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Written by : Pamela James


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Chapter 1



My name is Isabella Damien. I am 20 years old. I’m fair in complexion,have brown eyes,a dark long hair and I’m also tall.


I was raised by my aunty. I was told my mother was a whore so no one knew my biological father. She died while trying to bring me to this aunt(mother sister) decided to take me in as her daughter.


My aunty was a broken woman. She is 43 years old but has no husband or a child of her own. She had gotten married to five different men and none of her marriage with them last six months. I don’t know what happened that led to her several divorce. I can’t even dare to ask her.


Due to my aunt condition she takes her frustration on me by beating me at any slight mistake. There is no day I won’t receive at least a slap and an abusive word from her.


“You this useless child of a whore. You want to kill me as you killed your mother?” My aunt said as she slapped me one day


At a point I couldn’t take her beatings anymore so I ran away from the house far into the woods. I started living in the forest. I eat fruit sometimes leaves. Life was f**king hard for me. I was damn scared of being eaten by a wild animal.


“You should have just stayed back at your aunt place and wait for your death!” A voice said in my head.



I started hearing voices when I was seven years old. I couldn’t tell my aunt about it because she might tell me I’m possess or slap me calling me an insane person.


After three days of roaming in the forest. An hunter find me. He had wanted to shoot me with his arrow but after taking a close look at me he drop his arrow.


“What are you doing here all alone little girl?” The hunter ask


I told him my story and he took me to his village. I met his wife and learnt that they had being married for the past ten years and don’t have a child. His wife took care of me like I was her daughter. For once in my life I felt loved.


The couples decided to raise me up as their daughter. I lived and loved them as my parents. I was happy that God has decided to grant me an happy life at last. Although I still have nightmares of my aunt tormenting me but my parent always have their way of comforting me.


“Don’t think this happiness will last long. ” a voice said in my head


“Who are you? What the hell are you? Can’t you just leave me alone” I shouted out of frustration.


“Hahaha, I am you and you are me. You can’t live without me. Wait till my time will come” the voice laughed.


I wanted to tell my mother about this voice but I didn’t want her to worry. Anytime I get sick her mind is never at rest. How on earth do you expect me to tell her of something that isn’t humanly possible? How can you hear voices without seeing who is talking? Or is it my biological mother spirit? Gosh! What is all this!!






I could hear the screams of people.


The sound of the beasts howls,echoed throughout the night.



I could see the faces frozen in horror who had gone into the streets and witnessed the abominations rip their loved ones to shreds.


I could smell the was was suffocating us in this small room. The children,The women,All of us!


A man who was an hunter like my father stood close to me. I could feel every fear filled shaken breath that passed his lips. It was only a matter of hour, perhaps minute or probably seconds before they sniff us out.


As I stood,awaiting my fate.I wondered how they would carry out their malicious intents. Would they count and maim us first? Or would it be one mass slaughter? Would the beasts be in their true forms? Or their deceiving human forms?


There was only one way to figure out these questions. For them to come!


Confusion had my already muddled mind as my mother walked to me. She held my hand and look me in the eyes.


“Bella my dear”she said boldly even in this tragedy that was happening right before her eyes.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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” mother” I replied as tears stream down my eyes.


I had never thought something like this will happen in our village. Where we will have to run for our lives. Where I will see animals killing people because this beasts am seeing are no humans.


“Hey,look at me Isabella. I want you to be strong for me” she said holding my chin up


“Mom…I can’t! We are all going to die” I broke into tears


“No. You have to have faith. You are not going to die. You are yet to enjoy the good things of life. Isabella be strong. Always remember you were born for a reason” she held my palm as she gave me a necklace.


I look up to her


“Mom,what is this?” I ask


“I wanted to give this to you yesterday but it slip my mind. The healer said I should give it to you and you must never take it away from your neck” she smiled as she clean my tears


Could I have gotten any mother who will love me as she does?


“Okay mom” I smile back at her.


I don’t want her to worry. I want her to see that I am strong. Being strong for her.


“I want to go and join your father to help him fight the beast. Stay here.I love you Isabella. Never forget that” she kissed me on my forehead


“I love you too mom” I hugged her


She broke free from me and walk away without looking back at me.


I look at everyone in the room. They are all trembling with fear. Suddenly the screams from outside become louder…and more quick. They are hurrying their executions to finish the rest job. Us!


The silence was so sickeningly loud…my stomach churned. The calm before the storm? There was no way the villagers will be able to destroy those monsters. It was impossible!


Someone opened the door. Everyone was quiet as he creaked the door open.


“I can’t see anyone. I think they are all gone.ahhhh….” He let loose a loud


scream..then fell to the ground.


There was so much pressing and pushing. I couldn’t see what had happened to the man but I know he was dead.


I could see the door opening…then chaos broke out. People shoved and pushed.


Horrible animalistic sound ripped through the room full of fearful people.


We were dropping like flies.dark masses of fur whipped around the room.all I could see were teeth and claws tearing into flesh.


Something had caught my leg and was tearing into my flesh. I let a loose scream as I fell to the ground. I felt hands on me trying to pull the vicious monster away from me.


The pain of razor like teeth clamping down on my ankle was unlike any other pain I had felt before.


“I told you should have just stayed back at your aunt place. Such a pity this is how you are going to die” the voice said


F*ck what is all this! I’m trying to get out from this chaos and this stupid voice is saying nonsense.


“Ahh” I winced


“Isabella!” Franco screamed


Franco is a suitor of mine. He began to kick the animal in the snout and he eventually let go.


I was pulled up,onto my feet but quickly fell down to the bloodied injury I had just endured.


Pain jutted up my leg and all thought my body. I had seen Franco, tackled and his face ripped into by a monster. A beast!


The pain was too much. The shock was heart dropped.tears string my eyes.a pain filled my stomach.


An animal stood in front of me. Fangs out! Getting ready to attack! This is it Bella. This is it!!



“Stop it! Stop it all of you!! ” I screamed so much with force and pain.


And it was as if the world had frozen. As if everyone in the room had gone still.


As I quickly came to realization that everyone had paused…I looked around, confused. What was happening? Why are the beasts frozen? Growling at me yet not making a move?


I watched in confusion as the beasts began to turn away from the villagers and wait as if they were expecting someone.











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