesn’t mean you should categorize them all as bad.”



I could not believe her.



“Wow,you say you don’t want Kelly. But here you are defending him” I teased her.



Sophia sighed rubbing her face with her hands.



“I don’t like him okay? Kelly is kind…but…”



“Have you two had inter course?” I asked before she looked at me with rising eyebrows.



I felt my cheek redden.



“I’m sorry….I..”



“It okay your…yes..we have. It was…it kind of happened suddenly and I do not know. He always stares at me as if he wants to…”



“Rip your cloth off ?”I asked as she laughed and nodded her head.



How could she find this funny? Maybe she enjoyed being with Kelly. Some people being with their spouses and I don’t.



“Yes..but I need to go to the village.Kelly vowed to kill the witch who helped me keep the scent a secret. She is a good woman.Isabella I cannot have her killed. ” she explained.



“But Kelly is constantly having guards surround me”.



I could not relate. She seemed very concerned.



maybe you could talk to king ray. He is sure in your good could tell him you want to tour the kingdom with me”



“But how am I supposed to let him give me his permission?”



Sophia gave me a wary look.



“Convince him…intercourse is not an option?”



I gave her a horrified look



“No! That is out of the question. I will never do it with him again.” I said firmly as Sophia sighed and began to pace around.



“Does he touch you at all? Just little small touches? I hear a lot from the maids. They disrobe easily for the guards” she whispered and my eyes widened



“Distract him with your body and ask for permission. I’m sure it will work”



“Well…he waits for me to finish bathing and for the maid to help me dress before coming in to sleep”



She stared at me as if I was insane.



“King.. King ray does that?”



I nodded.



“Well..I do not know. Do something to distract him. Something that will entice him so he will let us go. I will not ask for this unless it was dire. They really want to kill her”



They were vicious, I do not blame her. I don’t Sophia to pass through what I’m passing through….to be away from a loved one.



“I will think of something”






I took a deep breath as I stared down at the shriveled pruned up fingers.


I was in the bath for far too long, I think I’m getting a cold. I had to get out.



I have a plan…. Was it idiotic?yes….will I regret it? I don’t know.



“Raymond” I yelped



I could hear the door to our room being slammed open. In less than a few seconds the door to the washroom opened. He stood in the threshold looking around the washroom as if someone was going to have my head on a platter.



“What is wrong Isabella?” He asked as he looked over me quickly before looking around the room again.



The hand that was protecting his view from my bre*sts reluctantly lifted.



“I am still sore. The Maid is too rough with me. Can you please help me out of this?”



He nodded his head. I took a deep breath before standing up slowly. My cheeks reddened as he grabbed the towel. His eyes was soaked on my nakedness. Why was I doing this?



He wrapped the towel around me quickly and drew my wet body close to his chest.I could hear odd rumbles from his chest as he carried me into our bedroom.



He sat me on the bed gently before standing up staring at me. I saw his eyes trailing down my bare thighs.



This was a dangerous game I was playing.



“Can you help me with my nightgown?” I said as I pointed to where it was.



He turned away walking towards where it lay.



“So Sophia is a princess now?” I asked



“Kelly makes her sad” I told him as he walked over to me with my nightgown in on his shoulder.



He was not speaking to me.he quickly pull the towel away from my body and was able to get the gown on my body in seconds.




“What is wrong with you?” I asked as I dragged the towel back and began to dry the rest part of my body that was wet.



“I helped you? Yes! So what else. See Isabella, if you are trying to deceive me just know that you won’t live to see sunrise.”



That angered me. Did he know what I was planning? What is wrong with him?



“What have I done to warrant this? Nothing. You wanted me to treat you as my husband which I am doing. I am asking you a simple question and you lash out on me. I have nothing to hide from you



I said quickly watching him look at me warily.



“What is wrong with you?”



He sighed, his eyes switching colors quickly.



“I spoke with Mirabel today, we did not leave on good terms”



That peeked my interest. No one gave me a clear answer about where the ‘Evil witch’ was. I wanted to know what happened to her.



“She is in the cell” was his curt response.



“How long will she be there?”



“Till every scars fade from your back”



I let out a loose laugh.He knows nothing about humans. He is mad!




“Ray, i am a human and the scars will take forever for me to heal. When I was thirteen I scrapped my knee and I still have a feint scar.”



“Then she will be in prison forever”

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I felt a lump in my throat. Raymond was willingly to punish his sister for eternity for me. This doesn’t makes sense!






“You are my one harms you and get away with it!”



Tears gathered in my eyes. These words brought back an onslaught of memories…my parents.



“Would you cut off your own hand rather than hit me?” I asked recalling my mother word to my father when they were arguing



He stared at me for a second,looking at my probably flushed and upset appearance.



“Yes I would. Why is this making you cry?”



I sighed shakily.



“My father was so protective of my mother. What you just said was similar to what my father once said to her” I whispered trying to fight back the tears.



I heard him chuckle. My heart dropped. He was laughing at my grief? How could someone be so cruel?




“My parent were the same. They quarreled but were still protective of each other” he chuckled.



He had a smile on his face…that was odd.



He have never spoke about his parent before…are they still alive?



“Where are they?” I asked as I watched his eyes glow dangerously



“They were murdered” he said while tying the robe of my nightgown



“Sorry about that”



I cleared my throat.



“Sophia wanted to take me on a tour round the kingdom,are we allowed?”



“You would like to go?” He asked with astonishment in his voice.



“I thought you wanted nothing with my kingdom?”



His lips were close to my neck. His warm breath fanning over my cold skin.


I found myself unconsciously leaning into him.



“I have partially accepted my role as a queen” I lied to him as I felt his lips on my neck where the bite was.



I felt uncomfortable, it was incredibly sensitive for him to touch.



“And as my wife?” He asked in a supposed gentle manner.


Should I lie to him? Or tell him no? Should I be in the beast good graces?



“I do not know” I told him truthfully



Because the chance of me accepting him were slim…very slim.



“There will cone a day Isabella ,that you will crave for me like the way I do crave for you”



“Of course you talk about s*dual cravings” I said as I pulled away from him.



Anger bubbling inside of me. I was being suppressed. Greatly but this….no,


I will never crave for his body.



“Yes.but not only that. You will crave for my presence too. I and my wolf are always at ease when we are with you. You will crave my presence too” he claimed as I watched him pull at his shirt.



I ignored his nakedness…he was never one to shy away,always disrobing when we spoke. Probably hoping that my eyes will wander over his ‘impressive stature’ but that will never happen!



“Well the day that happens ray, that day I will fully become your wife”



“I look forward to that day”
















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