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I walked over to Mercy’s side of the bed. She is now glistening with sweat. It made no sense. Sure her body was warm before….but now her nightgown


was sticking to her small body. Her cheeks were flushed and her hair was pressed to her face. It made no sense. Whatever curse was upon her was it killing her poor small body ? Whatever the reason, I would have to get Morgan check her once the entire ordeal was over with.



I just wanted to sleep and stay with my child. I already have little rolly put in a room that was guarded with soldiers. If I am to die today, I don’t want my legacy been wiped out of this world and considering my vision of me losing my baby. I don’t want it to come to pass. Keeping him away from this choas is better. I do hope Raymond is save and won’t die. I don’t know if I would be able to survive if he dies.



I had many, many guards outside the room that mercy and I were in. It would take an army or an incredible strong person to get through all of those guards who were protecting us.



I just hoped that while I was protected in the castle….that whoever was


guarding Sophia would be protected too. She was my only friend and it would break my little heart that I had left to know that she died for me. To help me….my son and Raymond. I also don’t want her to die because if she


dies, Raymond will be killed by Kelly. I don’t think I will be able to live if he dies.



As my thoughts brought me to places that I could not even fathom…..a


cold wind suddenly blew into the room. I had opened the large window pane because of Mercy’s fever but now it was becoming increasingly cold and it was getting a bit dark. The sun was setting for the night.



Getting up, I quickly made my way over to the window and began to push at its sides. I blinked a few times as a gust of cold hit me again. I even suppose I saw some black dust….swirl into the room. But that has to be my


tired eyes jesting. Using the last ounce of strength I could muster, I quickly latched the two panes together and then pulled at the curtains.



As soon as I did so….the candles I had lit in the room, all blew out.



My eyes worriedly, bounced around the room. Going to where the candles were.



I took a few breaths as my eyes traveled slowly over every inch of the room….finally making it to the bed where the most innocent soul I knew laid.



First, I thought my eyes were decieving me….closing my eyes,rubbing at


them before opening them once again and blinking a few times.





I was not going mad.



I could see it.



A man in a black cloak….stood over the bed on Mercy’s bed. My voice lost


its inability to function for a moment….as my eyes widened. Not believing


what I was witnessing.



My throats felt dry as I tried to articulate my words. I was imagining


things……this was an apparition…..yes!



“God…, is that you?” I questioned tentatively,waiting for an answer.



The hooded figure was looking down….but at the sound of my voice he


looked up. Crimson eyes that had small black pits in the middle of them glowered back at me. My stomach tightened.



“I am king to some….god to many.” The voice creature answered as I felt


myself reaching for a candle stick nearby.



Who was this person?



“Before you have the idea to yell….” He trailed off as the candles lit up





My eyes adjusted to the new source of light…..and I gasped at what I saw.



He had a dagger, pressed against Mercy’s neck.



“You will be quiet and answer questions for me, yes or I will end her life.”



This was henious, horrifying. Who was this man and how could he make such threats! This was a child…..he would kill a child!



“Who are you? What do you want?” I hissed out, the man chuckling as I held my candlestick holder.



A chuckle rose from his lips.



“I was going to answer your question but from the large bite mark on your neck, and your hair and eyes you must be Raymond’s second whore of a wife. The Queen and seer, Isabella.”



How did he know I was the seer? I let that slip away immediately.



I clenched my fists to my side, focusing on the dagger that was held to Mercy’s neck. Not at the insulting words he had just told me.



“Again, I ask, what do you want?”



The man chuckled.



“Not a question of what,but need, whore. I need this girl right here and I need your husband heart right in my hands. If you can provide your husband for me. I will only take this child and his heart and go.”



What? Why does he want mercy? Mercy had done nothing wrong to acquire an enemy in this her short life.



“What do you want with a child, you bastard?”



“She is my Queen, seer Isabella.”



My stomach felt sick. My head get light headed. This could not be happening. I only knew of three kings. Raymond, Arden and the vampire king.



“You…you…cannot…you are the vampire king?”



“Yes. I am aware of who I am, Insolent woman.”


“I am a queen.” I snapped.



“And you are a sick bastard wanting a child as your queen!” I gripped the cabdke stick tightly, having the strong urge to throw it at his head!



He sighed loudly.



“If I don’t call you woman, I should call you a seer then. I do not recognize these animals as I kingdom. And as for the child, I am aware that she is child. With time she will become a woman and that is when I will make her my Queen. You are the sick one for thinking that a man might take a child as a queen.” The man snapped.



“Now I understand why my old friend and you have married. Both sick and dumb.”



I threw the candle holder at him out of sheer anger



I wanted to call Raymond right in here just so he could kill him! I watched the candle holder fling across the room and as soon as it seemed as if it would hit him, it remained suspended in the air. Floating above the man’s head.



“That was a good attempt, seer. Now, fetch the king for me.”



I had realized two things in that moment. That he was as skilled as Morgan and that he was threatening me with killing mercy….but he would never since he claimed that was his bride.



I was scared and confused. So I ran to the bed, grabbed a frame and screamed. Screamed so loud that it was impossible for the guards, Raymond, Kelly and probably someone outside of the castle to hear me.




I watched the door being swung open and the vampire king chuckling. The only thing I could see thanks to his obnoxiously large cloak, was his mouth. He was smiling,showing off ivory white fangs…..









Elsa’s Pov



“Arden love, are you alright?” I asked him while we laid on the bed together.



I was resting my head on his chest while he played with my hair. He didn’t


eat much this afternoon. He seems he is bothered with something or……..



I can’t think of anything that could have put him in such mood.



He didn’t respond to me.



“Arden?” I called again but he still didn’t reply me.



I sat up as I looked at him. He somehow notice that I wasn’t lying on his chest anymore.



“What happened?” He asked me.



He hasn’t been listening! Whatever that was bothering him must be something serious.



“You didn’t hear what I said to you earlier?”


“Did you say something?” He asked me



Oh shit!



“Are you angry at me?” I asked him as I watch him sat up.



He took my hand in his and caress my cheek.



“No. I am not. What made you think I was angry at you, darling?”



I sighed loudly. At least he still loves me.



“It just that you have been acting strange since breakfast. You didn’t even eat much at lunch today. What is happening? What is bothering you?” I questioned as I cupped his face in my hands.



I needed to know what he has been thinking, that made him look so worked up.



He smiled at me. Why is he smiling?



“Why are you smiling? And don’t tell me there is no reason for you to be smiling that way.”



“I am just glad to know that my wife is worried about me. ” he said as he pulled me closer to him and laid on the bed.



“Hmmm….but you need to tell me what has been bothering you lately.”



“King Raymond….”



I didn’t let him finish him statement as I sat up and began to throw questions at him.



“What happened to him? Did something happened? Did he……”



He cut me off with a kiss. A passionate kiss. Just when I was beginning to enjoy the kiss he stopped.



What the hell!



“What was that for?” I asked while frowning.



“For worrying about another man. You are mine alone!”



“Easy, easy. I wasn’t worried about him. I am just concerned about Isabella. He is her husband. If anything happens to him, it will definitely hit her.” I tried to explaining to him.



My husband is damn too possessive. Sometimes it pisses me, some times it amusing.



I watched Arden rub his chin then nod his head.



“His kingdom is under attack” he announced.



“Attack? By who? ”



“The vampire king!”



“Oh shit! Isabella….”


“He asked me to help him out. I don’t if I should go or stay with you here.


” he sighed.



I hope Isabella is fine. After Arden told me about vampires, I can bet they are stronger than werewolves.



“What are you waiting for? ” I snapped



“You want me to go?” Arden asked me suspiciously.



“Yes! You need to save them. You are stronger than vampires. You can defeat them even with just one breath of your fire.”



“Hmmm…strange. Other women would have pleaded with their husband’s not to go. But here you are pushing me to the war ground. Do you really love me Elsa?”



This man! Is this what he thinks?



“Yes I do. I love you with all my heart. With everything in me….but Arden


you need to save them. Isabella is the only human friend I have. You can defeat the vampire king….”



“I thought you don’t like violence Elsa?”



“Of course I don’t! But if it is the only way to keep Isabella save it is not violence then. It is called protection! Arden please, please. For my sake go…please!”



“Hmmm…okay. But I need to….” He trailed off as he began to play with


the hem of my gown.


Silly! I pulled his hand away.



“You need to start going. There is no time…”



He cut me off as he start kissing me on my neck.






“Don’t worry, I will fly there.”



It better we end this now. If he starts anything, I know he won’t end it anytime soon.



I push him away from me trying to catch my breath.



“We will do this when you get back.” I manage to say



He pouted at me but still try to come closer.



“Arden!” I yelled.



I’m serious now. He shouldn’t get me angry.



“Yes, baby?” He sighed as he maintained his position.



“You have a war to attend to. when you get back, I will be all yours.” I said assuring him with a smile.



“What if I don’t come back?”



He isn’t a weakling. I have seen him at the training field. I don’t think anyone could beat him.




“Did I married a lazy dragon?” I questioned staring at his eyes that were now changing.



“Of course not, Elsa.”



“Good! So you will go there and come back in one piece.”



“Alright, princess.”



“I’m no f**king princess. I’m a queen!” I corrected.



“I like it when you are like this you know. Are you sure you don’t need me to stay here? With you in the bed? In my arms? With…”



He has started with his naughty talks again.






“Yes, my queen. I’m off already. Take care of yourself and my son.”



“Daughter.” I corrected as he plant a kiss on my stomach befire dashing out of the room.



















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