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My hands splayed around my stretching skin. This was now the fifth month of me being with child.



What would this….. child be? A boy? A girl? The name Roland


was….definitely growing on me. It actually did not sound that bad….for a


male name. If it is a boy.. .it will break my heart.



If I had a male I will try my hardest to….instill in him my values. Human


values of kindness and acceptance.



I suddenly began to feel fatigue. I despised being alone… thought


cripple me often.



Slowly I managed to get up from my bath and dry off. After putting on a simple dress I made my way down to the dinning area.



There Sophia stood, pacing the length of the dinning room.



“There you are, we have to go. The poor girl is sweating and shaking like a storm ” Sophia exclaimed as I eyed the fruit on the table.



My stomach rumbled loudly but I ignored it.



“The carriage is just outside. ” she warned me as she took my hand and we made our way outside.



We were getting many side glances. Maybe due to the fact that we are not supposed to go anywhere while Raymond was gone but this was an urgent matter.



“You are getting so big.” Sophia commented as I frowned at her.



I watch a look of horror cross her features.



“I did not mean it that way.” She said quickly.



I laughed.



“I know Sophia. The comments on my weight annoys me but prayfully I will cease to have much weight once the child is born.” I hoped.



My clothes do not fit me anymore and I get hungry all of the time.



“Have you two thoughts of any two names?”


I let lose a small laugh.



“Ray has this name…. Roland,for a boy… But if it is a girl I would like her to


be named Anita.”



Sophia took a deep breath.



“That would be nice… name the child, Roland.” She confessed as I


noted the sad look in her eyes.



“Tell me why you look unhappy?” It was a question but it came out as more of a command.



Both I and her were startled with the force I had used in my statement.



“Sorry” I said quickly.



She looked at me uneasily before smiling.



“That is okay….you are just feeling the power from the child and probably


Raymond. You are part of him if you have not realized….your Bond.”



“I have realized that” I told her as she looked at me weirdly.



“Is strong enough for me to feel his power….and you have avoided the





She pursed her lips.



“His deceased wife…..they planned on naming the child Roland as well.”




It is not a problem….if the child is named Roland, I never objected to it.



“Did she love him?”



“No. She attempted at making his life hell…or so I have overheard Mirabel and Kelly say. ” Sophia admitted.



“Why did she hate him? Did he do anything awful to her?” I questioned



She raked a hand through her hair.



“He took her from her family. He tried to be nice or so Kelly tells me but she still despised him.”



“Do you think I and her are the same..I mean I don’t hate….”



“You two are different obviously. You have not tried to coerce anyone to kill you.”



I took a deep breath, Ray’s words swirling in my mind. She had made her brother killed her….that I remembered from our late night conversation.



“So we are different.” I concluded watching Sophia seemed annoyed with me.



She often was.



“You have to convince me or yourself? ” she questioned.



“As much as you loathe ray, you can never truly hate him.maybe it is the human in you. Just like the human half of me that adores Kelly as much as I would like to fight with him tooth and nail. You will never be as evil as his first wife. ” she explained to me.




I do not hate ray. In the beginning I did loath Raymond..but I don’t I loathe him anymore.



“Umm…Sophia, you are mistaking. I don’t loathe Raymond. In fact I don’t know how I feel about him. I’m confused and scared. I don’t think Raymond believe in love. He is only with me because of the soulmate thing. I don’t know… I can’t tell…”



“You enjoy being in company with Raymond? Enjoy being under ray every night?” She scoffed



This is weird….we shouldn’t be talking about this. I am not even able to


look her straight in the eyes.



“Oh my! Don’t tell me you love him? Oh no! Isabell you are blushing. This isn’t the cause of some pregnancy hormones?”



I shook my head



“Is it?” She teased.



I don’t know what to say so I didn’t reply her.



She began to laugh making both of us laugh in turn.



“Your highness, we are here.”



The carriage halted and both of us lurched forward.



The door swung open and we were both helped out of the carriage. As we stepped out I could see a large amount of castle soldiers walking down the street.


I glanced at Sophia. Why were so many soldiers here? Now? Those men did not come with us. Only six surrounded the carriage….it was odd. It did not make any sense.



“Come” Sophia told me as I gave the guards a look of warning.



They understood and stayed put.



We traveled the same route that we had before. The bakery smelt like to die for and as Sophia yelled at the nearly deaf baker, I could not help but steal a roll. Hunger was overtaking me and I would send him dozens of golden pieces to make up for the stolen bread….I just don’t have coin with me right now.



“Isabella, hurry”



Sophia pulled me down the road as I attempted to bite into the sweet roll. A loud sigh left my lips as the roll fell onto the floor in our haste to get to the small little cottage, decorated with peculiar items.



I watched Sophia began to knock on the door frantically, before snarling and kicking at the door, making it swing open.



I had come to know that Sophia was not a woman of patient.



“Morgana, Morgan! It is very urgent that you, you stubborn….old…old…”



I heard Sophia voice slowly die down as I made my way past the partially broken door, to see what made Sophia became so silent.



It was Kelly and….Raymond.



The elderly woman was sitting down on a wooden stool, clapping with her bony hands.



“Oh! Just in time. My human Queen and my spoilt wolf child! Now it is a ball!!”



I glared at her as I felt an intense urge to look up. My heart sunk to my stomach as I could see the look in Ray’s eyes. It was one with pure rage.



“Isabella…… You will not ruin me!”



Then, he lunged.























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