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He said those words with his eyes closed tightly. His entire body shaking with each breath he took. I could feel his lengthened nails digging into my skin.



Was it possible that he was fighting his beast? Fighting the animalistic urges to dominate me?



“I said, I am sorry Isabel.” He said holding me, listening to my sobs.



His hands going to my belly rubbing it.



“Why don’t you cut the child out of me? Take what you want so bad and leave me to die!” I sobbed.



He cared for the child more than me. That is why he did not force himself on me…..because of the child. He does not care about me.




“Because you are my wife and I will not let something so idiotic as death keep you away from being mine” was his simple reply.



I slowly sat up to look at him. He stared back at me, a leery look in his eyes as I sighed, running my hand through my tangled hair and wiping my tears.



“Why do you do this Raymond, why?”



“Do what, Isabella?” He questioned, his tone becoming guarded as he straightened up copying my movements.



He knew what I spoke of.



“This! Why do you like hurting me?” I held my hands up gesturing to everything around us.



“You would really like to know?”



I nodded my head. If I have to spend the rest of my life with him I should find out why he is treating me this way.



He shook his head,looking me over before sighing loudly. He seemed tired ….of some sort.



“Because you are my second chance, Isabella. I didn’t want a second Chance after her. I wanted to suffer and be angry at the gods for ever. They had another idea. They sent me a human to deal with. I said I will show the gods, I will make her suffer. I will make her life a living hell until she decides to end her life like the first one did….but when you attempted to kill yourself the first day, I was weak and I had to stop you ”



I had recalled the day I thought of ending my life.



“I thought this time I will push her to end her life. I will take her against her will all in the name of tradition. Surely a mere human cannot handle that….but you lived. Somewhere between you doing that and amongst


trival things I wanted you by my side. Any woman who could handle these things deserves to be a Queen. My Queen.



My hand connected with his face.



He was silent as I shook my head, slowly raising from the bed.



“Ray tell me you had to take me….that it was the law. That you had to do


it! That you didn’t do it to be cruel.”



“I could have chosen to do it at a later date.”



I began to throw items at him. I began to break things in our chamber room.



Ray kept his cold demeanor throughout the entire scene. I had called him names that my mother would warm my bottom for. I had threatened to murder him. To bite into his heart. To sever his head from his awful body.



I had did and said everything in my mind that I had thought of saying to him since the day we met.



When my body felt as if it were going to give out and sick, I swayed a bit until I sat at my vanity. My garments were sticking to my clothes with how much I was perspired. I wiped at my face, tears mixed with salty perspiration.




“Do you enjoy this, Raymond!” I whispered, my voice raw from screaming at the top of my lungs at him.



He was not staring at me.



“Look at me!” I shouted.



My voice felt like it was dripping blood.



I watched his head turned towards me. His eyes blazing.



“Do you enjoy breaking people? Do you enjoy breaking them and mourning them like you have lost a loved one.?”



“No. I do not Isabella!” He said evenly, his body betraying him.



Trembling with anger at how I was speaking to him.



“Yes you do! You despise me and you are just waiting for me to give birth and take our child! You will be counting down the days until I take my own life!”



“I will not!”



“Yes you will!” I screamed at him,watching his body begin to quiver even more.



“Isabella, I do not want you to die. You are my wife. I told you I care about you now. I love you Isabella” he said feeling frustrated.



“You love me? You beasts are not capable of any emotion but anger and lust. You do not love me. You lack a lovely spirit. You just see me as a queen who will birth you an heir. You don’t love me.”



He was silent, the sword in his hand was being twirled from side to side. It would be so easy for him to sink that blade into my flesh ….yet he did not.



I waited for him to say something but he didn’t say say anything.






This is getting on my nerves,now. My eyebrows furrow.



Then I hear sniffing.



Sobbing? Did I hear that correctly?



“Ray,are you crying?” I asked as I moved closer to him.



“I care about you and your feelings. The only person I love and will always love is you Isabella. ” Ray told me as he looked me right in the eyes.



I wasn’t expecting this. I thought he was lying the other time he said he loved me but this doesn’t sound like a lie, does it?



“I…I….what is wrong with you Raymond?” I asked him



“I love you. Don’t leave me please.” He begged.



My gaze soften before I sighed.



“I am not leaving you Raymond. Why are you thinking like that? I am not going anywhere. I am here with you ” I say before he put my hand on his chest.



A sigh left his lips.



“This is my home remember?” I assured him



“Yes. This is where you belong. All the things I own is yours. Everything I have is yours…even I am yours. ” he says.



I blush at his last statement and he smiled at me too.



“When did you start loving me?” I demanded with a narrow eyes.



He snakes his arm around my me and pulled me close into his chest. I yelped when I collide with him.



I bite my lips as he lean close to my head near my ear.



“Ever since you tried to escape.” He whispered.



I take a shaking breath in and he smirked at the effect he always have on me.



“I just didn’t want to accept it. And when I could….I was scared of what


you will do. You are a very aggressive lady. Goodness know you could throw me a bottle.”



I chuckled.




‘I wouldn’t have done that because I love you too ” I finally admitted.



He looked at me with doubt eyes as I nod my head.



“I’m really lucky to have you, baby.”



Okay, he called me baby. Am I save? Never knew Wolf’s use those terms you know.



“What?” He asked as I came out from my gaze.






“You sure?”



“I’m surprised you called me baby.” I said truthfully.



“You don’t like it? Do you prefer Angel? Princess? Beauty…..”



“I love it.” I say interrupting him.







He kissed my jaw making me shiver. He trail the kisses down to my neck as I inhale his scent.



His scent fill my lungs and I can feel his member. I fists my hands on the front of his shirt.



“Ray..” I whispered.



“Hmm…” He mumbles before sucking on my skin of neck.


On my mark.



“We were…..talking about something…” I strutted



He leaves my skin before trailing his tongue on that sucked part.



“Are we now?” He blow on that part making me moan.



His hands move from my waist to the hem of my gown as he slowly moved upwards. His lips kissing my neck.



As his fingers rub against my stomach. I jump.



“Stay still” he whispered in my ear.



“And let me take care of you.” He completed.



“Oh” I whimpered as I felt his finger slid inside me.






Waking up to find myself beautifully wrapped around Raymond, I finally felt complete. He loves me and I love him too. We are going to raise our child together in love.



Getting up from the bed feeling sore. I can’t count how many times Raymond and I made love. I couldn’t stop him because I wanted it.



I had a quick bath and dressed up. I need to check mercy. I entered her room, such a large room for such a small girl. She lay back down with a blanket covering her small body. A servant was over her wiping her forehead down.



“My Queen.” The woman said as she bowed shortly.



I gave her a smile.



“You may leave. I will take care of her. ”



She bowed once again and left me with mercy. Once she left, I took the foot stool that was next to her bed and knelt on it.



Uncovering one of her hands, I held it smiling at her peaceful state.



“Mercy whatever is happening to you you will wake up……and when you


do, I will protect you from any evil person.” I told her while kissing her hand.



She was so innocent. How can they do these to her? I can’t let them take her away from me.

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“I promise.” I said



“Silly human Queen! What can you do?”



Letting loose a loud shriek,I looked around the room. Not once, but twice.


The third time I noticed Morgan sitting in the corner.






“ devil.”



She unfolded her legs and stretched,chuckling.


“Hello, seer.” She hobbled over to me taking her time.






She looked even more tired than before. Wrinkles and dark circles marred under her eyes.



“H..ow…did…” I questioned her.



“I knew since the first day I set my eyes on you. I kept wondering why an alpha will be mated to a human when Sophia told me that Alpha Raymond find his mate? An ordinary human? It has never been heard before…after seeing you, I realized you aren’t ordinary. I kept my mouth shut because my instinct told me you aren’t aware of your gift. But now…”



I sighed focusing my energy at mercy brushing through her beautiful hair.



“Will she be like this forever? How is this even possible?” I asked trying to change the topic.



I missed mercy and her little antics and games. It lightened me when I’m bored.



“No,not at all. He is coming. Do not ask me who or what it is….that is the


energy I can feel from the spell.” She explained to me.



“The warmer the girl gets the closer he is. When I find out who he is I will…”



“We will question him,yes?”




What could some stranger want with mercy?



“Kill or question. It is the same in my eyes.”



I shook my head as I watched Morgan reach a hand out to my stomach.


The woman was insane in my eyes but I let her touch my stomach.



A smile spread across her lips,then she quickly hid it. Her hand clasping her other one as she rocked back and forth on the chair.



“This…this little pup will be strong. Who would ever think that a human queen and idiotic dog would produce such a child!.”



“You do not have to insult everyone Morgana.” I complained as she acted as if she ignored me.



“Do you think the child will also have my gift? I mean…”



“If you have a girl, yes. But if it is a male….he will not. ” she says






“Ray sister is devising a plan to take down Raymond and my child which includes Alex and some other king…”



“A plan, eh?”



Instead of her smiling at me like usual,I began to smile at her, which startled the old woman.



Her eyes began to glean as she leaned in closer to me, leaning her weight on that large cane.


“Tell me what you are thinking Seer Queen.”



“Morgan, I have a plan….but you must tell a soul.”



She smiled wider.



“Tell me, My Queen.”



“Well, I need a portion or two……”



















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