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WRITTEN BY: Pamela James



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I had no idea when I will give birth. I believe I have three months left until I give birth. But with a baby half lycanthrope…anything was possible.



“Your majesty.” A guard bowed and I passed him.



He had many letters in his hand. I paused, wondering if any were for me.



“Are any of those mine?” I questioned,watching him glanced down and shake his head.



Confusion settled into me as I noticed a seal that Alex usually puts on his letters were on one of them.



“I will take this one.” I claimed as he looked wary but still nodded his head, bowing his head.



“You may deliver the rest but tell no one that I took a letter from you.” I said sternly, watching him quickly rush away from me.



I made my way back to my bed chamber which was getting harder to do everyday with how large I was getting. How large the child was getting.



Most of the time, I spend my them in either Sarah’s or in my room. Everyone had been a nuisance to me lately except for Raymond and at times Sophia….




Once I was in the room, I checked for Raymond before splitting opening the letter with eager fingers. Was Alex trying to secretly send letter to Raymond? That does not sound nice at all. If he is trying to trick Raymond, I need to know. He will just end up killing himself, what does he not understand about that?



Ray will always win!



I took a deep breath and prepare for Alex’s lies to my….husband.






Dear mirable,



I thank you a thousand times for contacting me, I do wish to have you with come with me not in your savage kingdom. I know your hatred runs and deep and I am working for a portion that will break the spell cast over you. Also,may you let me know when she gives birth to that horrendous creature? We will get rid of it at once, once the vampire kingdom and my kingdom raid your own. That is the agreement. I do not wish to harm Isabella by stabbing at the creature while it is in her. So once the child is out, send a messenger and I will be there at night. I also implore you to give your brother some sleeping portion, I am sure a fight will break out over a beast of a brother for Isabella. I will also get rid of Raymond, I will leave that to the vampire king. He has a personal vendetta against the monster. If not, I think the vampire king and I will take Joy in seeing the look on Ray’s face when we will end his monstrosity of a child.



Best Regards.






My hands shook as I re read the letter over and over again.



Alex was working with Mirabel?


He is working with Mirabel!


Alex wanted to kill my baby and make me his wife.



Mirabel did not surprise me at all….but Alex? He wanted to harm my child!


He wanted to kill Raymond not to mention this vampire king.!



I felt faint. I sat down,looking over the letter, trying to decide what to do. Tell Raymond? Tell Kelly? Tell everyone?



‘I didnt expect that you will be like this’ a voice said.



I turn around but couldn’t find anyone.



“Idiot! Have you forgotten about me ? Because I left you for a while?” The voice said



Geez! I thought I would stop hearing this voice.



“What do you want now” I asked



I was going insane.



“You already knew this will happen. I mean a seer like you have seen this. ”



“A seer? Like me?”



“I think its time you know the truth. You are a seer. You can tell what will happen in the future. I have been with you all these while to protect you.”



Seer? Future? Protect?



Suddenly the candle light turned off and I could see a white form floating in the air.



“All those dreams you had what do you think they were? Your imaginations? People screaming? A woman losing her child? Ray’s death? Do you think it was a mere dream?”



“No…it won’t come to pass.” I shook my head.



I am really going insane.



“Child, you have grown to be a wise woman. My mission is already complete……”



“Mission? Who are you?

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your guardian. I protected and kept you alive while you lived with your aunty, I also helped your adopted locate you in the woods. You are wise…I’m sure you will fix this.”






But it was gone. The candle light were all on now. What do I do? I can’t loose my child nor Raymond.



I had to tell them.


I tucked the letter under my arm and rushed out of the room.



I did not know how I managed to get down the steps so fast, one night call it adrenaline or a higher power. All I am sure of is that I needed to run into someone I trusted really quick.



I could see Kelly and ray speaking harshly at one another in the hallway and I yelled out to them. They both paused,looking my way before Ray began to rush towards to me.



My breath was gone and I held to wall, breathing in and out quickly.



“Isabella what is wrong? Is it the child? Are you in pain?” He questioned me as I still could not fully speak.



Being robbed of my speech due to needing air.



Kelly walked up to me feeling confused too.



“Mirabel….Mirabella….kill….Alex…vampire king…” I choked.



They both looked at me as if I was an imbecile.



“The letter!” I exclaimed, lifting my arm up and unfolding the letter.



Nothing was on the paper. It was blank!



“Words! Words of deception.” I cried out,Looking at the two men.



“Alex wrote Mirabel a letter! I am not insane.” I claimed watching Ray’s look turn to one that was anything but kind.



“You need to rest.” He claimed his eyes beginning to glow as he gently pushed me towards the stairs.



I pushed at his hands.



“Get away from me! I am not insane! It disappeared!” I yelled at them as I watched a few guards walk by, glancing at me.



“What is all that noise?” An annoyed female voice sounded down the hall.



It was her! The treacherous snake.



Mirabel began to walk towards us, an innocent look of confusion on her face.



“Is everything all right?” She questioned, her smile brightening as she looked at me, placing a hand on my shoulder.



“How is the child?”



Before I knew what I was doing….I dragged a dagger from one of the


guards and had it against Mirabel’s neck.



“Isabella, what are you doing?” Raymond growled as I pressed the blade firmer against her neck.



“Tell me the truth !” I yelled at her.



“Tell them the deal you made with Alex!” I spat.



“Raymond she is trying to kill our child. ” I explained to him as Mirabel just kept a smile on her evil face.



“Isabella, let go of her now!” Ray ordered, his voice deep as ever.



I could hear the anger in his voice.



“Ray she is mad!” Mirabel told her brother.



“I do not know these people whom she speak of.” She lied as I began to draw blood from her neck.



I felt an odd twinged on my neck but I ignored it. I was fuelled by my anger.



“Kelly what is….Isabella…Mirabel… ?”



It was Sophia voice.



“Isabel do not kill her! You will kill yourself.” Sophia gasped as I could hear Raymond trying to silence her.



“What are you talking about?” I spat.



“Raymond bought a portion to link you and Mirabella’s life together. So she will not attempt to kill you, because if she does she will also die!” Sophia explained to me as she yelled at Kelly.



I dropped the dagger, turning to Raymond.



“Why didnt you tell me? Why did you do it! You prefer if the two of us died along with your child? ”



I was beyond angry. I threw the dagger at Raymond. it clanked to the ground with a loud metallic sound.



He grabbed me by my wrist and began to pull me down the hallway.



“Leave me alone! Get away from me!” I yelled as he suddenly picked me up, his eyes were the color of his Wolf’s.



“Put me down!”



The struggling was useless until we were back in our chambers. He had carelessly tossed me into the bed, on my back.



“That spell had been broken since I visited Morgan last. I did not want Mirabel doing something idiotic to end both of your lives!” He shouted at me.



“You do not listen. You do whatever you want! Why did you attack her?” He roared in my face.



“You are the Queen, Isabella. You are not the king!” He snarled as I watch him begin to undress.



What does he think he is doing?



“She is trying to dismantle your kingdom right under your eyes.” I exclaimed as he got into the bed, climbing over my body.



“Raymond, no…no” I struggled, fury beginning to settle into my body as I thrashed wildly in his hold. I am in no mood for this and even if I was,I don’t want it this way….I don’t want to be forced!


“I do not want you!”



One of his hands shackled my wrists, and the other slipped under my dress.



“You are at my mercy Isabella! I am your king and your husband. I am the head! You will stop undermining me,do you understand?” He snarled in my face, as I continued to struggle in his hold.



He will not do this.



“No. Leave me alone!” I yelled as I pushed his body in between my legs.



My exhaustion levels were reaching a new height but I will not give up.



“You will learn who you belong to and where you belong!” He growled



“Ray this isn’t you….please don’t do this…..please I beg you….for the sake


of our child…” I whimpered.



He paused. He was breathing harshly as I felt his forehead press against my own. My heart was beating wildly. I was trembling with fear. He was trembling also, his sweat stained forehead pressing into mine.



It was as if we were breathing the same air with how close he was to me. I was even more alarmed and scared. What was he doing? Is he planning to do something worse to me?



His feral eyes met mine. There was so much intensity in his gaze that made me look away.















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