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Sophia’s Pov



Warm fingers trailed lightly over her skin, hovering at specific places and points that had me staring at my mate with suspicion.



“Kelly.” I warned, watching his dark eyes roamed over my clothed body, an innocent smile on his lips.



They of course did not reach his eyes. Nothing was innocent about the


royals in this house….



He smiled.



“What mate? I am admiring your skin.” He continued on as I took his hand in my own.



He frowned, as I kissed his fingers and then placed them back on his chest. To believe that I would have such affection for a royal…..a pure bred



and that he could have same affections for me was unfathomable. It made no sense yet here we are….it has been so many months now and it seems like just days ago I was begging Isabella to keep me away from Kelly.



“What is wrong?”



I had many concerns. Isabella has been in labour for the past two days and Sarah is still bed ridden for two months. It was all too much.



“You are worried of what is yet to come?” I questioned as I began to sit up in our bed, him following my movements.



He yawned loudly,cracking his bones as he did so.



“Of what?”



Was he mad or just jesting with me.Kelly knew what I spoke of….he could


play coy with me but I knew it.



“Of your duties to Raymond,Kelly. You will have to have him imprisoned….”



He nodded his head, a hand going over his chin,as a smile slowly crept up along his lips.



“You just worry about Isabella. I will deal with my cousin.”



I did not admire Raymond at all but I did feel bad for what Kelly is about to do to him.



“Are you sure? After the last time..what if he would like to…”



“It is against tradition and dangerous for Isabella and yourself, Sophia. When have you suddenly softened your heart towards my cousin? Is there a reason?” He questioned, his voice going many octaves deeper.



His eyes beginning to glow as he looked over as if I have done something.



Something with the king! Why will I indulge with him? Anger tore into me as I attempted to control my tongue.



“How could you think I am capable of going against you,Kelly? My love is for you, not for Raymond. I just pity him, that is all.” I explained as he stroked my cheeks.



“I do not pity my cousin. He is a man,a king. Waste your pity on your friend.” He told me as I gave him a quizzical look,until It dawned on me that he meant Isabella.



I sighed,as I could hear her soft cries every now and again. They sounded so painful….and they seem to be getting closer and closer together.



“They love each other right?”



“Yes. From his I have seen them these past month…they do.”



“Do you think he loved her?” I asked,watching Kelly’s body visibly stiffen at the mention of the deceased queen.



Ray’s past mate. I had heard rumors and knew what everyone else knew about her. But that was all.



“He tried to lover but she didn’t care for him not even one bit. She really gave him a hard time. She was conniving. she attempted to put ray and I against one another.”



Kelly was visibly becoming more upset the more he spoke about her. His eyes had darkened and his teeth were slowly elongating. It sounded as if her and Mirabel were cut from the same cloth! I wish to know more….I


always heard awful rumors and Kelly talked about her a few occasions but we never really spoke about her so clearly.



“What was the worse thing she has done?”



He sighed,shaking his head.



“She forced her brother to kill her and her unborn baby. She could not bare to birth the child ”



How could someone do something like that? What did Raymond do to her for her to hate him that much?



“Did he do something bad to her for her to hate him that much?”



“No…he was kind.. For Ray’s standard. It made no sense of why she hated him except for her well being….” He trailed off clearing his throat as a knock on the door sounded.



I grabbed his hand, yearning to learn more.



“Except for her being what?” I questioned as he pulled away from me with a smirk on his lips.



He always love to test me. Never finishing his statements, always teasing me so much!



Kelly slightly opened the door, though for him to fit his head through. Of course he wouldn’t not open it all the way in risk that whosoever was on the other side might see me in my bed attire.



“L…lord Kelly….it is time.” A shakily voiced guard announced.



Kelly quietly whispered something in his ear before slamming the door shut.



I began to get up too, dressing just as he was doing. He glanced at me, a frown on his face. The playful man that had just been taunting me was gone, replaced with what a seriousness that I had appreciate about Kelly.



“What are you doing?”



I began to braid my hair up quickly,making sure not to leave out a single strand.



“I am preparing myself just as you are.”



He sighed loudly.



“You are a princess now.”



I turned my backto him so that he may lace me up and that he did.



“You do not need to concern yourself with these matters.”




“I want to and I am.” I said as I felt his lips linger on the back of my neck.



“Kelly.” I warned.



As soon as I warned him a ferocious howl shook the room, ringing my ears.



“I suppose that is my warning. Promise me you will cater to my wounds. I am sure to have many after this ordeal. ” he said dryly.



“Of course,Kelly.”



We walked out of the bedroom together, towards the sounds of an irate lycan. The power and anger radiating off of ray in waves had me pressing into Kelly’s side.



This was too much for me to handle. I just needed to get to the bed chambers. I paused in my tracks as we approached the maybe twenty guards that were bloodied and beaten.



“I will murder you all.” The king snarled angrily, as more and more soldiers piled on top of him.



Maybe they were leaning against the walls in pain and defeat.



I had never seen king Raymond like this. His anger was usual but this….this


was purely heated fury. It made my stomach coil and my wolf want to submit immediately. I found myself subconsciously sinking into the fall, Kelly’s arms lifting me up.



“No,Sophia. ” Kelly warned as my eyes met the bloodied red and silvered swirls of the king Ray.



“Cousin,calm down. You know this will eventually happen.” Kelly snarled,as ray momentarily broke free, charging towards us.



I braced myself up for impact,but it never came. A few guards tackled him to to the ground, he roared, struggingt against them. His claws were out, his teeth sinking into a guards shoulder.



“Kelly,you will tell them to stop this attack or would you like more soldiers lives to be lost? I have already killed a dozen. My beast is still hungry for more blood! ” he threatened as I watched blood splatter against the polished cream floors.



Kelly crouched down,grabbing at the king’s chin.



“Once you are down in the dungeons the only blood you will be able to reach is mine.”






















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