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Sophia’s Pov



Loud cries began to sound from the child’s lips. Isabella was sleeping, with Roland in her arms. As soon as his piercing wails reached her ears, she jolted awake.



“Shhh, rolly.” Isabella said gently.



Her hands shook awfully,as she worked on her dress.



I quickly got up, rushing over to help.




One br**st was quickly set free.




“Thank you.” She whimpered gently, as the prince quickly latched onto her br**st.



Darkness greeted under her eyes. Her lips chapped and often beginning to bleed at random. A continuous set of tremors always ensued when she fed Roland. She could hardly keep food down. Her recovery was agonizing slow.






After she said my name, Roland began to wail once again. Isabella was not providing enough milk.



“Its okay Roland. Everything will be alright. ” I cooed gently in his ear as I glanced at Isabella.



She was slumped back. Her br**st still exposed. It seemed as if she had passed out again.



“Why.” I questioned, frustration filling my body as I made my way over to where I was to lay prince Roland.



I could hear the door opening, as I did so.



I turned my head to see the king.



Looking at me, I gave him the look of anger. After all he has Kelly in cell.



“Has she fed him?” He questioned, his eyes glowing dangerously.



His hair was very much unruly. His hair on his head ill kept.




“Yes.” I said warily, my hand instantly going to the hidden dagger in my dress.



The king was unstable, very unstable. His wolf was confused and lashing out at random. His animal did not understand why Isabella would not get better and it made him rage with worry and anger. That was how he killed the first nurse.



I watched him cover Isabella’s exposed br**st with a blanket.



A growl escaping his lips as he slammed his fist against the post of the bed,shaking it. Isabella did not move.



If he were to attempt at ending her life…I suppose he will end mine too. I will hate to leave Kelly alone in this world but I refuse to let Raymond kill her without me attempting to prevent such an atrocity.



“Do not harm her.” I warned him, as an odd look crossing his features as he took a few paces towards me.



I held up my dagger. He glanced at it before, shaking his head.



“Put that knife down, Sophia. You will not have that weapon so close to my son.” He snarled, hair beginning to sprout over his arms.



His muscles expanding.



I quickly dropped the dagger. If he shifted we would all die. A confused and insane wolf was a dangerous thing….not to be tampered with.



Once the weapon was out of my possession he visibly relaxed.



“Has she spoken to you?” He questioned me.



I shook my head slowly, I did not want to speak to him. He has Kelly imprisoned! But I could not refuse to give him answers.



“Yes….a bit last night. Usually she hears Roland’s cries and wake up.”



He nodded slowly.



“What has she said?”



“She asked of you…and wanting to see her parent before she passes. She thinks she will die.” I could not say the last part so loud.



It made my chest clench. She was not getting any better….just worse.



His jaw flexed, as he paced the room.



“When she awakens tell me.”



I nodded my head slowly, wanting to ask another question.



“Alpha ray, can you please release Kelly? He loves you…he does. He was only trying to do what is right.”






“He was only trying to help you and Isabella. He had tried for you. What have you ever done for him? Please tell me king Raymond?” I pleaded,an edge of anger to my voice.


Kelly loved him and I thought Raymond also loved him.



He had already killed many of the guard who had captured him that night. He had punished them. He had punished Kelly. King ray sighed, yanking at something on his belt. He threw the item at me.



“Let this be known to my brother, if he comes near Isabella or I, I will end both of your lives.”



I was innocent, but I knew what he meant. He would not leave me to wallow in this world without Kelly, he would allow me to join him in death. It was kind….but I did not wish my life will end quickly. I jerkily nodded my


head before grabbing the keys, and bowing to him. I don’t know whether I should leave Isabella alone….



“If you hesitate too long, I will take back the keys.”



Rushing out of the bed chamber,i made my way into the dungeons. The amount of guards that were guarding the dungeons were scarce. Considering how the king had made an example of them….by killing them.



I passed Mirabel’s cell. she was sitting, legs folded over to one another smiling.



“Come to free me?” She questioned, her voice scratchy.



Her eyes were a bloodied red. Patches of fur were all over her arms.



“Never.” I spat as she just blinked at me a few times.



“Did she die? Please tell me she died. If she does maybe Raymond wi see that she is just a weak spoilt human. Is her child alive? Maybe it died. My poor brother. Let me go,Sophia. I will check on him.”



This woman was insane.



“They are both very much alive and you will rot in here forever.” I told her before I realized that arguing with a mad woman was not on the agenda. Saving my mate was.



I made my way down the row of cells, pausing at where Kelly was.



“Kelly….I have the key.” I told him.



He was lying down on his cot. Hands tucked behind head.



“Kelly!” I worriedly said.



His entire being was bloodied. His eyes were swollen…his clothes were covered in blood. I watched as his eyes opened slowly.



“Sophia?” He sat up, clutching his side,confusion in his eyes.



“Did you steal that key? Ray will kill you. Give it back.” He sighed.



“No! He gave it to me.” I told him as I began to tamper with the old lock.



I finally managed to open the door and ran to him, hugging him tightly.


He groaned.



“You idiot,” I sighed, as he hugged me back.



“If he ever has another child, you will not be responsible for locking him up.” I told him as he chuckled, hugging me even tighter.



“Is Raymond sick? I thought I had at least three months to be here….this is


not the first time he had thrown me into the dungeon or vice versa, I had him thrown into the cellar a few times also.” He explained to me as I got up and helped him up.



He groaned.



“The guards had done a number on me….per Ray’s request.”



I did not understand. This made no sense.



“You are a good man, Kelly.”



We heard chuckling and Kelly turned towards his cousin. Mirabel was now on the bars, laughing hysterically. Saliva dropping from her lips.



“Kelly you will always be weak! You have a weak mate. You had weak moments all the days of your life. You are a hypocrite. You are all hypocrites.”



“Mirabel.” Kelly snarled, his grip on my waist becoming unbearably tight.



“Do not test me.”



“Or you will what Kelly? You think you are so mighty and rigtheous. You think you are a saint? You think you can stop my brother from being his true nature while you pretend? Yes prince kelly, you are a hypocrite. Who calls a king a brother then sleeps with his mate? Tell me who!”



Kelly would never do such a thing and accusing him of doing something so heinous….set my blood boiling.



Before I received the chance to get to her,Kelly had his arm through the bars, his hand wrapped around her neck.



“Yes. Yes I slept with Cynthia. I did not shy around it, I told him as a man should. You have no right to judge me when you murdered your mate for being weak. If anyone ask about my flaws, I will tell them about them.”



He slept with the woman he called monster? He slept with Ray’s late mate? I do not understand.



“I had to! I cannot rule with a weak mate. That is why my brother is a failure! And you with your weak mate….you halflings and humans disgust me! If I had one wish it would be for all of you to die!”



I was shaking now. I will kill her. No one like her deserves to live.



Kelly let go of her and she snarled trying to claw through the bars to get to him.



“I am done here, come Sophia.”



Kelly seemed in even more pain. He reached out to me and I declined his hand. The fire I saw in his eyes surprised me as he grabbed me tightly around my waist and began to walk. dragging me with him.



He was my mate….people make mistake. What should I expect from a


royal? As thoughts muddled my mind, Kelly and I made our way up the stairs that lead away from the dungeons.



As we walked towards the bed chamber,I could see a guard with a pile of letters in hand….and Morgan. She was hitting him with a long wooden cane.



“Morgan, what are you doing?” I snapped, as the guard looked at Kelly and I with a pleading look.



I glanced at Kelly who glared at Morgan before kissing my hand and hobbling down the hall towards our room. He did not like Morgan and I appreciated him not killing her…..because he really wanted to.



“This little dunce will not give me the mail! Tell him to give the the mail or I will shrivel his manhood! It will look like a straw of hay! ” she chuckled as I watched the guard look mortified and handed me all of the letters.



He ran down the hall, as he kept looking at his groin.



I glared at morgan who was looking through the letters, pulling out one specific one.



“Ah! Here you are. Come Sophia, your queen is out of commission so you need to assist me.”



Assist her? Kelly will kill me if I am with her for too long. He thinks she is nothing but awful and well half of the time he is right.



She dragged me into a vacant room and slit open the letter. She read it carefully before handing it over to me.



“The plan is going well except for the queen being ill. That is not good. A war is coming.” She smiled, an awfully happy gleam in her eyes.




What war?






Dear Mirabella,



Had Isabella birthed yet? Both the vampire king and I are very anxious and waiting idly for your word. I have a few of my best men to accompany me and vampire king has, after much discussion. We decided he will not bring any of his men. He claims that he will not need them that they will only get in his way. I think it is foolish and a bit obnoxious of sorts, but he is an odd creature. Also I am not sure if I should be telling you this, But the vampire king is very demanding when it comes to killing your brother. I had told him that the plan is only to kill the child and take Isabella. If you value your brother’s life you will do as I say. Give him a sleeping agent and hide him way.



Best regards,







I glanced at Morgan, before looking at the letter again. Did my eyes decieve me? How was Mirabel still writing letters from the cell? Isabella told me she had some sort of plan but she never told me about it. Did she knew that they were still communicating?



“Morgan, explain this to me now?” I commanded.



These men were planning to kill Roland and possibly the king. Capturing Isabella. My heard felt very light.



She chuckled



“That stupid human queen had asked me to help her make a letter to send to her human dunce friend, Alexander,posing a Mirabel. But our plan is awry since she is ill.”



I was going to kill Isabella! Why would Isabella not tell me this information? Did she think I will tell Kelly? Anger and confusion wrecked through me. Of course she would involve Morgan! She is insane.



“So what is the plan now?” I questioned,through clenched teeth.



“Well, I guess I will have to tell will I not?”























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