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My blood ran cold as I turned around. A look of relief passed my features as I saw it was Kelly.



“Kelly,what is this room? Who is this…?”



“Isabella, go. You are not supposed to be here. ” he claimed as his eyes were staring at the painting I was just so easily looking at.



I shook my head.



“Kelly tell me. Who is she? Is she a past wife?”



Raymond had a wife before me? Was what Mirabel said the other day true?



He sighed.






“It is a yes or no question,Kelly. Or I can just assume it is a yes and tell Ray you told me then question him. Or we can do this the easy way. You tell me and we will keep it as a little secret” I smiled as Kelly glared at me.



He sighed, running his hands through his hair.



“You…you women are all the same. Manipulating and…..”



“Yes” I interrupted him



“Or no?”



“Yes. That is all I am saying. If you want to know more don’t go Raymond or I. He will have my head if he finds out I told you something like this” he said with an angered look on his features.



So who is this woman? What happened to her? Did Raymond killed her? Did his people kill her ? Did she defy him in any way and lived her life in jail?



“Thank you Kelly….while we are here….I have another question to ask


you….why did ray enjoy being whipped? ” he asked while his eyes narrowed



Shaking his head,he began to open the door.



“No woman…I am not going to fall for your tricks. You and Sophia are both ridiculous with your antics and I….”



“And what is this gathering about?”



It was Raymond. I could hear the anger in his voice as Kelly stood his ground, cursing under his breath.



“Nothing. The Queen had gone into your private room….and I was


instructing her to leave ” he said sharply.



I could see his eyes darkening as he looked at me. He was angry.



“Are you sure that is all it was, cousin? You do have a reputation of wanting things I have.” He spat as I took a few steps from the brooding cousins.



“Alpha ray, you do not need to think otherwise. ” Kelly said crisply.


I felt to sigh and push them both out of the room.



Ray scoffed,stepping closer to Kelly. Both of them seemed to puff out their chest.



“I have hundred reasons why I do not trust you, cousin.”



“I was young and stupid then. I am a different man now. I have a mate who loves me but I’m not sure about you. ” Kelly snarled.



Ughm…I don’t appreciate them getting angry for no particular reason. Or a reason I don’t know of.



“Would you two stop acting like children? I am hungry and extremely fatigued.” I announced.



“I don’t have the time to listen to you two argue like two old maids.”



They were both glaring at me.



I did not care. It was too much excitement for me today. A woman with child is suppose to be resting not trying to get two grown men, A King and A Prince to stop bickering.



“Isabella, leave us. We must speak alone.” Ray said while glaring at Kelly.



It felt like if I leave them alone….they will start fighting.



I sighed.



“I am staying here. I will not let you two rip one another apart.” I claimed.


I just want to know what they were arguing about…really.



Ray gave me a once over before sighing.



“Have you sent out a small party of scouts to see king William’s whereabout? ” ray questioned Kelly while I tried to think of who William was.



No name popped into my memory.



Kelly leaned against the door frame.



“No, they have not found anything. I sent a party of three and one came back. They were ambushed at the gates of the castle. We think it is the work of black magic. There is no way of telling if the two scouts are alive or deceased. The one who survived is being kept in Katrina’s care. It seems as if their infamous magician has done something to his mind.”



Who are they speaking of?



“What kingdom do you two speak of?” I asked watching both of them now glare at me.



I am away I should keep my mouth shut, but this is very interesting to me.



“The kingdom of leeches.” Ray spat



I nodded.



“The vampire king is he the same age with king Arden?”



If I remembered correctly…king Arden was fairly young. Maybe he was a younger ruler who just needed to be put in his place.



“No, Isabella.”



“Has he found his wife he has been searching for?”



“Isabel, they are our enemies!” Ray snapped.



“I do not know anything nor do I care about him and his bride. If I knew who she was , I would murder her instantly.



Well…there must be an inconceivable amount of hatred towards the two kingdoms if the vampires are allies with Alexander against ray kingdom. I wonder why they hate each other so much.



“Why do you despise him so much?”



He could not be that bad if Alex was willing to partner with him….or


maybe he was. Maybe his anger was so strong for Raymond and the lycans he decided to join forces with the most evil of them all.



Raymond shook his head.



“He is a different breed, Isabella. You think I am truly the devil, he is worse and more. At least I show remorse for my actions. Very few.” He added in.



I looked at Kelly, sometimes ray could be….a bit dramatic. Kelly was


nodding his head, agreeing with Raymond. Maybe he was right….but what


could he have done that was so horrible?



“Well you two are afraid of him that is why you are requesting alliance with king Arden?”



I had to hide my smile as both of them looked at me as if I just called them women and asked where their stockings had gone. “I am not”



“We are not afraid of a bloodsucking leech who uses black magic and not weapons. He is a sham of a king.” Kelly snapped



“He has not bathed in blood as we have. He has not earn his title as king. He has sat on the sidelines casting spells.” Ray fumed



“Yes he may be strong but he is still a coward. ”



So, James was dealing with black magic. I wonder if he knows?



“Well gentlemen, I would absolutely adore to see you two fighting but I must rest and please if you see any maids tell them that I need some cheese and bread up to my room after sundown. ”



“She has been eating much lately.” Ray told Kelly while he began to chuckle.



I was getting ready to turn around before they both began to laugh.



“It is to be expected of her. A child does something to women I hear. She grabbed the bread from my plate the other day and devoured it….but of course I said nothing. ”



“I cannot imagine taking food from Sophia now….or when she is pregnant.


I can’t even think of it.”



They both began to laugh.



I was not always eating! Shaking my head as I began to walk towards my room. At least the two imbeciles were speaking to one another.



Once I closed the door, I grabbed a pen and a paper quickly scrawling down words. I had to warn Alex. We do not deal with black magic. They were deceitful. Even the one Sophia has….she is kind but she can turn on someone at any time.









How are you? And your children? I do hope and pray everyone is well. Tell little Simon to keep studying those medic books, he will be a fine medic one day!



[After that I quickly skipped to the bottom page where I wrote my actual letter.]



I implore you to rethink joining alliances with the vampire king. He is involved with black sorcery. In as much as I don’t like being here, I can’t afford to watch my husband be killed. He is the father of my unborn child. Again, leave this issue. Leave me alone. I’m sure ray will lead the human kingdom well.”





I quickly sealed it up and decided to write back to Queen Elsa.






Dear Elsa,



I am so happy that you have your wings. I hope your husband don’t chain you to the floor and that was all in jest. I will also mention to Raymond that we have to visit your beautiful kingdom and also ride on a dragon. I have some news to also tell you. I am with child. Pray that I keep my sanity….my husband is slowly driving me mad.”



Sincerely Isabella.






I quickly sealed the envelopes and sighed. Hopefully they both receive my letters.



I hope Elsa and Arden continue to stay together in love and not a pretence lie.



And I hope that Alex would realize that he is asking for a death wish.



Sophia POV






My eyes wandered over herself. She looked awful. Her dress was wrinkled. Her hair not done. Her eyes were glowing. She was eating a pie, from the middle. Not even slicing it. She was a child sneaking around lately.



“Sophia.” She scrowled.



I sighed taking a deep breath.



“What are you doing?”



I wanted to claw her eyes out and put them on a dish, then serve them to her….but Kelly will kill me. Murder me.



“Eating” she snarled.



I scoffed.



“I have eyes….why did you not have a maid slice the pie for you? Bring it


all the way to your room and feed it to you bite by bite?” I questioned, the anger rising in my voice as memories of what she had made me do over the years.



She chuckled.



“Ever since you turned into a royal, I haven’t had the urge to torture any poor maids. ” she smiled taking another bite of the pie.



“Maybe I should take that little insect , mercy, under my wing. Show her what a maid is supposed to be and act like.”



“Don’t you dare touch her.” I snapped watching her begin to laugh.



She was a demon and I wanted to slay her, kill her.



She chuckled.



“You are giving me orders now,Sophia? I am still higher in rank than you! You are nothing but halfbreed scum in an expensive dress.”



I could say words but I choose to nail her. I rushed over to her, raising my clawed hands.



“Repeat what you have said, princess.” I snarled at her face.



No fear registered in her face.



“Hurt me,Sophia. Whatever pain you inflict on me you will inflict on your human queen.”



I snarled grabbing her arm and forcing her to look at me.



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She began to laugh as she pulled away from me and smoothed her hands down her dress.



“I am surprised your mate has not told you. The king made that awful witch cast a spell on us to be linked to one another.”



What nonsense is she speaking about? Spewing? I know she was a mad woman but this is just too much…link?



“It is so that I do not kill her because If I do I will kill myself. In turn if she tries to harm herself or anyone else tries to hurt her, I will die. My brother is….smart. I supposed” she scoffed.



“But he is weak.”



I wonder does Kelly know? If so how could he keep this information from me? I have constant thoughts and dreams of killing Mirabel, what if I were to carry those thoughts out…accidentally killing Isabella in the process?



What is wrong with these men!






Hey guys



I’m thinking on writing about Elsa and Arden for a while. Let’s know how they are faring….or what do you think
















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