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~~~~ Chapter 8


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My chest was getting tighter with every step and my head was starting to spin as I continued into the forest. In my rush I had completely forgotten the tiny little fact that humans can’t see in the dark and being a human, it meant I couldn’t see where the hell I was heading to.


I leant against a tree,gasping for air. Leaning forward I struggled to breath but I clench tightly at the compass, trying to figure out which way North was.


I could hear the whooshing of water nearby and guessed that somewhere close by there was a lake.


Deciding that I had spent enough time resting, I started to run again. It had been about half an hour since I started this journey and I could already imagine that the guard had finished their training. If they caught my scent or if someone had realized I was no longer in my room,then it would be game over for me.


Trying to push aside the thoughts that king ray could punish me I continued to head forward with determination. I needed to get home to see my parents and make sure my mother was fine,that was all I wanted to do.



My parent are my world. They mean everything to me and if what rose said was true,about Alpha Ray murdering my mother, then I was going to kill him myself no matter what.


If I was a werewolf I could have gotten home by now. I think dejectedly. I learnt that they were fast runners.


I slowed down when I came across a large fallen tree. It was twice the size of me so I couldn’t just simply jump over it.


I rolled up my sleeves and was about to pull myself on top the tree when I heard a twig snap


I knew it was him before I even turned in the direction.


“I would think very carefully if I was you” he stated emerging from the shadows,looking majestic under the moonlight


Alpha Ray was shirtless,his rock hard abs obvious as he stood closer to me. I had to physically pull my eyes away from his body and up to his face.


He was watching me with his dark eyes. His black hair was messed, strands falling across his face.


“What?” I whispered, my voice unwillingly husky.


Good god, how can this man be so gorgeous? Wait, stop this. This man could possibly have killed your mother and you are admiring his looks? My conscience quickly shook those thoughts out of my head.


“That tree” king Ray gestured with his head


“Is on the border of my kingdom. You cross it and you have officially escape”


I was confused at his fact stating voice. Was he telling me to leave?


He continued



“And that means, once you crossed I’ll give you two seconds before I kill you” Oh I see, he wasn’t giving me facts he was threatening me. I stared back at him, dead in the eyes


“Just like you did to my mother?”


There was silence and I watched his perfectly shaped eyebrows raise.


“What are you talking about?” He finally asked,his voice gruff.


I wanted to roll my eyes at him feigning ignorance.


“I know what you did to my mother!” I yelled, tears glazing my eyes “You told me that my parent were alive!”


He took a step forward as tears rolled down my eyes.


“But you lied! You murdered my poor mother you monster! So I’m leaving!” I pulled myself onto the tree,straddling it awkwardly


“ISABELLA” Ray whispers with a warning tone.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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But I don’t listen. Just as I was about to jump off to the other side I was grabbed roughly and pulled back into a hard chest.


“Isabella” he warned again as I tried to struggle,screaming at him to let me go. “ISABELLA!” He shouted


He turned me around so I was looking at him. His hands held me in place and his eyes burned into mine.



“Your parents are fine. Your mother is alive and so is your father. They are both hale and hearty”


I stopped moving, my eyes roaming his face trying to figure out if he was lying or telling the truth.


“But I heard that you ripped my mother throat. ” I stuttered as tears roll down my cheek


Alpha ray rolled his eyes.


“When I told your mother that we will be getting married, she fainted”


He told my mother I was getting married to him? What did he expected? That she will jump up and congratulate him?


“So is she still alive?” I ask


He sighs, seemingly bored with the line of conversation,well I don’t care. I need to make sure my parent were save.


“Yes, your mother is alive and breathing”


I shivered relief but part of me was still dubious whether he was telling the truth or not.




Before I could even finish my sentence, Alpha ray wrapped his hand tightly around mine and started walking,pulling me along behind Him


“Ouch” I whispered, trying to pry his finger away. His hold was so tight. It was like it might snap my wrist.


Hearing me wince, his hold loosened slightly but he kept his eyes ahead.



I trailed behind him,struggling to keep up with his wide steps. He seemed so gracious,almost like he was floating with every step and then there was me,looking like some deranged rabbit hopping behind him.


We walked in silence for a while before I asked


” can I see my parents?”




“Can I call my parents?”




I sighed


“Then how do I know if you’re telling the truth,about them being alive?”


He turned around abruptly,making me walk straight into him. He lowered himself so he was looking me straight in the eyes.


“You don’t” he stated, his eyes pool of black.


“You just have to believe me” he answered


He was so close to me now, that as he spoke his warm breathe fanned over me.


I was speechless as I gazed into his eyes,my heart beating incredibly fast at our close proximity.


“Well, my parent will be really worried, can I just let them know that I am fine?” I asked leaning away trying to create some space between us.


“Believe me” he said


“Your parent know that you fine” he turned away and started to walk, pulling me along again



What does that mean?




All I could think the whole way back was how much I fail this attempt to run away. As we got back to the castle I felt just down right embarrassed.


My thoughts drifted to Sophia and I closed my eyes. Oh no! That poor girl will be in so much trouble now.


Just for her sake and because of everything she had risked, I wondered if I should try and make another attempt to run for it.


Maybe if I just sprint as fast as I can in a zigzag motion, I might be able to out run Alpha Ray.


I quickly ended that ridiculous thought. There was no way I could out run alpha ray. I mean, I am very thirsty, My legs hurt, I am not even a good runner. He will definitely catch me.


Almost reading my mind, Alpha ray spoke up.


“If you even think of trying to do what you just did again, I promise you Isabella, I won’t be so kind” his voice was so sharp and cold, it felt like a knife had stabbed me.


Before I even knew what I was doing, I nodded in reply.


He glanced down at me,his eyes roaming my body. He then reached over and wiped something off my face.


It was the mixture Sophia had put on me. I had completely forgotten that I was still wearing it.


“Who made this for you?” He asked



I held my mouth shut. There is no way I am going to tell on the only person that had helped me.


“I’ll punish Sophia once we get back”


My eyes went wide and I quickly dug my heels into the ground making Alpha Ray stop. He already knew? Of course he did.


“Please don’t” I whisper


“I threatened her with a knife”


King ray raised his eyebrow.


“A speciality of yours…. I see” he retorted


“Threatening people”


I felt my face heat up.


“It doesn’t matter though” King ray continues


“She still helped you escape and she need to be punished for that” I clutched at his arm when he turned to walk towards the castle. “What….are you going to do to her?” I ask, fear clear in my voice.


He smirked as he turned to face me, but there was no humor on his face, just darkness and anger.


“I guess I’ll have to rip her throat out”








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