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Chapter 7



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A day passed by, I have been trying to process that had happened so far but I am so confused now


Was my parent


alive or dead?


I curled up on the bed pulling the cover over me. I can’t marry a beast. I rolled onto my other side. That roast chicken was the best, I wonder if there is anymore.


Rolling onto my back I gazed at the ceiling, pondering all these thoughts when….


Hold on, Sophia unlock the door to come in but I swear I didn’t hear her lock it when she left. Ray always made sure the door is lock when I’m alone. If it isn’t lock then Sophia will be with me in the room.


Sitting up quickly I turned to look at the door.


Jumping out of bed I slowly tiptoed over to the door and place my hand on the handle and turned it slowly.





The door opened and I held back a squeal of excitement. I was about to step out when I stopped myself.


Wait, what was I about to do? Where am I planning to go? Should I make an attempt at running away? Maybe someone above is giving me this once only chance and if I don’t take it, I may regret it for the rest of my life.


I cautiously step back into my room and close the door.


Hold on. I need to think this through clearly.


I lean against the door and make a mental advantage vs disadvantage list.


Firstly Advantage:


-I will be free


I will get to see my parent again if they aren’t dead like he said -I will not have to marry a beast


Next Disadvantage


-if this goes wrong and King ray finds me I will be dead.


say I do decide to leave, how do I find my way back to my village?


if I get back to the village and alpha ray finds out I escape he might start a war and that means a lot of people will die because of me.


Already the disadvantage lists seemed more important and I could feel my heart become heavy. It was the war issue I was battling with. Remembering what he did to most of the villagers I don’t want it to happen again. Having people to die because of me? I can’t take it.or let my parent die because of me? better they stay alive. I will rather die than let them die.


I slide down the door and sat on the floor,pulling my knees up and resting my head on them.



What if I just walked around the castle? You know get some exercise and maybe eat something as well. Food seemed to be on my mind lately. It was like a chant….FOOD ! FOOD!! FOOD!!!


Before I even knew it, I was already standing outside the door.


I take a step forward and then stop quickly. This really isn’t a good idea,my conscience tries to remind me and just as I chicken out and change my mind and turn to head back into my room I hear a




I turn to look back and standing behind me were two little kids. A little girl with a blonde hair and an older boy with a brown hair.


“I told you Esther” whispered the boy, lifting his head closer to the girl.


“I know there was a human in this castle”


I don’t think they realised I could hear them.


“Uh,hi?” I said lifting my hands to wave.


Both kids looked at me with wide eyes,watching me as if they haven’t seen a human before. They don’t say anything to me but turn around whispering to each other in hushed voices, still not realizing I could hear everything they were saying.


“Sam,daddy said we aren’t allowed to speak to humans” the little girl who I believe her name is Esther whispers


“No,idiot” the boy scolds.


“Daddy said we aren’t allowed to play with humans that we are stronger than them and we can hurt them”‘


The kids turn their backs slowly to look at me and realizing I was still watching them they quickly turn their heads back again.



” what should we do?” Esther says to sam


At this point I was finding this highly amusing.


Sam think for a few moment and turn to Esther


“I have an idea” he whispers


Esther nods her head quickly


“What is it?” She asks


I lean forward, truly intrigued to see what is plan might be.


Sam faces Esther and grabs her by the shoulders and crouches down slightly so he can look into her eyes and then in a burdened voice he says


“I think we should kill her”


Wait. What!


My mouth falls open and I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. I mean laugh because these two little kids probably no older than six..same age with Mercy want to try and kill me, and then cry because they were freaking werewolves kids so yeah they could likely take me on and yes, kill me!


I try to think logically. I mean I am a bit taller than them,so I do have height


advantage but then you know I’m a human so….


“Hi guys” I start deciding that maybe talking to them would be a better idea.


“My name is Isabella”


I wonder if I should place my hand up meaning “I surrender”. Then the kids take a step forward, I took a step backward.


Oh God! This is not how I thought I would die.


Suddenly, like a sound from the gods themselves a woman calls out.


” Sammy, Esther, where are you?”


I don’t know who the woman was, or what she look like but at that moment all I wanted to do was to get on my knees and praise her because at her call,the two children looked at eachother and look at me one last time before they ran off the corridor, leaving me wide eyes. Pale face and backed up against the door.


“Have you got no dignity? ” a voice said


I straighten up myself and breathe out letting out a deep sigh. Geez! This voice is back. For a minute I thought I would stop hearing voices but no, the voice only went for a vacation.


“That was so embarrassing! You were ready to surrender to kids. You aren’t strong, and that is what will kill you. Yes FEAR will be the death of you!” The voice says


“Stop! Stop!” I half yelled,hoping someone won’t hear me.


They might think I’m mad or something. Talking to myself geez I need to do something about this voice.


I made my way down the hall,stopping when I noticed a window. I peered out at the view, it was dark outside so there wasn’t a lot to see,but in the background I could see the vast forest,illuminated by the bright moon above.


A loud metal bang makes me jump in fright and I turn to where the sound came from.


“Oh shit” a voice that sound like Sophia’s mutters


My curiosity makes me walk in the direction of the voice.



As I approach,something rolls on the floor towards me and I stop it with my feet. It is an orange. I pick it up and was about to walk into the room and saw Sophia cursing as she bent down and started picking up the various fruits on the floor,placing it inside a metal fruit bowl. Ah so that was the noise.


“Oh for goodness sake Sophia, I told you to put the fruit bowl to the side,not on the floor” I watched as a woman walk into the room through another door.


She stopped in her tracks and turned her head quickly to my direction


I crouched on the floor and hid myself as best as I could.


“Oh goodness, I can smell her from here” the woman spoke up her voice haughty and rude.


“Who rita?” Sophia ask


“The human….The King’s mate”


I covered my mouth,My eyes wide. She is talking about me.


“Surely, I don’t still believe alpha ray will have a weak human as a mate” the woman said with a snort


“Well she is our Luna. If she wasn’t the king soldiers wouldn’t have stop when she commanded them to stop when they were at her village. The king wanted to kill her parent but his wolf warned him that if they were his mate adopted parent” Sophia says


Hmmm…so he spared my parent life…nice


The woman walked towards Sophia and lifted a hand and placed it under Sophia chin,lifting it up so that Sophia was looking right to her.




“Well then my darling, you didn’t hear the full story. After alpha ray spared their lives. He told her parent that he was taking their daughter away from them,her



poor mother didn’t allow it and started dragging with him. His wolf got angry and ripped out her pretty throat right in front of her husband”


Hearing her word.I gasped loudly and fall down


Ripped out my mother throat? That beast lied to me? He said he didn’t kill my parent!

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The gasp made the woman and Sophia turn to my direction. Before the woman could notice me, Sophia pushed the woman out


“Excuse me. I need to make dinner”


Sophia stood her ground even when the woman was looking at my direction suspiciously. Slowly loosing interest she gave Sophia one last glance before walking away.


At this point I was starting to struggle to breath. What the woman said circled my mind and all I could hear was the sound of my heart beating loudly . I reached for the wall,trying to pull myself up but I couldn’t see anything through my blurry eyes.


Mum. I need my mother


“Miss Isabella” someone whispered grabbing my hands and holding them gently.


“It alright.all you need to do is take a deep breath”


I wasn’t listening. I was still hyperventilating at the thought of my mother dead on the ground.


“Listen to me. I need you to breath.” A hand held my face still making me look straight ahead. Sophia’s big eyes stared back.


“You are alright. All you need to do is breath slowly.”



I unconsciously gripped Sophia hand tightly and started to do as she said. Breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth.


“That is it. You did well” Sophia commended as I finally calmed down and could see clearly


“Is it true” I ask as soon as my voice came back


“Is my mother really dead?”


Sophia eyes fell away from my face but I grabbed her by her shoulders and made her look at me.


“No, please tell she dead?” I begged


“I don’t know. It’s the first time I am hearing about this” she whispered


This didn’t console me one bit.


If my mother had died because of me,there was no point of me living. I scrambled up from the floor clutching the walk for support. I needed to leave. I need to go home and see for myself.


My whole advantage and disadvantage list has disappeared from my mind,instead all that was in my mind was an overwhelming urge to go back home no matter the risk.


“I need to leave” I explained to Sophia.


She stood looking nervous.


“Where can I leave through?”


Sophia shake her head.


“You shouldn’t be


Here. If alpha ray find out that I help you escape he will kill me” she whispered looking helpless.


From the corner of my eyes I saw a knife. I grabbed the knife and held it tightly.


“If you don’t tell me. I will kill you myself” I said feeling like I was losing my mind


Really this was not a well thought out move. I mean Sophia looks like a gentle person but remember she is a were wolf. She could easily overpower me.


Sophia ran her fingers through her hair and clutched her head. she was trembling as she watched me with her big eyes.


“You see….princess Mirabel is a lier. Rose is her personal maid,she might had gotten that fake news from the princess…..”


“Sophia…. Please….just please….help me” i pleaded


Sophia raised her hand to her mouth and start biting her fingernails and then glanced back and forth between the door and me.




“You’ll have to go through the back door.” She pointed to the door behind her


“The guard are doing their evening training so they will be in the front field”


I was ready to run to the door when Sophia grabbed me and held me back. She rushed to the cupboard and start bringing out different items until she could reach to the back of the cupboard where she brought out a container.


She then ran to the door and closed them all, locking them to make sure no one could come in.


“Take off your clothes” Sophia commanded



I raised my eyebrows in question when she started to take off her clothes. “You smell like a human. If you go out they will pick out your scent quickly.”


Not wasting time to argue, I quickly swapped my dress with Sophia’s. She then came to me and opened the container,Inside was a wet black mixture with a particular smell.


“It’s made up of flora,pine needles, mashed acorns and something to hide your scent” she explained


She smeared the mixture over my face and clothes.


“Do you know the way back?” She ask taking a step to look at me clearly. I wanted to lie but I ended up shaking my head


She reached up and took of a locket that was hanging round her neck. Flipping it open I realized it was a compass


“Just follow the compass north and you will be able to find your way back” I held the locket in my hands and looked at Sophia


“Why are you doing all this for me?” I asked eyes brimming


Sophia forced a smile


“Because I know how you feel”


She sighed


“Isabella you don’t have much time”


She pushed me towards the door.


“RUN” she whispers











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