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I roared, thrashing wildly in my chains as screams and whimpers ripped through the castle walls.



Guards stood at the cellar door, uncomfortable, terrified looks on their pathetic faces as I snarled out, the silver sinking into my flesh, burning the fickle skin.






I snarled, hearing my name attached with the utter pain and fear that Isabella was going through.



She had awaken last night pains, and that instantly had me ushered out of the room,with the servants and midwife taking over.



Supposedly she had been in light pain the rest of the day, I was able to visit her twice.



Once the real pain had began, multiple guards and Kelly had drag me down here to the dungeon. I had injured and ended many of the guards lives. My beast incredibly angered that they were taking us away from our mate and our child.


“Your punishment will be death!” I roared.



My words coming out odd as my teeth began to sharpen and elongate as my wolf called out to his mate, wanting to be by her side.



Kelly stood with guards giving me a wary look. He had attempted to ware me out by fighting with me. We have fought brutally for the moons know how long,before both of us were in bloodied heaps. Once I was at my weakest, they chained me up. They will all die!



“Brother, you are aware you cannot be in the same room she births! That is tradition. ” he rehearsed this line over and over until it felt like this was his immediate response anytime I uttered a word.



“I do not care! Do you hear her? Do you smell the blood?” I snapped.



Everyone in the castle was aware of the pungent odor of blood coming from her as she pushed out the next heir.



Sophia was running up and down, all over the castle delivering message of how she was doing to us and then rushing back to Isabella.



I heaved out a deep breath, my eyes stinging as blood mixed with sweats rolled down my forehead into my eyes. I snarled pulling at my restraints. I was ready to see my son and my wife not pretend prisoner down here.



“Mother…..please help me!”



Everyone visibly stiffened at her words. Isabella has been interchanging me and her mother. Sometimes crying for both of us to come and help her.




“Kelly! Unchain me!” I demanded as he stayed put.



“This is the least you can do for me brother.”



I knew he appreciated when I call him so. I could pull at his woman like emotions.



The corners of his lips upturned before shaking his head.



“No cannot be present for the birth of your child. If your beat losses control fr seeing Isabella’s pain and all of the blood you can end up killing the midwife or worse. You will not ruin this. She will be fine.” Kelly stressed, wiping at his bloodied mouth.



Her screams made me want to claw at my ears…..smash my head against


the brick wall. Anything to stop me from hearing them. My body continuously trying to shift and the sliver preventing that. Creating waves of pain to lace around my body. Incapacitating me at times.



My head was hung in defeat, suddenly lifted when I heard the screams


and loud sobbing cease…..



“Kelly let me go. Something is wrong!”



The worry in his face was evident as he whispered something into a guard ear. A guard that was not fatally injured by me. That guard quickly left.



My fingers dug into the cuffs, using all of my strength to rip at the left one. Crimson liquid and breaking skin greeted my fingers tips, but my movements did not falter. I repeated the action for my left wrist.



“Raymond.” Kelly warned.



His position angled to battle me once again as I pried myself free from the shackles around my ankles.



“Raymond. No!”



“He is born.” A female voice shouted, as we heard loud steps rushing down the steps.



Sophia had stumbled down the steps.



She had blood stains all over her dress and her hair was a bit unkept. My beast raising a bit looking at the famale who was covered in our mates blood. Three words saved her from my beast taking control and ripping her heart from her chest.



“He….he is born.” She exclaimed, tears in her eyes as Kelly opened the cell


with a smile on his face.



His eyes still stuck towards me, as I stared at his mate. I knew she was a


helped to Isabella but to convince my beast…..



“How is Isabella?” I questioned as Sophia took a few quick breaths trying to gather herself.



“She…she is very weak. ”



The way she said it and the way she did not look at my eyes was what worried me.



My body began to tense.




I began to move towards the stairs.




“Your majesty, you cannot go up there yet. She is not done being cleaned and….” Sophia’s voice died down at the look I gave her.



Before I reached the steps, my fist went flying into Kelly’s face.



“Kelly!” Sophia yelled as Kelly fell to the ground, groaning in pain.



I quickly made my way up to our bed chamber,making sure to adjust my shirt and look presentable for when I was to see my wife and child.



As I walked up to the room, I watched maids walk out with linens soaked with blood. They seemed surprised to see me and I watched them closely,daring them to say that I could not come in.



Slowly opening the door,i was hit with a mix of smells. None that smelt particularly nice. Blood mixed with other fluids.



Maids and midwives gasped all alike as I made my way into the room.


They all slightly bowed.



I walked over to the bed, my eyes traveling over Isabella’s form. She was covered in sweat. A maid was wiping her forehead and neck with a cloth. Another maid was in between her legs, wiping away blood with blood soaked rag. A young maid instantly held up a sheet, looking away from me. Shielding me from looking at the gruesome scene.



I averted my gaze to Isabella’s top half….her eyes were closed as she


slowly breathed in and out. Her lips were chapped. Her heart beat was faint.



“Should she not be awake?” I questioned,wondering about the portion that I had her drink from Morgan to help her with her healing after birth.




“Should she not be awake?!” I boomed as the females in the room, all flinched at how loud I was being.



The one in between her legs glanced up. She had blood covering her everywhere. She looked as if she was bathed in blood. She must have been the one who had delivered our child….

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“She…… had lost much…. blood ,your highness. It might be because of her


human nature that is getting in the way of her healing process. ” she explained as I watched the rise and fall of her chest.



It was incredibly too slow for my liking.



I growled, beginning to pace around.



“Find, Morgan now!” I ordered one of the women as I heard something.



Something that had me whipping around. It was my son.



“Bring him here.” I ordered one of the maids as she began to walk over to me carefully.



She handed me the bloodied little child.



His face was scrunched up as he was in the middle of crying. He was small and warm. A tint of pink in him. His hair color was void of any color, a whitish hue to it just like Isabella’s.



He began to fuss and cry.



“Hush rolly.” I said gently watching the baby tense as his eyes began to open.



My eyes widened at his peculiar blue eyes. He took after Isabella in every way possible.



“Warriors do not cry. ” I told him as he continued to blink slowly, his undeveloped and unfocused eyes not paying attention to anything in particular.



The tender moment was shattered as the door swung open loudly, hitting the wall. I snarled, glancing at the door. Getting ready to behead anyone that dare ruin this moment.



“Oh, my little pup has been born!” A loud voice announced as I snarled.



glaring at the elderly woman who strolled into the bedchamber so easily.



I sighed, handing my son off to one of the maids as Morgan made her way over to Isabella.



“Seer Queen how do you fare?”



“She is weak….and as lost a lot of blood.” I told her as she


shrugged,pulling an old root from her pocket.



It was covered in dirt.



Morgan made her way over to Isabella. I watched her closely, my beast becoming an edge as she grabbed a candle,lighting the root on fire.



The root began to burn and she held the burning root over Isabella, the smoke surrounding all around her face. Morgana’s face began to scrunch up as she coughed.



“Agh, this smell is killing me.”



Did this wench value her life?



“If it is killing you, what will it do to her? Morgan I will end your….”



“Please be quiet,Dog king. She is a human, she will be fine. How is the strong child? Is it ugly like you or beautiful like your foolish Queen? ” she chuckled, a gleam in her eyes as I felt the need to squeeze the air from her body.



“Fix her and leave Morgan. Before I rip out your tounge and feed it to your odd animals.” I threatened her as she cackled and licked her lips.



“You would not be wise to threaten someone of value to you.”



It was my turn to laugh at this….this wench.



“You would be wise not to test me, Morgan. I do know what you do. Your connection, your activities. I do let you do whatever you want and live in my kingdom since you have been banned from most kingdoms. If you do not want to live in a cave heed to my advice. Shut your mouth and get to work.”



The elderly woman chuckled.



“Ah threats are sweet to the tongue but actions are bitter! Let us not waste time speaking, let me make your queen better again.”













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