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As soon as the door swung open and men piled in, they charged directly for the vampire king. He chuckled, and pulled back his cloak. Letting it rest on his shoulders.



He whispered words into the air and the soldiers around us fell to the ground. I let loose a loud scream, as any person who stepped foot into the room instantly dropped to the floor. Were they asleep? He could not possibly be killing them….could he?



“Are you killing them? Stop this!” I screamed, my eyes commiting the man’s facial features to memory. He was like nothing I ever saw before.



Pale skin,Paler than mine, broadened shoulders. A large fur was covering his neck. A sliver ring pierced his nose, his eyes were an odd silver, red streaks rimmed under them. His hair fell in a long dark shade. He smiled, revealing two sharp teeth in the front.



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“I will kill as many men as it takes until your husband shows himself.” He said simply with a smile.




I could not leave mercy here with him and I am sure if I tried to run he would kill me. I just have to wait for…. For Raymond.



I ran over to the door, almost tripping over the….the men.



“Do not come in here! That is an order! Do not come in here!” I shouted at them as the two men getting ready to approach looked me up and down warily.



I let a loose frustrated sob.



“You idiots! You will die the moment you set your foot in here! Find king Raymond . find the king now!”



They took a calculated steps back. I was entirely getting too weak.



“You are intelligent, human seer. It is a shame Raymond has tainted you.


I might have liked you as one of my concubines.” He smirked.



My stomach felt as it were going to heave up the nothings that I had ate today.



“What do you want with raymond? Why are you here?”



“His heart, human whore. That is all I require. I have no use of you. You may go. You have already been tortured enough. Leave now while my spirit is still enjoying the slaughter of these pests.” He chuckled as I watched him pull a dagger from his cloak.



He approached the man closest to him and ran the blade across his neck. Blood spilled from the man’s wound. Seeping unto the floor. His eyes brightened and a satisfied look came across his face.



“Stop this! What is wrong with you? They have done nothing wrong!”



“He is already dead, human! ” he sighed as he dipped his hands in the crimson liquid and ran his tongue over his fingers. He closed his eyes momentarily.



“And why do you care? I thought you despised lycans?”



He had a twinkle in his eyes. He enjoyed this! What is wrong with this man!



“Why do you despise Raymond this much?”



I would force him to speak. I could not leave mercy alone with him. I just could not! Raymond needs to hurry!





“Why do people hate each other? Of course he has wrong me!” He said as he went around the room, slitting the men’s throats before dipping his fingers into their blood.



The middle of the floor was beginning to pool with blood and my footing waivered. The stench blood bringing me back to when I was taken from my village.



“Are you alright, human whore? Blood does not set well with you, I see. ” he chuckled.



“How has Ray wronged you?” I questioned, keeping my eyes above the ground and breathing through my mouth so I would not smell the blood.



My body was shaking and it was becoming more and more complicated for me to stand.



He paused, his hand getting ready to slice at another.



He glanced up at me, his darkened pits for eyes making me look away from him.



“If you must know, your husband took my young sister and wed her. Consummated the marriage before I even knew she was gone. I had no choice but to let him keep her, since he had soiled her. She despised him. ”



I watched him closely as he spoke of his sister, the smell slashes that he would commit against the dead were becoming larger and more erratic. He was becoming upset. He took a deep breath, throwing down the knife instead, grabbing a man by his neck.



“She became with child and wrote me a letter telling me that she would rather die than to have a child. So I traveled here and killed her.”



My stomach felt as if it dropped to the ground. My footing became wary as the man stared at me in the eyes.



“You… You.. Killed your sister?”



The words made me sick.



“Yes. She wished for it. Who was I to deny her death? I am her only brother. I am her protector. I failed my duties by letting that filth take her so



I redeemed myself and made peace by ending her life. ” he spoke with shaking thunder.



Veins sprouted from his face as he shook.



“Any sane man would have done that.”



We have two very different meanings of the word sane!





“You could have taken her away! Why kill her!”



He began to laugh, loudly. As if what I said was nothing more than a jesting matter.



“You know your husband, he will tear his army apart. He would tear my people to shreds. He would sacrifice his entire army and more to get her back. The only way she could escape him was death! ”



“And that is the only this war can end? Killing Raymond?”



My wantom emotions of fear and dread were soon dissipated as Morgan waltzed into the room. She did not drop dead like I thought she would. Relief flooded through me immediately.



The vampire king instantly tensed as Morgan stepped over the bloodied bodies and corpses to stand in front of him. He towered over her like a mountain, yet she was tall. Well as tall as a hunched over and angry woman could get.



He laughed, bending down to look Morgan in the eyes.


“So we meet again, Melissa.”



Who is Melissa?



“You have caused a mess! What ritual are you trying to do? What do want with the child?” Morgan questioned as the man hissed, grabbing her cane.



“How do you know each other? ” I questioned, watching Morgan glance at me and smile.



What was that supposed to mean?



The vampire king chuckled.



“Melissa was my mentor. She had taught me the ways of the ancient ones.” The vampire king said as he frowned, his eyes turning slits as he stared down at Morgan



” Her name is Morgan.”



“This great sorceress goes by many names. I know her as Melisa, now a question would be why do you stay in my enemy’s territory?” He asked as his cool tone now disappearing as Morgan chuckled.



“That is of no importance. Why have you cast that spell unto the little servant girl? She us nothing to you, yes?”



The vampire king glanced at mercy who was still in her sleep like state.



“She is my bride, Melisa. Have you been purposely harbouring her along? You and that pest king are allies now?”


Morgan chuckled.



“I am ally to none, enemy to many. You know that, xander. I had extended my stay and you have the wrong female, xander. The one who is your bride is not the servant girl.”



He shook his head.



“You are wrong, I performed rituals. I have done everything right to send the bride who is mine into a deep sleep. I have narrowed down her location to this kingdom.” He spat as Morgan sighed, before slamming her wooden stick down on his foot.



“Repeat the spell to me.”



“Do not doubt my abilities you wench!” King xander hissed out as Morgan slapped him with her cane once again.



How could a man be capable of killing so many be at the whim of an elderly woman?



“Yes,I do! Now repeat it to me.”



He glanced at me, before looking to Morgan. He whispered words into her ear and then she began to laugh. Laughed as if a royal jester was in front of her acting foolish.



“You imbecile ! Have I not taught you better?”



They began to speak in words that I did not understand. The vampire king cursed .


“Well, if not her then who! Where is her mother…..maybe she is my bride.”



“Her mother is dead. You are getting careless with your works, xander. ” Morgan hissed as I watched the two argue.



Did Morgan have that effect on people? or was she so powerful that


these kings rather argue than actually use force against her…..





“I would have not be having these problems if I could find the oracle!” He said through clenched teeth as Morgan sighed.



Why were they speaking as if bodies were not on the floor? How could Morgan carry on such regular conversation as if pools of blood were not gathering onto the floor!



“Lift the spells from the little girl and go back to your kingdom. I will aid you in finding your bride, you leech.” Morgan complained as the man glared at her .



The humorous glint that he wore while speaking with her was now gone.


Being replaced with a look that did not look so kind.



He grabbed Morgan by the shoulder making her wince.



“I will not leave until I have Raymond’s heart in my hands and Morgan tell me where the oracle is!”



“Do not touch her.” I shrieked.



Morgan mat speak loudly and obnoxiously but she is still an old woman!



“Do not worry about me, human Queen” Morgan said as she flashed me a more than shining smile.



She turned towards the vampire king with an anger I have never seen before. She began to chuckle.



“The oracle is dead! She was practicing black magic and it ate up her soul. No one practice black magic and live that long. You will have to find your bride the old fashioned way.” She spat.



Morgan was thrown into the wall. She hit the wall with a loud thud. Books came crashing down upon her head as I let lose a yell.



“You bastard!” I insulted him as I attempted to get to a weakened Morgan.



I could not get to her though.



The bodies….they were in my way. I could not step over them. I just could





“Human whore, if you take another step, I will make that child’s next breath be her last!” The vampire king snarled with impeccable speed, he was in front of Morgan.



Crouching down. Cupping her face with his hand.



“Xander, get away from my sorceress.”



I turned my head to see a bloodied Raymond standing in the door way. He was bleeding, but his clothes were what surprised me. It was as if someone poured blood all over his clothes. His eyes cut to me, trailing over my body before his eyes switched to the vampire king.



“Has he hurt you?” He questioned.



He was breathing harshly…whatever has happened to him definitely injured him….. badly.





I shook my head.



“Is….Roland… Okay?”



He nodded, grasping my shoulder tightly before he looked back to the vampire king.



The vampire king was whispering things to Morgan before standing to his full height. He cleared his throat, and smoothed down his black cloak. He turned, a smile adorned his lips. Showing off his porcelain fangs.



“Ray, my friend. I see you outlived Enoch?”



“I killed your highly skilled warrior, yes?” Raymond growled, his frown lightening a bit.



I think he is happy knowing he had killed someone who important to the vampire king.



I watched to see the vampire’s king reaction. He smiled wider.



“Did you sever his head?”






“Well whatever you have done, Enoch will be by my side within the next few moments. It is hard to kill him due to the special abilities he has received from a powerful witch.”



“Worse mistake….of my life!” Morgan wheezed out as both of the men


glared at her.



I carefully made my way over to Morgan. She looked in pain, but also looked upset.



“You raise a leech and this is your reward. ” she grumbled at me ad I tried to get her to stand.



Raymond snarled.



“What do you want xander? Why are you here?”



















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