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Strictly matured content. Please don’t read this chapter if you find s*xual content like this offensive.



I repeat skip this chapter. Its not a must to read this.



Mature Content continued



Considering what I was wearing at the moment, I had no choice than to take refuge in Raymond office.



Thankfully,it was empty so I was able to settle myself on the wooden table comfortably.



I knew it wouldn’t be long before Ray will find me with the possible intent of murdering me.



Or murdering my v**ina.



My core was still clenching from the aftermath of my orgasm,yearning for the girth that had filled it up momentarily moments ago. To add to the torment,the memory of his face right before he released all over his chest was continuously replaying in my mind. His eyes begging and devouring what he couldn’t touch. His lips swollen from the times he bite back his growls of pleasure,and his eyebrows scrunched together in vexation.



The image was all I needed to create another molten mess in my core and flood the skimpy lace that hardly covered my folds.



In the process of torturing him,I had managed to punish myself as well.



I waited patiently for minutes and much to my dismay,he still had not made his appearance.



I opened the door slightly,but there was no sign of movement in the hall way.



Was he waiting for me to return to the room to kill me? Or was he angry that he won’t come for me and go on about his day? I probably should have shown him where I had put the key to the handcuffs.



With a frustrated huff,I matched toward the door to raid the house and see what exactly Raymond was doing by himself.



However, as soon as I yanked open the door, I stumbled right into a familiar hard mountain of muscle.



“Going somewhere?”



My chest was about to leap out of my chest as he towered over me with a livid glare on his face, his eyes burning into mine voraciously.



I swallowed hard and treaded backward just as he took a single step to enter his study room completely and then he kicked the door shut, causing the walls to shudder.



The man standing before me wasn’t just a pissed Raymond.



It was a pissed Alpha Raymond.



At that moment, I should have been terrified…..instead I was weak at my


knees and my stomach was in knots from the sudden rush of arousal that overwhelmed my senses.



Even though he had gotten dressed again, the now ripped buttonless shirt he wore did nothing but amplify his s£x appeal from his tousled hair to his hungry, lustful gaze to the thick bulge in his trousers.



His chest was still dripping with the ropes of his release and a part of me wanted to wipe them away from his chest.



Ray must have read the look on my face because his gaze darkened further, and he growled under his breath.



“You thought that was funny, didn’t you?” He acussed,unbuckling his belt and tossing it aside, the metal clattering against the floor noisily.



Perhaps this wasn’t the best time to ask him to f*ck me.



I placed a sweet smile on my lips and stepped toward him,raising my arm slowly.



“Don’t forget I’m pregnant ray. How about we just hug and make up?”



His eyes narrowed as I approached him and when I was less than a foot away,he grabbed my wrist with one hand and cupped my jaw with the other in a tight grip.



“Hmmm, So you that your p***y should hug my d**k to apologize for the cruel punishment ?”



“No…I didn’t mean it that way….”



His lips overpowered mine…possessive and ravenous.



I responded back with a quiet moan and made a move to clench on his collar of his shirt and pull him close.



However, just when I was enjoying the kiss he pulled away. Observing the longing look on my face for a moment before his lips twitched into a cruel smirk.



“Do you think you’re going to be rewarded after all that?”



I rolled my eyes and he was quick to retort with a smack on my ass.



“Take off your cloth now!”.



My lips parted,intending to give him an earful. But he pressed his finger to them to shush me.



“The longer you take to do as I say, the more likely it is you’ll be wobbling around bow legged for weeks.”



The words froze in my mouth, and the amused smirk on his face grew wider.



“Now, baby.”



Taking of my cloth, I see Raymond going to his table drawer, bringing out two black straps that appeared to be made out of thick elastic.



I could already envision what he planned to do with those two straps, and the excitement that thrummed in my veins was the perfect reminder that I really wasn’t fooling around with him whenever I tried to be difficult.




Ray hummed in approval as he eyed my form.



“Not the position I had in mind, but this is better.”



He started camly, nipping my earlobe.



“Where should these ties go?”



His fingers were entangled in my hair as he pulled my head back and took a moment to nuzzle my exposed neck. His stubble scraping against my skin harshly.



“I could gag that smart mouth of yours.”



He wrapped the strap around my mouth to demonstrate.



“I’m suppose to be with kelly now, dealing with some royal matters but here I am trying to teach my wife never to mess with me again and if you make a noise, I could stop ramming into your p***y and wait until you are silent again.”



I whimpered against the elastic as he suddenly sunk his teeth into the crook of my neck, the delicious bite leaving me panting.



“Or maybe I could tie your legs to the table. Leave you to spread for me so all you do is c*m until you can’t anymore. It would just be you squeezing my d**k ,taking every pounding I give like a good girl and screaming my name so the kingdom knows how satisfied their Luna is. ”



His fingers found the soaked in the apex between my thighs and slid underneath,rubbing the scorhing wetness that was trickling out of my entrance over my slit.


“You like that idea, don’t you. ?”



I grumbled in frustration,and his mouth curved into a smile against my skin.



“You love it.”



Then, he tugged my hands above my head and used the two straps to tie by wrists together and attached them to what appeared to be a coat hook that was screwed into the wall.



“Put your leg on the table.” He muttered,patting my thigh.



I hiked my leg on the table slowly and revealed in the delicious stretch caused by almost ninety degree angle.



Ray cursed under his breath and caressed my hip.



“You know exactly what will happen for leaving me all alone right?”






He plunged his d**k inside me with a one long stroke,allowing me to feel every inch of him throbbing against my walls and his sac pressed right up against my cl*t.



My hands curled into fists as I leaned my head against the wall,nearly sobbing.



He moved a hand to my neck and pushed my head to the side to reveal my mark while his other hand continued to pet the inside of my thigh.



“Answer me, Isa. You knew it would drive me insane. You enjoyed teasing my poor d**k.”



“Why are we still talking? Just f**k me please. ”



He pulled out completely.



“Yes! I enjoyed it. ” I caved, feeling the emptiness almost immediately.



He drove back inside slowly and began ramming into me at a steady pace.



“What made you do that?”



All I could do was whimper in response from the toe-curling paradise I was in as he pummeled all the right spots. I could hear how sopping wet I was as he filled me to the brim. I feel how slick his d**k was from the combination of our arousal.



He smacked my ass sharply,multiplying my pleasure.



“Answer me.”



“I was angry you left me alone…..I…needed your…attention….but you…have…been…busy…with…your…kingly….duties.. ” I finished between gritted teeth as he began playing with my c**t.



“So you decided to punish me that way?”



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He barked out a laugh before he nuzzled my cheek,giving it a innocent kiss that was the polar opposite to the x-rated action below.




My p***y pulsated around his d**k as he changed his thrusts to short and swift, barely pulling out before he buried himself inside me again.



My eyes welled with tears from the sudden swamp of emotion that combined with the stupefying pleasure of his d**k and fingers working my c**t.



He covered my mouth with a frenzled kiss,our lips clashing sloppily.



I tore away from his greedy kiss when I feel my legs tremble with the start of my orgasm and the pulse between my legs intensify until I couldn’t hold myself together anymore.



It was like a firework erupting in the sky. I soared until the pressure overpowered my brain and triggered my neurotransmitters,causing an explosion of endorphins.



I convlused around Raymond as his name escaped my lips as a sob, but he placed his hand on my lips, quieting my cries.



“Horny Queen.” He whisphered gruffly.



“You are going to get us caught.”



That was when I heard Sophia and Kelly’s voice outside, calling our names.



They probably heard us.



I slumped against the wall, completely drained by my orgasm but Ray had other ideas.



He untied my hands and picked me up, placing me on the table. His fingers massaged my aching wrists as he thrusts into me a little faster,nudging me for another high.



“Oh, Raymond I ….don’t…think I can..take another. ” I threw my head back


as he played with my c**t again.



My words were slurred together as I was pretty much delirious.



He grunted and switched back to the long, hard strokes.



“You will c*m again.”



He asserted every word with a strong thrust,and that was all I needed.



I throbbed around him violently, pushing him to c*m so I could milk him dry. He cursed vehemently as his d**k twitched inside of me, and he came with a loud growl, filling me up with the ropes of c*m.



Our ragged breaths were the only thing that could be heard in the room until we glanced at each other for a moment before Ray’s face spilt into a large grin, and we burst out laughing.



He tugged me closer to him and tucked my hair behind my ear as our laughter subsided, his eyes glowing tenderly as he stared at me.



“You are so f**king beautiful.”



I blushed instantly and he chuckled, pecking my swollen lips.



“We need to head to our room and take a bath.”


I nodded admiring him.



“Do you think you can work or I should carry you?”



“Carry please.” I replied, wincing at the soreness in my legs from just putting them together.



He gave me a satisfied smile and hauled me into his arms bridal style, letting me rest on his chest.



He still had the strength to carry me even with my large tummy.



He covered me with my dress as he kissed my forehead.


“I love you, my Luna.”



“I love me too.”



He glared down at me and I smiled innocently before pressing a kiss where his pounding heart was,



“I love you too, my Alpha.”


























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