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Written by: Pamela James



Chapter 2


©Pamela Library


I watched in confusion as the beasts began to turn away from the villagers and wait as if they were expecting someone


They were


He was unlike any other male I can think of. The figure approached the wolves and they all did something odd. They began to lower their heads.



He was a mountain of muscle. He was scarcely dressed. Only on a pair of dark pants and a black cloak hung from his shoulders. He wore no shirt, exposing thick muscles that were covered by sun bathed skin.


His dark hair fell forward in graceful tendrils as he bent down to become level with my father. Thick dark eyebrows and hypnotic green eyes. He was no doubt a shifter. A large jagged scar covered the left side of his face . from right under his eye down to the end of his make the man seem even more terrifying….dark liquid were splattered all over his body and his face.


It was blood


“What is the meaning of this?” He boomed


The few of us that were still alive ,flinched at his voice. It was the deepest, huskiest and most chilling voice I had ever heard.


One of the wolves walked up to him. My eyes widened in amazement and horror as the wolf contorted into a nacked human male.


He had bowed on one knee, his arm crossing his chest.


“The human female commanded us not to. she has power over us, my king”


King? He was the king of this monsters? It dawned on me that the man was referring to me. I had commanded them to stop and they did. Fear wracked my brain as the man pointed to me and the king’s eyes landed on me.


He began to walk towards me. I glance around nervously for my parent but I couldn’t find them. Are they dead?


My eyes traveled back to what was in front of me, I gasped. It was the king. I was staring at his clothed legs.


“Look at me!” He demanded


The force in which I craned my neck upward. Terrified me. His face was emotionless as his eyes swept over my form.

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I held my breath as he let out a growl. He had turned around, and began to walk out.


“Kill everyone else. Bring the girl”


The people around me began to scream and try and fight back the wolves.


“No. Stop! Stop this! I said f**cking stop!!!” I screamed as the wolves continuously ran into the people ripping them to shreds at the man’s command.


“Stop it!” I yelled wondering why they weren’t listening.


They had listened before. Why aren’t they listening now?


I had managed to grab some tuffs of hair from the wolves surrounding me but that didn’t slow their pace. They were killing machines.


There was a sword next to me. I had grabbed it and began to swing it at the oncoming wolves.I had slashed some. None of them were severely injured.


“Stop! Please stop” I cried


They weren’t listening to me. I had closed my eyes until I heard a loud scream….cut short!


Fear gripped my soul as I felt someone at my back.


“How dare you raise a sword at my fellow wolf brothers? ” one of the men said as he held my neck.


“No! No! Get away. Your king instructed you not to kill me. Get away you beast!” I screamed frantically


My heart beating so much, it felt like I was going to pass out any moment.


“Don’t let him kill me ” I begged another man who seem to be unphased by my tears



The man look at the man holding my neck and growled at him


“I am your beta. You have been instructed by the alpha to let the girl live. So why the f*ck did you want to end her life?”


“I am sorry beta. But….”


“You shall speak no word.”


I watched in silence as the man quickly released his hand from my neck and walk away.


I was crying. I didn’t know what happened. Everyone I love are all gone. My friends, my parent, everyone. What is left of my life now?


The man pick me up and we walk out of the house. Blood everywhere. People bodies everywhere. Are My parent are among them? Why can’t I see my dead parent body for the last time?


The king was sitting on the root of a tree. That made me cry more. The tree was an apple tree. My mom favorite food.


I was in so much pain…my ankle was numb. Any feeling I had in it was being suppressed with all of the grief and fear I felt.


“Set her down” the king ordered the man.


He had gently set me on the ground.


“Leave us”


The man quickly left as he went to join the other men


“What is your name?”


“Isabella” I sniffed


“Will you kill me?” I asked.


If he said yes I will not be surprised. He is a beast,an animal what should I expect?


“No” he answered


Ughmm that strange.


“Did you kill all the villagers?” I ask


“Is there any one left ?” I whispered the last part out


The man nodded his head in surprise.


“Yes. Most of the villagers are alive. A select few who interfered with our invasion had to be put down.” He sneered


Interfered with his invasion? That means he killed my parents. This beast murdered my parent.


“What did they do to you? Why dis you kill them?” I don’t know where the gut came from for me to question the king of this animals


“I owe you no explanation will come to my kingdom with me”


Bile rose in my throat.


“I-i will never go anywhere with you murderous beasts” I sobbed as the man seemed to visibly sigh


He paid no attention to my outburst.


“I will have one of my men carry you to your house. Take whatever belonging you want to take along with you” he said staring to a man who had seemingly appeared out of thin air.



He tried to grab me, but I pushed him. The king look at me with his demonic eyes and I got scared.


“Wanna join your parent in the grave?” His voice deepened


Hearing about my parent broke my heart. My mother. My father.


“Yes” I gulped


“And the promise you made to your mother to stay alive what happens to it?” He ask


How did he know?


“I don’t f**king care. I better die than go with you” I yelled


“So be it. I will kill you and the rest of the villagers. The villagers will die because of you and their blood will be on your head” he snarled


I see some villagers who were alive kneeling down and begging me.


“Isabella please go. Don’t let him kill us. Please go with him” a pregnant woman pleaded


“You this evil child. I warned my brother not to take you in. He refused can’t you just do us this favor by going with him? If you stay here who will take care of you? Your mother and father are dead” my uncle said


“Isabella the choice is all yours” the king smiled devilishly


I can’t let him kill innocent people


“Fine. I will go with you”


“Good. After you get your stuffs. A medic will attend to your injury then we leave”



Another man had approached me. He wasnt the same man that carried me. It upset me a little .I know it was off to say but I felt vaguely safe in that crazed man arms. The man bent to pick me up. I was stiffed in his hand as I pointed where my house is to him and he carried me there.


“Stop” I demanded as I got to the door of my house.


“I’m supposed to….”


“I said let me down!” I said in a high,pitched tone.


I didn’t even recognize the voice as my own. He set me down.


The pain in my leg barely registered as I look at the house. I could remember how my mother always comb my hair. Play hide and seek with my father. Carrying his arrow and learning how to shoot rats. Tears stream down from my eyes as I start taking my clothes. I took one of my parent clothes. If they aren’t with me anymore at least let me have something that will remind me of them. A sobbed ripped through my throat as I began to pack.


“Miss we must go”


Why must they take me? Can’t they just leave me and take someone else?


Through my haze of tears I saw a gathering of men. The beasts who murdered my parents,where staring down at me.


It almost seemed as if they looked remorseful..but that didn’t make sense.


They were animals.


They had no souls.


They were wolves in sheep clothing.





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Written by: ~~~~~Pamela James ~~~~~~


©Pamela Library


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