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Chapter 6



okay I think am running out of ideas. God help me to complete this story


It been three days and I haven’t set my eyes on Alpha Ray. Maybe he is giving me time to digest the marriage stuff or he is just busy with his kingly duties. One thing is for sure he would have to kill me to marry him. I will never be a wife to a beast like him. Sophia my personal Maid has been a great company to me. I like her,although she is an hybrid (half wolf,half human) she is lovely and understanding just like Kelly.






I sat up in bed, my eyes trailing over to the door where a figure stood, hidden in the shadow. It wasn’t difficult for me to know who it was, being in the same room with him made my skin hot.


“Alpha Ray” I breathed as he took determined steps towards me. My heart pounded loudly to my chest, like a feral animal caged. My chest heaved in anticipation as he reached me, his height meaning he towered over me, his eyes ablaze with lust.



“I need you” he stated.


His fingers danced around my face,Pushing strands of my raven hair behind my ears. I gasped in surprise as he leaned down and lifted me in the air. My legs wrapping around his torso instinctually.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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His hot breath fanned over me as he leaned in, his lips only inches away from mine.


Desire surged through me and I breathed in his woodsy scent. So intoxicating that I find it hard to breath,I reached up and grabbed his hair, tugging it slightly.


His eyes narrowed and his breathing fastened. He leaned in and I close my eyes waiting for his lips to touch mine




“Queen Isabella”




I shot out of the bed in shock as someone’s hands tightened around my shoulders their fingers digging in.


“What the hell!” I yelled in shock, my chest rising and falling as I panted like I ran a marathon race.


“That what I should ask you” Sophia said as she watched me struggle to catch a breath.


“I have been trying to wake you up for the past fifteen minutes” she explains


I ran my hand through my hair, damp in sweat. I caught her eyes as I take a seat back on my bed. What the hell was that dream about?


My cheeks redden with embarrassment as my thought flick back to my dream. I


can’t believe I had a dream about king ray especially a dream like that!


Geez…Isabella how can you dream of a man who took your parent away from you?


“Clearly I think you were having a s£xy dream”


My eyes shot up to meet Sophia.


“No. What-no I… wasn’t a s£xy dream” I exclaim back


My response only made Sophia burst into laughter.


“Oh shits! You were having a s£xy dream!” She screams


Gosh! This girl won’t put me in trouble. How could I have considered Ray that way? Bella you have no soul.


“So you have finally accepted him as your husband to be?” Sophia ask


“No” I replied her


“You alright?”


I suddenly start to breathe skin was on flames and it felt like I was boiling inside


“I’m fine” I said swatting Sophia hand away from my forehead.


Mortefied at this whole situation perhaps a little hot but I was fine otherwise.


“Hell no. You are burning up” Sophia says, her voice worried


I stand up creating some space between myself and Sophia. I need to take my bath. The heat of last night is the reason I am hot. I will call you when I need you


Sophia kept her eyes trained on me before nodding she bows down and takes her leave.













I stood….scantly clothed on a raised platform. Emotions like never before welled


up in me as I stared ahead.


A young woman with piercing blue eyes and pale skin glared at me.


Her lips were set in a straight line….I watched them quiver occasionally. Her eyes


were full of unshed tears; yet everyone in the room was oblivious to her emotions . That girl was ME. Standing in my slip. Staring blankly at the large mirror in front of me.


“Your hips are perfect for child bearing, my queen” the seamstress complimented me as I glanced over at her. She was at her small wooden table altering….a white lace dress.


It was beautiful….. How can I agree to this marriage? My mind quickly let me


know that this was not my plan. It was the King’s. I don’t know why he will choose me A human, to rule over savages. It made no sense.




“Men tend to think about two things when choosing a wife”


I sipped my bitter tea as my mother spun around the room slightly to a song my father was humming. She loves to dance and twirl. Some people said it odd but I’m used to seeing her this way.



“How marvellous she would be in warming his bed and her beauty. You have both my dear, that why everyone and their father want you. Surely you must realize you look like me my dear” she said and I laughed.


You won’t know she isnt my biological mother. I have like her skin color and hair length.


I grimaced. “That is sick”


She chuckled.


“Well your father is surely one. He married me because I could dance”‘ she giggled


I shook my head. Sure my mother could dance, but can any man be so stupid to Marry a lady because she could dance? What if she was a tyrant?


” father is a different breed”




“That true, just remember that if you were to choose between any man choose the one with a position. He will be smitten with you and you will be able to do what like”




As I recalled a conversation with my mother….anger rose in me again. The king


wanted me because he want me to warm his bed! That just it! This man has never been with a human woman ……and he thought marrying me would be perfect.


Making my life hell was not enough, he has to marry me. He get the pri….


Privilege to touch me.


“Excuse me….. Has the king mentioned when the wedding will happen?” I asked


the seamstress who seemed to be happy about this whole wedding stuff


She was surprisingly a sweet old woman


The woman smiled



“Oh….After three moons,aren’t you overjoyed? Finally our king gets a beautiful




My stomach began to churn. I did not feel well. I stumbled off and Sophia had to run to me.


“Is everything alright, your highness?”


“Yes…no….. Take me to mercy” I said


Mercy is a child. I have grown fond of her recently. Her childish talk makes me forget about alpha ray sometimes. Maybe it will help to forget about this wedding.


She was quiet. She was probably doing that “mind link” thing.


“Okay. Miss Isabella”


As we walked in silence. I glanced at her. Maybe she could tell me some customs of a wedding….A savage wedding.


“Sophia…how does weddings works here?”


“Oh….well. There is a ceremony just like human would have. Only few are


allowed to attend. There you will exchange traditional vows and then you will promise to rule the kingdom of him. You will exchange a gold necklace with him, which you will never be able to take off. Then…we will feast. You will both run into the woods and we will all follow, he will mark you and then……” She trailed off as I glanced at her


“Continue, please”


She cleared her throat


“You will….come back to the palace where you will wait for the king to come


back with any animal he hunted. That will be a gift to you,claiming he can take



care and protect you. And then you two with consummate the marriage and create a bond between each other” she said the last part quickly


“Anything else” I whispered




“Well since you are a virgin, the sheet will be hung from the palace window and everyone will know what happened. And then you two will be locked up for a week in the room, of course their will be food and drinks but you will be together to ensure an heir to the throne.”


I gulped. My stomach hurt. Just imagining us…doing such intimate activities in just a week doesn’t suit right to me.


“Do you think he will follow the tradition? We barely know each other to…to do such things” I feared


Sophia look at me pitilessly


“Our king…well I am not sure. But he might try to make you feel comfortable” she smiled and I internally groaned


Loud piercing children laughs floated to my ears. Mercy was playing. Seeing her smile lifted my spirit instantly.


We walk over to Kelly who was watching Mercy. He is always taking care of her as if she was his daughter.


“Hi Kelly” I said as a irritated looked crossed his features as I heard the little girl mercy giggled loudly


“I can watch over her if you don’t mind” I offered


“No” he said as I watched his eyes wander to Sophia


His eyes weren’t just focusing on her body…..but her face. I took a quick glance


and realized Sophia was looking straight ahead with cheeks reddening.



“Mercy is getting older as the days go on” she says as she clears her throat.


I watched Kelly nod his head slowly, as his lingering gaze slowly turns to mercy


“Kelly catch me if you can” mercy said


He quickly walked away and I glance at Sophia who seem to be extremely pained. That …..odd


“Why does he always have to watch over Mercy? If she is so important to him why don’t he appoint someone to watch over her for me?” I questioned


Kelly is basically a prince but here he is being a nanny for mercy. It made no sense. Sophia bowed down. My eyes narrowed to her


“Tell me Sophia”


Sophia leaned from me,looking a bit nervous. I in turn became nervous too. But I lean closer to her


“Well you see little mercy here is Kelly mate”


I frowned standing back.


“And a mate is what exactly?”


Sophia looked at me as if I was a mad woman


“Just as you are the king mate?”


I shook my head. The king my friend? Certainly not!


“Okay…a mate is someone other half. Every wolf was born with a… well u can say have a soul mate. Just as you are the king soul mate, mercy is Kelly soul mate. You belong to the king and mercy belong to kelly ”


My mind hurt. I am confused


“So I will be the king wife not his mate? He has find his mate already?” She shook her head.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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“No….you are his mate that is why he is marrying you. A wolf know who he’s


mate is when he find her”


“So wolves get married to their mate” She nodded her head and look at the floor “Yes…essentially yes”


I nodded slowly…then something dawned on me. “Kelly can’t get married to mercy. She is just a child!” Sophia cracked a small smile.


“Oh…he knows that. He is waiting for her to be 17 or 18 year before he claim… claiming her”


“Please stop. I don’t think I can take any explanation anymore. I need time to process it all” I admitted


She respectfully nodded her head.







Am I the only one pitying Kelly



So what do you all think about Sophia






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