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Chapter 15









“What’s that?” Mercy shrieked in my arms as she pulled at the collar of my dress.



I gulped as I pulled her little hands away from my collar.



“It look like you are hurt” she exclaimed.



After a complete and week my bruises were still evident! I healed incredibly slowly to these animals.



Ray had tried to heal me everyday. He had barged into the room every morning to wake me up. I had a fit when he suggested we sleep in the same bed,Just for this week due to it being our wedding week. I had passed out from anger and fear,he understood what that meant.



“I’m fine. Stop mercy,hush” I said quickly as Sophia looked at me with a nervous look on her face.



I went rigid. I didn’t know what happened to her. She hadn’t been here for a week.I thought maybe she had gotten into trouble for the tongue ripping, but here she is.



After what Kelly told me what she had done to those poor ladies,sure they were beasts but they didn’t deserve their tongue ripped out!



“Your majesty”



I turned around to see Sophia say while looking away from me



“May we speak alone?” She asked me



I put mercy down not before she grabbed me and kissed me cheek then hopped off and went screaming down the hall for Kelly. I haven’t seen him in a few days. Ever since our little talk in the hall the day after ray assaulted I had seen less and less of him.



I got up,smiling nervously.



“Yes….I …..ah sure”



Was she going to show me the tongue she ripped out? Did she have then in a golden box and wanted to show them to me? Or was she going to tell me her plans of murdering them?Sophia is so sweet. I can’t believe she did something as vile as that.



She walked into a vacant bedroom and closed the door. I gave her a wary look. What was she going to do to me?



She turned around looking at me with tears in her eyes.



“I have done something… Something horrible”



So she feels remorse for ripping their tongues out? That is good! That is great! Maybe we aren’t so different after all. At least she had remorse for what she did.



“It is normal to feel remorseful about hurting someone” I told her and her eyes widened.



Tears began to spill from her eyes.



“You know?”



nodded “Kelly told me”


She gasped



“Oh…no! He knows?did he sound angry… Mad? What did he say?”she asked, panic fleeting all over her face.



I suddenly realized we might not be speaking about the same thing.



Sophia what are you talking about? I’m talking about the maids that you have…have hurt”



That seemed to upset her more. More tears began to fall.



“N…no, that’s not what I want to tell you. I have done something more worse than that”



My heart skipped a beat. She had to have killed someone! The thought of sweet Sophia killing someone…I couldn’t fathom it!



“Sophia….what did you do?”



She sighed shakily,her hands going to her face.nervous habits poping up everywhere. What ever she had to tell me…obviously was had to explain. It made me a bit on edge too.



“Well,you are the only person I am telling this to…so I am…”



She was cut off by a large slamming noise. We both jumped as we looked towards the door. It was Mirabel.she was the picture of beauty. She looked up and down…a frown on pretty features.



“What are you doing here?”



“Speaking with a friend” I said curtly as she looked Sophia up and down before scoffing.



“What are you doing here?” I asked her watching her seeming to sniff me



She twirled her dark hair between her fingers



“You mean a servant,don’t you? And aren’t you supposed to be with my brother? Tell me ,do you enjoy breaking every tradition in my nation? Did my brother approve of you leaving the chambers?”



I thought of trying to be nice to her but I could tell it wouldn’t matter.if I was nice or mean she will still treat me like a snake.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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“Did you enjoy my people being killed? Did you enjoy watching me being your brother wife without my consent? So instead of you being angry about



me being a human, be angry at whosoever gave the order of invading my village,taking me from my parent and forcefully married me!” She smiled brushing a hand through her hair.



“Your anger makes me happy. My brothers does not. This is the last warning I will give you before my animal comes out and take something you really love away from you. Play nice with my brother or you might not have a family!”



My stomach churned, I felt sick. She had just threatened me with my parents life. She then looked at me and turned around,leaving the room. I wasn’t thinking right, I couldn’t possibly be thinking rational at what I did next.



I noted Kelly and ray were down the hallway. There was a guard next to me…I quickly dragged his sword and he shouted



“My queen!”



Everyone turned around. Ray looked confused,Kelly looked worried and Mirabel looked shocked as I pressed the blade to my neck.



“Isabella what is the meaning of this?” Ray shouted at me



“Your sister threatened my parent lives. If they die I will kill myself. They are the only reason I am living ,I have no reason to breathe. From what I understand you have only get one chance at this mate bond. So I challenge you Mirabel, kill my parent and I will gladly join them”



No one moved a muscle. There was blood dripping from my neck. From the small slice I made it hurt, but I don’t care. I have to keep my parent saved and alive.



“Your parent will not be harmed”



“If a hair on your parent head are messed with,the perpetrator will answer to me. Put down the sword Isabella”



I dropped the sword on the floor and It made a hard clank. The guard picked it immediately before rushing away. Ray looked…furious. Kelly had his hand on the king’s shoulder.



“Mirabel if you value your life, you will get out of my sight this instance!” He sounded like my father when I threw a piece of cake at Ronald face.



Embarrassed and furious that someone he trusted so much would do such thing.



I cleared my throat as Sophia had seemingly tried to blend in with the wall. Her eyes were cast downward and Kelly was staring at her intensely.



“Sophia I need your assistance with a task”



I watched Sophia’s grunt expression . she looked horrified



“Yes,lord Kelly”



Kelly was a good man, why did she look as if he was going to kill or attack her?



“Kelly I’m sorry but I need Sophia to help me with my…. Womanly issues”



A look of relief passed Sophia’s face as Kelly his head slowly.



“Of course. I will ask for you later,Sophia. Make sure you have no obligations before coming to me” he said while he touched her shoulders.



She flinched.



“Yes my lord”



What was going on between this two? I grabbed Sophia by the hand and we walk all the way up to my room. Once we were in my room,I closed the door.



“Please explain” I said to her.



Her pretty face crumbled and she burst into tears. I had never seen a beast cry but Sophia isn’t a beast. She is a woman,a friend. She looked heartbroken. I wrapped an arm around her as she sobbed.



“Please tell me what happened” I said while my blood was boiling



Thinking of what in heavens kelly had done to her.



“Did Kelly force himself on you?” I asked just above a whisper.



She went rigid. Did this run in the family? Were they heartless bastards?






“Then…why are you so upset?”



“I don’t know” she sobbed.



I sighed. Okay,she was acting like me when I am upset. I could not fathom to explain,I just needed comfort. So I will give Sophia comfort until….she get


herself together. Then I needed answers. I could not have the only person on my side sad.

















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