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Surprisingly as I made my way down the hall, following Sophia and Kelly, and the old seer, ray was behind me. They had moved mercy to one of the castle bedchamber’s like I have requested, so we are on our way there.



We found her in one of the last bedchamber’s with maids and servant surrounding the door.



“All of you back to work.” Ray ordered them as they bowed respectively to us before rushing out of his way.



We walked into the room to see a maid wiping at little Mercy’s forehead. She was drenched in sweat. Even her little night shift was soaked in perspiration.



“We had to change the sheets twice. The girl keeps shaking and sweating.” The woman explained as I shook my head horrified.



Her body seemed rigid as she shook. Small little whimpers coming from her partially parted lips.



“Move away from her.” The gravelly voice told us.



Morgana handed Kelly her dark cane before stretching out her old fingers.



A hand was on Mercy’s forehead and one at the back of her head.



“Tsk, tsk ,tsk.” She clicked her tongue as her body began to shake.



I watched in amusement as words that only she could understand began to tumble out of her mouth making Mercy’s cry and whimpers even grow louder. She sounded in deep pain….unbearable pain.



Her body seemed to shake even more and twist in more agony. It was all too much to watch.



“Stop it! You are hurting her!” I yelled at the elderly woman as she paused her movement.



She turned her head towards me, her eyes black as night…..terrifying. I


felt myself step into Ray’s hold.



“I am.” She admitted as she removed her hands from Mercy’s body.



“There is nothing I can do ” she announced.



“Someone has a old on her….I can nothing about it.”



Sophia was frowning.



“And what is that suppose to mean?”



Her cane flew out of Kelly’s hold and slap Sophia’s leg. A growl came from my friend as the woman chuckled.



“I was getting ready to explain that ! Let me explain in a way you imbeciles will understand!”



Honestly this woman was horrid. I do not understand why Sophia care about her.



“Hmm…alright. Someone is searching for something. They did not know where it is but their falcon knows. so the person ties a string to the falcon and let’s the falcon fly to what he is looking for. Once the falcon finds that item, he will stinks its claws into it….so no one can take it. The falcon owner


now follows that string to get to the falcon and the item. If someone else pulls on the items, the falcon’s claws will go deeper and ruin the item.”



“Where is the falcon then?” Kelly questioned as Sophia shot him a sad look.



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“The item is Sophia…the falcon is a metaphor for the magical curse put on her by an unknown source. If you try to break it….the curse will wind up tearing Sophia apart. ”



She was clapping at me.



“To think the human queen understood before any of you dogs could. What a shame!”



“Who is the unknown source, Morgan? You are stronger than that person, isn’t it? What will you do?”



She shook her head.



“Nothing . I will stay with the little dog until the hold is over…..that will


be when the person shows his or her face.”



Who would want mercy? She is a child Maid. It made no absolute sense.



“You have no idea who would do something like this?” Sophia questioned Morgana.



The elderly woman shook her head before patting Sophia’s hand.



This was all so confusing and unfortunate…..and I was still very much





“Please tell us if she wakes up or if you found a solution to her problem.” I told Morgan as she seemingly ignored me, dragging a chair over to the bed and sitting oddly on it.



“I am going to get something to eat.” I told everyone else.



I was hoping that no one would follow me and I was relieved when they


didn’t. Making my way to the dinning hall was not easy, but once I was in


there….I felt the strong urge to leave. Not before grabbing something to eat


of course.



“My queen.” Mirabella spat as she sat at the other side of the table, eating something.



Was I going to rush upstairs with a plate of food? No. My feet ached and I would be dammed if she would attempt to scare me out of eating.



So I sat across from her, summoning a maid that was already waiting by the kitchen.



“I will have some stew and bread. ” I told the woman as she quickly rushed into the kitchen.



I ignored Mirabel to the best of my ability as she glared daggers at me.


While I made interest of everything else in the room but her.



“Why are you sitting down my queen? You have the ability to eat anywhere you want into the castle and yet you choose to make yourself a nuisance to me.”



The maid quickly cane back with tea….just how I liked it. I took my time


drinking it before replying Mirabel.



“Do not think so highly of yourself Mirabel. ”



“I am starving and I will not wait for them to bring my food all the way upstairs because of you! I have no problem sitting here in silence and so should you.”



My food was brought out after that and I began to eat, ignoring her once again. Hunger and gluttony consuming me, I truly did not care if she insulted me again. I would continue to devour this food.



“So is my brother aware that you and that weak human are sending one another letters?”



I paused for few seconds before letting my body relax. If she saw me beginning to tense she would pick it up and use it to her advantage.



I shrugged.



“He is aware that we used to be friends.”



A smirk came across her features.



“Does he know you two plot against him? Honestly Isabella, you are such a fool. Sometimes I am surprised how my brother hadn’t end your life. It would hurt him for a while but the reward of being free from such a pest would be so great for him.”



I had, had enough for her nonesence for today. My emotions were beginning to spiral out of control since last month. Everyone knew not to bother me much out of fear of random crying or lashing out at…but Mirabel do not care.




“Mirabel why do you despise me so much? Is it because you want your brother? Do you want to be his queen?”



I could see her anger began to heightened and I smiled.



“You… You…little devil. You dirty minded human. Ray will never want you. Do you see the difference between you and I? Ray will never ever get rid of me as much as you dismay. So you can talk and complain and berate me all you want. But it will always be me who my brother will always be crawling to,not to you. His angry, insolent, little sister!” She shouted, Slamming her fist down on the table.



She had gotten up, her eyes glowing dangerously bright. Hair was sprouting from her face and hands. I continued to eat my soup with close eyes on her.



“Come, Mirabel… Kill me! Harm me! Your brother will do exactly just that to you too.”



She screamed at me before slashing at the table, swiping down plates and silverware unto the floor.



“You will pay for your lies!” She snarled.



“She will not be paying for them today. Go and calm yourself down somewhere else, Mirabel.”



I turned my head to see Kelly leaning against the wall, his eyes glowing just as hers were.


Mirabel stormed out of the dinning hall, as Kelly walked over to me.


Seemingly assessing me from afar.



“She did not hurt me.” I told him as I continued my eating.



“I know.” He frowned as he took the seat next to me.



“Do you really think she is attracted to Raymond? ”



I shrugged, sipping on my tea.



“I do not know Kelly. I just said it sI she would be furious and leave me alone. ”



Kelly began to chuckle and shake his head.



“That is truly…. Interesting for you to say that. I just think she is an insane





I nodded enthusiastically, agreeing with him.



“Insane women do crazy thing Isabel. You should make sure to stay clear away from her. She is still Ray’s sister.”



He was right, but I was his mate. I am his wife and I am carrying his child. If I scratched myself and said she did it, she would get into trouble. Ray can do whatever he wants to do with me without consequences but the moment someone else did something to me…..he wanted to use consequence. It was unorthodox and awful but it was true.



“Thank you for your concern Kelly, but I have myself handled.” I said while giving him an reassuring smile.



He rose to his feet, squeezing my hand.


“I will leave you for a bit. I know you will be here for a while eating bowl after bowl.”



I gasped.



“No. I will not!”



“Yes you will. Your appetite is one of a man’s since little Roland has made his presence known.”



That laugh I was about to let out halted as I thought about what he said.



“Her name,” I stressed.



“Is Anita! It will not be a boy.”



Kelly shrugged.



“Noses do not lie, Isabella. ”



“But people do, Kelly.”




















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