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Chapter 53






Ray’s Pov



If anyone told me six years ago that I would be having a Royal family dinner meeting with my two children, I would have laughed and hung them by their toes for being unprofessional and completely unreasonable.



Yes, I said two children. Isabella haven’t conceived since she had Roland and we aren’t complaining about that. Isabella and I adopted mercy when Roland was six months old. She was so fond of little Roland and Isabella was fond of her. My wife talk to me about wanting to have mercy as her child since she had no family. If that is what she wants, who am I not to grant my wife her wish? But I made it clear that Roland is the heir to the Lycan kingdom. Mercy can be the Queen of the vampire kingdom when she is already married because I am the king of the vampire kingdom and she is the princess. I had already made Kelly the king of the human kingdom.



Isabella had invited them to join us for dinner so with the dragons.



“You haven’t changed this past few years.” An amused voice chimed in from behind.



Its kelly! My brother.



I grunted as Kelly approached me with Sophia. She is pregnant with their second child. Kelly was carrying his daughter.



“Ah, look who is here.” I hear Isabella voice as I turned my back to see her coming with mercy and Roland.



“Good afternoon, Queen sophia.” Mercy greeted.



“Afternoon princess mercy. ” Sophia replied smiling.



“Hi, Christine.” Roland cheerfully smiled at her as Kelly put her down.



“Sophia, how have you been?” Isabella smiled as she hugged her friend.






I look to see who would have called my wife name like that. It was Elsa.



“Queen Elsa!” Roland shouted.



Roland as been fond of Arden’s daughter. Anytime we visited them in their kingdom, he was always with Anabel. My wife said I should let him be that she had seen their future and they were mates. Who am I to stop their destiny. Same with Christine and Andrew.



“Hello, prince Roland.” Anabel greeted smiling.



Did they love each other? Or they are just friends? From friends to lovers right?



“Its been a while Christine.” Andrew smiled as Christine played with her dress.



“Yes. I was going to come to your kingdom last week but my mum didn’t let me.” Christine said childishly.



“Hi, king Raymond.”



“Long time, dragon king.”



“Ladies follow me. Let give the men some privacy. Mercy my dear, you can take the kids to the garden okay. ” Isabella said lovingly.



I just love this woman.







Isabella’s pov



I feel happy with everyone here. It feels like family reunion. Of course we are families.



“We have everything!”



“No. No. We need cake!”



I sighed, watching the four children from the couch. Christine and Andrew, Roland and Anabel were getting married. Anabel made a headpiece from leaves.



“Queen Isabella may we get a cake?” Christine questioned as I shook my head.



Roland huffed out a large sigh.



I glared at him.


“Rolly you already know I said no. ” I said sternly.



He growled. Yes, growled at me.



“Rolly stop growling!”



He did it once more.



“No I won’t stop mother.!”



“Rolly” I sighed



He roared at me. Then proceeded to stomp his foot.



“Dad said when I growl, I show that I have a king heart.”



Then he proceeded to howl while Andrew snarled.



I took a deep breath. This kids!



Roland is fond of calling Anabel his ‘princess’. He can even give her his dessert. It was young love and adorable. It entertained me. I just wanted to check on them before I join the other Queens.



“Roland, you all can’t get married now. You are way too young. I won’t be giving you any cake. You can go play in the garden or I will tell your father to never let you see Anabel.”



Roland burst into tears and ran to the garden, I watched Annabel look at me with wide eyed.



“Umm…Queen Isabella… Please don’t keep us from each other….we…are…” She trailed off nervously.



I chuckled.



“Oh, Annabel. I was just joking. You all are allowed to play with each other. Now go and join them in the garden before I change….”



“Thank you my Queen”.she ran while clapping her hands.



In walk, my husband. Alpha Raymond.



” what is wrong with Roland? ”



I guess he saw the way he ran off with his hands on his face.



I shrugged.



“He wanted a cake for his wedding with Annabel but I refused.” I explained


Raymond was watching me closely


“What?” I questioned.



“Nothing. We need to go. Others are waiting.” He said as he held my hand and walked through the hallway.



“Did you have the guards escort mercy to the vampire kingdom?” I asked



“Yes, do you think I will allow my daughter go and visit her ‘mate’ alone? ” he questioned as I looked at him.



“You don’t like him?” I asked


“No! I don’t like vampires.”



“But he is her mate and they love each other.” I explained.



“Yes, I know and that is why I am not doing anything to ruin their relationship.”



I smiled.



“Thank you.” I said while looking at him in the eyes.



“For?” He asked while wrapping his hand around my waist.



“For being a good father and a sweet husband.”



I leaned in to plant a soft kiss on his cheek but Ray kissed me on my lips.


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The moment was ruined when we heard a noise and Raymond growled.



“Stop being a romantic dude for now. You can be a romantic husband letter. We have a race to begin.” Kelly said.



Arden, Sophia and Elsa were also there.



“Ummm…okay.” I said



Arden, Kelly and Raymond are going for a race. We the queens are going to watch.



“Cheer for me okay?” Raymond said as he held my hand.



“Sure, husby. I will always be cheering for you and only you. Forever and ever.” I said as I caressed his face.



“I love you Isabella.”



“I love you too, Raymond.”



“I love you more.”















*Together forever*



Written By : Pamela James



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