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Ray’s Pov



Deception! Rage!



All of those feeling melded into one are what prodded my beast.


Emotions I have not felt in half a century came barreling into my chest.



I could see her mouth moving. I could see panic in her eyes.



Blood rushing through my veins. My heart pumping so ferociously that I could not hear past it.



She would not end my legacy.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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I would not lose her.


Nor the child.





Kelly was attempting at restraining my body but he was strong enough.



Sophia shielding her from me.



Words. Loud words that shook through the small cottage, rang through my mind. Raddling my blood lust haze.



The arms wrapped around my body pulled away as my body felt completely stiff.



The only thing I was able to move were my eyes. I noticed that Kelly was suspended in some frozen air like state also. So was Sophia….and her.




I snarled at the seer. She is as powerful as the mountains, but she is still worthy of the dungeons. She dare use magic against me?



“Now you horrid creatures, what had gotten the child king upset? Tell me or else you will be like this for eternity. ” she sang in a way that made my beast flinch.



Her voice was gravel and dirt, old and earth.



How does she expect me to speak when she had frozen my mouth?



“I said speak, king!”



I will kill her. Any deal we have made with her will be void and I will take joy in gazing upon her severed body.



“She is trying to buy a portion to kill my child!” I snarled, surprised that words were coming from my mouth.



“I will not have it Isabel, I will have the seer disable your ability to move before I let you do such a thing.”



Isabella’s eyes were ablaze with anger. The loathing and despise behind those sparkling eyes truly showing.



“Wow! Why will I kill my child, Raymond!”



“You hate me! What other possible reason could you have?” I spat feeling my body attempt at shifting.



My wolf having the urge to tear her throat out. This was one thing my wolf nor I could accept.



He wanted to end her life now.



“Just when I thought you will change and be a good man….you have


proven me wrong. I don’t know what made me expect so much from you. I will never kill a child because of you. Yes I agree that I didn’t want this child at first….that won’t make me turn into a beast like you!”



The words she spat at were venom, from a snake that had bitten me many times.



We were toxic snakes in a dark pit. Spewing venom everywhere.



The struggle to move, burned my body. Making me snarl out, saliva leaving my lips. The witch’s eyes were glowing. She seemed angered by the turn of events.



“Then why are you here!?”



My chest burned with the amount of movement I was attempting to use.



I needed to grab her….shake her….touch her until she tell me the damn





She is trying to tear my kingdom apart.


She is trying to tear me apart.



I have been torn to shreds. No one has the ability to tear down what has not been built!


“You strong dog!” The sorceress exclaimed.



I was moving, moving towards my mate with such a burning sensation that I felt as if my limbs were on fire.



The sorceress laughed as I pushed through her spells…being the only one to move.



I grabbed Isabel, her eyes shook as I pulled her towards me. My eyes boring into her confused ones.



“Tell me, you are not here to end his life.”



One hand went to her heart, the other to her lips.



“I am not here to end……. my child’s life.” She shook



“Sophia and I are here to bring Morgan to little mercy. She is sick. This has nothing to do with you, Raymond!”



As soon as she said that, I let her go. Relief flooded my tense state as I heard Sophia yell. Isabella fell into me, immediately beginning to pull away from me.



“Morgan will you come with us? The little girl I used to be with all the time is sick….she will not wake up ” Sophia begged



I watched as my cousin attempted to hold her, she pushed him away.



The female always have problems. I don’t understand how Kelly is coping with her cause Isabella is giving me headache.


The witch laughed.



“No ”



“Morgan! She is sick!” Sophia snarled.



Instead of paying attention to Mirabel, the witch was watching Isabella. She seemed fatigue, as she leaned on the wooden door. Her breathing coming in short,shallow breaths.



“You are starving, dear?”



Isabella gave the witch a look that she has given me plenty. The woman chuckled, a piece of bread appearing in her hands.



“Eat, human Queen”



Her bony fingers held out the steaming piece of bread. My mate stared at her.



“I will not take anything from you. You will not even help a young child.” Isabelle exclaimed.



“I do not care about a silly child.”



“Of course you do not! You sit here on your arse mixing portions for desperate men for coin and insulting anyone who you came in contact with ! ” Isabella yelled.



The anger in her voice surprised me. Sure I knew she cared for the young weak girl,but to yell at a seer because she refused to go? It was foolish but brave.




The seer’s eyes darkened tremendously as she tore off a piece of bread with her needle like teeth.



“Oh desperate? Now human Queen would you like me to remind your dangerous husband that you have a portion that can make him do as you wish?”



I knew Sophia and her went to visit the witch but….but I did not know


they came with some portions. The look on Isabella’s face was one that was not phased.



“And what, Morgan? I do not even remember where I placed the list you gave me!”



“Enough!” I told them both as the witch smiled turning her eyes towards me.



A glint that made me want to rip her throats out cake across her features.



“I will pay you in coin.” I added, watching her chuckle.



Isabella glanced at me with an unreadable expression.



“If you come and see what is wrong with the child.”



The seer smiled.



“Of course! Let us get going then.”



I grabbed Isabella, she was shaking. Most likely from actual hunger. She did not pull away from me, which was not surprising. She welcome my touch this days.



We walked down the path,her quietness were unnerving.






Her eyes had a far off look in them.



“Are you hungry? We will get food once…”



“Why were you two there? Were you planning on using some type of portion on me?”



I could smell the undercurrent of fear in her voice.



“No. We were there for war reasons. ” I told her truthfully.



If the vampire king will use magical warfare….we will use it too.



Her tensed sate lessened. A big sigh of relief met me as she glanced at me once more.



“You have not used magic on me before?”






The lie was quick and efficient. She believed my statement. She and I were at a comfortable compromise in our relationship. I would not sour it with my past mistakes. I don’t know if she will forgive me if I tell her the truth.


But I also had a question for her.



“Why did you collect a portion to make me do as you wish?”



“I just wanted you to let me see my parent.”



“I collected the ingredient…but I couldn’t find the instructions to do it or the will.” She sighed.



I would have the maids search for those things and discard of them immediately. She does not need to see her parent now.



We silently rode back to the castle. Her and I in a carriage, and Kelly, Sophia and the seer in the other carriage.



She fell in and out of sleep on the short journey, and once we were outside the castle, I ordered for food to be sent to her.



“Isabella…I’m sorry about what happened earlier. I shouldn’t have accused you of attempting to kill our child.”



She sighed.



“It alright. Anyone in your position would have done the same. I’m sure you will protect our child in the future. I am also sorry for talking to you like that. I was just angered that you will think so poorly of me.”



I nodded.



“Lie down and wait for food to come to the chambers. ” I explained to her as she seemed offended.


My pregnant wife shook her head.



“No. I want to make sure that everything is alright with mercy.”



The determination in her voice was too much for me to argue with. I did not wish to complicate any matters further with her.



She would eventually accept this.



She will accept me.

























Elsa Pov




I took a deep breath. I am with child. Its been two months since i found out.Arden and I were just coning from the healer place. I was feeling some pains earlier so he took me there. Arden no longer stop me from taking sweets. He will let me take as much sweet as I want. Arden is so nice. I opened my gown slowly.



“Elsa….do not undress.”



“But I have to…we have to get naked and rub against one another.”



I am not sure what expression I saw on Arden’s face as he looked up to the sky and murmured things in his native tongue.



“Elsa, we will not do that. The healer had warned for us not to get into any se*ual activity for your safety and the child’s.



“Oh…but Arden I …..”



“It’s for your well being.”



“I may keep my clothes on?”






“You will not make me strip bare?”






“You will not rub your manly parts against my womanly parts and then….”



“Elsa!” He shouted



His face was….becoming tinted with crimson as he wiped his hand over


his face. Saying those words that I had only heard soldiers used.



“Yes Arden?”



“You will get in bed and I will get in bed. We will close our eyes and sleep.




“Arden what if I have a female child?”



He glared at me.




“I don’t want a girl. You don’t have to worry,I’m sure you will have a male.”






“Elsa!” He shouted.



I know I’m getting him angry. I just want to be sure he won’t be upset if I birth him a girl.



“Yes Arden?”



“Get in bed. It’s time to sleep.”


















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