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Happy weekend.



Raymond Pov




“Isa ! go to bed.! ” I scold her but she just rolls her eyes throwing a stick at me.



I keep glaring at her form which sprawls around the river. It’s time for her medicine which she has to take before sleeping but she is in no mood for it.



“Isabella.” I growl at her in warning.



Her eyes snap at me as she gulps visibly making me smirk. She stood up and walk towards to me,giving me a puppy eyes.



Oh, this is her new technique….. It won’t work on me.



“Ray, can’t I stay a little bit longer. I love this place. The atmosphere is breathtaking and the water is calming.” She whines giving me a sad pout making me sigh.



She has me wrapped around her pinky finger.



“No baby, you have been playing. You need to rest for Roland and your sake.”



I put my hand around her shoulder,assisting her to walk as we get to the palace, heading to our room.



Getting to our room, I pick her up carefully making her yelp and putting her on my lap as I lean against the couch. I wrap my arms around her hugging her tightly.



“I love you.” I kissed her tempo.


She turns her head to look at me, smiling at me.



I close my eyes dropping my head on the back of the couch feeling satisfied to have her in my arms.



After a while she groans slamming her head on my chest.



“What happened?” I ask her in amusement.



She stood up.



“Am I not too heavy?” She ask,watching me carefully.






“Lier.” She pout



My human Queen just called me a lier with no fear in her eyes. That is a…..a wow.



“I’m not. I am just simply carrying my beautiful wife and son.” I said



She took a deep breath before giving me a deadly glare.



“It a girl!”



I stood up and went to her back wrapping my hand around her.



“You don’t want a son?” I ask her.



“Maybe later, not now. I want a girl. She will keep me company.” She grinned



“So a male won’t keep you company?”



“No. He will be busy with kingdom affairs.” She said as she pulled away from me.



“What now?” I exhale as I look at her.



She as started this her childish act again.



“I’m getting fat.” She cried.



Not again.



“It normal. You don’t expect a pregnant woman to look like a broom. You look absolutely beautiful.” I reply rubbing her belly.



“You think so?” She asked giving me a questioning look.



“I know so. If I tell you, you are beautiful. Just know you look like a goddess. ” I said rubbing her arms slowly.



Goosebumps arise on her arms at my touch making me smirk. I lean near her ear as she bit her lips.



“What is wrong?” I whisper before biting her earlobe.



Her heart beats quicken and her pupils dilate.



“Uhhh…” She stutters as I start raining kisses on her neck from behind.



I lick and suck on her skin making her grips my shirt tightly in her fists.



God I want her!



I groan before pulling from her and slumping on the bed.



“What happened?” She asks me slowly looking at me with worry.



I smile, pecking her lips before pulling her to the bed.



“You said you are still sore from all the activities we have been doing recently.” I said seductively watching her suddenly turn pink.



“You know what I am like during s£x so I want you fix up and in good shape before doing anything. ”



Geez I need filter on my mouth. I watch as she turns red. I laugh loudly making her slap my chest.



“I am going to sleep.” She scowls before climbing the bed.



I grabbed her medicine, she takes it before closing her eyes tightly.



“It too bitter.” She said.



“Don’t worry,you can suck my milk later….”



She hit me on my chest quickly.



“Ouch. ” I screamed.



“That serve you right.” She tells me


I began to cough.



“Ray, ray, are you okay?” She ask worriedly.



That serves me right ugh? I continued coughing.



“Oh my, I didn’t mean to hit you that hard. I’m sorry. Ray, should I get you water?”



She was about to get out of the bed when I grabbed her by the waist.



“No, I’m fine. I just wanted you to apologize, which you already did.” I smirk at her.



She hit me again and again before I hear her sobbing.



Is she crying?



“I didn’t mean to make you cry.” I said softly pulling her to my chest.



“How can you pretend that way. I thought I had broken one of your ribs that’s why you were coughing.”



I chuckled.



“No ,you didn’t. I’m sorry”



She looked up to me before laying on the bed.



“Its okay. I’m fine. I just wanted you to apologize. ” she pouts at me.



Wait,did she pretend to cry? She is good at payback.



“So you did that on purpose?”



“What do you think? I will let you win me just like that? Hell no, my dear alpha.” She said licking her lips.



She is a temptress. My wolf jumped seeing her that way. Hey buddy, easy.


She just took her herbs. She needs to rest.



I lay beside her pushing her against me as I wrap my arms around her caging her in.



“Goodnight.” She whispers in her sleep voice.



“Goodnight love.” I sigh closing my eyes.



Warning: please don’t read if you get offended with things like this. It not really necessary to read this part. So please skip.



Matured Content







Few days later



Geez, what the hell is she doing? How can she just cuff me to the bed and straddle naked right in front of me!



Sophia had told me that Isabella wanted to see me, only for me to get into the room to see Isabella crying. I asked her what was the problem and the only thing she said was that I cooperate with her and I foolishly agreed.



She cuffed my hands to the bed and stripped naked! My wife is busy dancing right in front of me naked and I can’t touch her. What the hell!



“You should uncuff me so I can fill you up and satisfy you. I know you want me. Your eyes are telling me so.”



She suddenly stopped and I stared in disbelief as she slid off the chair and straddled me once more, sinking into my pulsating rod and filling herself up to the brim.



She threw her head back and swiveled her hips riding out her orgasm as she moaned my name wantonly. Her warm walls drenched my length with her sweetness and squeezed it so strongly. I could feel my muscles tightened from my own oncoming orgasm.



“F*ck Bella.”



Her whimper in response combined with the breathtaking look of ecstasy on her gorgeous face were the last triggers I needed to explode.



However, the moment my d*ck quivered inside her, Isabella pulled herself up and off my lap,taking a step back to stare at the spurts of c*m that shots out of my d*ck and coated my chest instead of her pu**y.



I didn’t even realize that I had c*m because I was in disbelief and furious that she abandoned me .



“What the hell was that, Isabella?”



She eyed my chest for a moment before she picked up her cloth and wrapped it around herself.



“You are not going anyway, Isabella. Drop that f*cking cloth now!” I roared.



She winked at me and rushed out of the bedroom.



Leaving me aroused, ennraged and vengeful.


















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