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My arms shook as I held Roland who was wailing for food. I was quiet as I fed my son. Once he came down from full, he slept off. I still felt weak but I would not pass out when he fed from me. I could walk a bit better too.


Morgan came in giving me different potions and herbs. Strengthening me everyday.



The door opened without a knock signifying it could only be one of two people. Sophia or Raymond. I have not seen both since I have awaken fully.



Instrolled my husband, who I had not seen for the past few days. We cannot sleep in the same room since I am not fully healed….or so I


heard….which is expected from royals.



He looked different….his hair grew more longer. His eyes more feral. A


maid had told me a while ago that mate’s often drive themselves crazy if their mate dies or is very ill…. I did not believe her at first but looking at Ray has me thinking she was right.



“Out!” He uttered to the maid that was with me.



She gasped and fled from the room. I had have never a see a woman run out of the room as fast as she did. I frowned, glancing at Raymond as he approached my side of the bed.



He bent down, sniffing my forehead before doing the same to Roland.


Roland stilled significantly as Ray breathed over him.



“You don’t look good and smell nice too.” I told him.



He smelt as if he has been living in the solider camp for the last few days.


Our eyes locked and he let loose a long breath.



“You do not look good either. You smell of blood and death Isabella.” His voice tightened and I felt the need to lay a hand on his shoulder.



Various servants claimed that he had been lashing out on everyone. His wolf was not stable since I haven’t fully recovered.



“Well I have not had a decent bath since birth. I guess I do smell a bit sour.” I told him as he was staring at Roland.



Little Roland was wiggling his little hand and making noise.



“You should hold him.”



Raymond grabbed him gently and my eyes widened at how small he was or how large Ray’s hand was…..either way he could hold Roland with one


hand. I watched as Roland did not fuss or complain. Usually he did not like people holding him. Well I am sure Sophia had held him while I was unconscious….but ever since I have been conscious she had not visited me. The maids try to handle rolly but he gets very upset and start crying.



His little eyes continuously blinked as ray just stared down at him. His eyes returning to their normal color.



“He did not resemble me at all.” He states as I sat up looking at Roland.



He did not. He looked like me.



“Well he has your temper.”



It was true. When roland was hungry or wanted to be held he made it known. Very known. He did not have time to be cooed. He wanted his milk and warmth from his mother.



“Thank you.” Raymond said glancing at me



“For?” I questioned.



“Giving me a family. Thank you for loving me.”



I smiled at him as I caress his hair.



“Thank you too for keeping up with me and not giving up.”



“How are you feeling?” He questioned giving Roland back to me.



He immediately began to fuss. I glared tiredly at him and Raymond picked him back up.



He instantly quieted.



“Rolly, do not give your mother a hard time.” Raymond said with not an ounce of child talk like most people do.



I frowned. It not like he understand what Raymond was saying.



My hand reached out to touch his face as he bent down to look at our son again. He had not touch me since. My body wanted to feel his touch. Nothing more. Just his hand maybe. His eyebrow drew together as he stared at me.




“Take care of yourself. You don’t look handsome. ” I told him.

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“You like when I look good?”



“Which wife wouldn’t want her husband to look good? If you continue to look this way I might fall in love with some one else.” I grinned as I watched him frown.



“There is only one way to shut you up. I will wait until you have fully recovered. Right now is not the time.”



I felt my cheek redden.



“I don’t want another Roland soon.” I admitted.



He did not respond.just stayed there, his eyes locked with my own.


Then he stood up.



“Ray can you please send for Morgan to me? I have some question to ask her about my…healing process. ”



He looked down at my body and grimaced a bit. I am sure he has seen the aftermath of my body parts. not such a pretty sight. I have not even taken a great look on how body looks right now.



He nodded slowly.



“Should I lay Roland down?”



I just hope he will not start crying. I gave him to Raymond and he took an eternity to walk over to his small bed and placed him inside.



“I will fetch Morgan. Do you need food?”



I smiled.



“Maybe some meat and water will do. You can have Morgan bring them up….if she does not yell at you for it.”



I needed to speak with her urgently. This was the second day of my full almost recovery and we had important things to discuss.



He cleared his throat.






He left and I sighed out. I have chosen the worst possible time to give birth. I had no idea how Morgan and I’s plan had been going and she only visited me when I was extremely weak and sick.



I wished to see Sophia also. I had been seen her before I would pass out or when Roland will start crying.



As I attempted to smell at my under arms, I could hear the door opening. It was Morgan and with Sophia ushered behind her, with a wooden tray in hand.



I smiled.



“Oh it is a shame you are alive. If you were to die then this story would have been more fun. I am writing all of this down, human queen.” Morgan said as she hobbled in with her wooden stick.



Sophia growled down at the old woman.



“Morgana you are just so awful sometimes.” She complained as she smiled at me bringing my tray of food to the table near my bed.



“How are you, Bella?” She questioned, a stress look to her eyes yet she was still smiling.



What was wrong with her?



“I am fine….what is wrong? You look so tired” I commented as she walked


over to Roland as he began to fuss a bit.



“I am fine.” She told me as she began to fix the ending of my bread spread.



Not caring to look into my eyes. She was acting like the maid Sophia…not princess.



I frowned.



“Sophia tell me as your friend. Ignore Morgan.” I told her as the woman was occupied whispering things to roland.



“And please do not cast any spells on him!”



“I cannot promise what I can do when I am bored . I will listen to your conversation since you do not wish me to toy with your child. ”



A chair that sat on the other side of the room was being pulled towards her. Of course without any hands…her magic being the subject drawing the object towards her.



Then she sat in on the chair and watched the both of us, with a smile. I sighed loudly, this woman was just too much. Instead of focusing on Morgan, I focused my attention to Sophia.



“Sophia please.”



“Kelly captured Raymond and put him in the dungeons once you went into your time of birth. It is the custom of this to happen so the king does not try and attack whoever is trying to help his Queen. The lycan will take over and will not understand why his female is in such pain and lash out on everyone or anything that was close to her. ” she explained to me as my eyes widened.



Kelly put raymond in the dungeons?



I know Raymond will be furious. I was surprise.



“And he let him go once Roland was born?”



Sophia twiddled with her fingers.



“Ray basically walked out of the dungeon once he found out that Roland was born…..then he put Kelly into the cell. Then I begged him to be released


and Raymond complied. I believe he hates Kelly now….and we I understand


that. It just infuriates me.”



This was not any making sense. I felt as if my head was spinning.



“You do not like it as Kelly helped me? You did not like as he protected me?”




Her eyes widened.




“No Isabella. I agree with my mate holding the king in the dungeons but Kelly had done things in the past and I just couldn’t believe that he has done something like that.”



“What did he do?”



Before Sophia had a chance to say anything, Morgan chuckled, throwing her head back in laughter.



“You see lord Kelly has slept with the king’s first mate and Sophia is very upset about that.”



Sophia glared at Morgan. I did not know that….and she was supposedly a


horrible woman so how did she manage to have these two cousins smitten with her? It made no sense.



“I am sorry Sophia.”



“And I have another problem. ” she said as her angry eyes turn towards me.



What could I have done these past days? I was ill !



“You have been sending letters to that man in your kingdom….posing as


Mirabel!” She angrily whispered,eyes beginning to glow.



I gulped, holding a weak hand up. Sophia did not understand! She just could not!


“Sophia I just didn’t want to drag you into this….this was between Morgan


and I.” I explained as I glared at the elderly woman who was just humming and looking around.



“You were happy with Kelly and I didn’t want to ruin it with my plans. I’m sorry.”



She frowned.



“I have druged you into my devious plans and you do not do the same? Isabella this is more than a plan. It is a plot and you are going to need my help. We have not even written back to those men, this could be a war on our hands but you decide to keep it to yourself.”



“Watch that tongue of yours,little dog. Those men send a letter today stating that they are on their way. Regardless if the Queen has birthed or not. ” she smiled as both Sophia and I worriedly look at the woman.






“Yes. Well I attempted on telling you two much earlier but you were very mixed up in one another’s feelings so I waited.” She snickered as I felt myself almost fainting.



I had not even thought of any plan . I was just sending letters to Alex to know his plans!



“Morgan, if they are on their way….we have to…we need to…we…” I began


to feel faint but this was no time of fainting !



“Do not worry. I have a plan if you both will just calm down!” Morgana complained.




“Does this plan involve us telling one of our mate?” Sophia questioned a look of worry in her eyes.



Morgana nodded.



How do I explain this to Raymond?



I am going to die.



Not at the hands of a vampire king or Alexander….but of my husband,


the love of my life.



How do I tell him I have been sending letters all this while and I didn’t let him know!



Raymond is going to kill me!





















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