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“Why” I sighed loudly, tears threatening to fall from my eyes.



I braced my hands onto the wooden dresser. Sweat was breaking out on my brow. Stress has been running my tired body rampant.



It has been four weeks since mercy has been in this odd vegetative like state. The seer has been by her side every step of the way. Insulting the maids so awfully that they ran and cry from that woman.



“How are you feeling?”



I sighed loudly. My dress! My idiotic dress doesn’t fit anymore. The one that was hand made was for me recently did not fit me anymore! And I could not get out of it! I have spent half an hour trying to remove the dress but its just too tight.



“I’m fine.” I lied



My voice cracking, emotions getting ready to spill over.




“You have missed breakfast. Do not lie to me Isabel.”




I stared at him through the mirror, he was hiding a hint of laughter as he walked over to me. Assessing this awful dress that I could not get out of !.



“Why are you not dressed yet?”



I turned around, my eyes dead set on how calm he looked compared to my uncomfortable state.



“I am stuck. I cannot get out of this blasted dress!” I choked out, tears running down my cheeks.



“My chest feel compressed and I can not get the dress off me and my feet hurt.” I sobbed, pulling at the hideous dress.



“And I am starving.”



I felt his hands spin me around. Then I felt him pulling at my dress. In a few moments, I was free as he helped me out of the dress. I looked down at my feet, claws mark were all over that awful dress.



“Tha…thank you.” I sighed out.



Tears welling up in my eyes again. What if he did not come back to check on me? I would be stuck in this disgusting Dress!



“We will fire that dress maker.” I claimed as I could feel his hands on my shoulders.



“She is out to kill me!”



He lead me over to the couch and I sit. I could not stop the tears. I was just so relieved and tired!



“Isabel,calm down” he ordered me as I wiped my tears away.



Angry that he told me to f*cking calm the hell down!



“Isabella,” he said.



His tone as a touch of authority in it, making the child in my stomach gently move.



“Rolly does not like when you get this upset.” He claimed as I felt his fingers on my belly.



Rolly? The nickname is nice…..but it’s a girl!



“Anita,” I breathed out, calming myself down and wiping my eyes with my hands.



“It is Anita… will be a girl.” I claimed as Ray whispered to my stomach.



“Do not talk to her like that.”



His eyes met mine, a confused look on his face.



“You did not even hear me. ”



I frowned as the baby began to move even more,the more Ray spoke.



“Roland will be strong, stronger than me. That’s what I told him.” He explained as I stared at him.




“Do you think anyone can defeat you?” I asked looking at him but I got no reply.



He was looking at me but not at my face but somewhere else….



“Ray, are you listening?”



He stood up assessing me as I grabbed a robe pulling it over to myself. My br**st were larger and he was staring at it. Men!



“The seer has made you tea that will strengthen your body. You will birth in three months. You have to drink it often. The child will weaken you and when you give birth ,since you are human, you will recover slowly. With the portion in the tea you will recover like a female lycan.” He explained to me as I frowned.



I’m sure it won’t taste sweet.



If I argue with him he would likely force it down my throat.






He looked at me in surprise, an eyebrow slowly going up. His look of surprise quickly ceased as he composed himself.



“Good. Let’s get you dress so you can drink it ” he claimed as he walked over to my wardrobe and pulled out a large dress.



My mood soured as I looked at the large dress. I can’t believe this dress will fit me!



I don’t want to drink any bitter tea, so I stared at him. I have a plan that I think will work. I hope so.



“What? Why are you staring at me that why Isa?” Ray asked



He never calls me Isa….



“Ughmm…weren’t you staring at my bo*bs minute ago…mind if we….”



“As much as I would like to, but you see my sweet mate…I know your plan. You can’t avoid drinking the tea.”



I sighed. He caught me.






He helped me into my dress as I brushed my hand with my fingers and left it.



“I have a meeting to attend. I know you don’t want the tea now but make sure you take it later. Ask the maid to bring the tea once you are ready to drink it.” He explained as I slowly nodded my head.



He gently palmed my stomach before rushing down the hall.















The thought of her wandering around the halls in this night gown was enough to set my blood boiling.



“Elsa, why are you wandering the castle halls this late at night.”



She shrugged, making the delicate strap on her shoulder slowly slide down her arm.



“I do…I do not…remember. But I do remember….hearing you yell. Are you


okay, Arden?”



No! How can I be okay with her like this on my bed? Dressed like this? With such a look on her face? I had to get off the bed. I was seconds from losing control. She is my wife and yet I can’t touch her. That child should better be a male! I can’t be enduring all this for a girl child. I pulled her with me to our room.



“Your gowns are too revealing.” I snapped at her watching her look at me in confusion.



“But no one will see them because I am sleeping,Arden.” She said as she climbed on of the bed.



I watched her almost fall and giggled as she sat and turned to looked at me. I can’t hold it anylonger.



“Plus, it is very comfy on my skin.”



I glowed down at her.



“It is too much for me to bear,Elsa. I am doing this for you and our child sake. ”




“Then do not look at me Arden. I do not understand why you get so angry easily.” She said.



I walked over to the door, grabbed my robe and slipped the large garment on her. She wrapped it around herself and bunched it up at her legs.



“This is so large.” She commented as she laughed a bit.



This woman don’t know what she is playing with.








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