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I could feel the bed dip, feel Ray’s strong arms wrapping around my body. Pulling me into him. I did not want to wake up. I very much didn’t. I was on my way to a deep sleep and he was interrupting that.



For the past few weeks my emotions have been everywhere. All I have been wanting to do is sleep and sometimes cry. I felt awful 98% of the time and at those times only Ray could console me.



“Yes” I murmured.



His hard body pressing against my back. His lips skimmed my ear.



“What is it, Raymond?” I questioned.



I could feel small tremble in my body when his lips kissed behind my ear.


My body now responds to him….I felt relaxed.



I took a deep breath as his hand gently caressed my stomach. My stomach was now showing more and more.



“Do not press so hard.”



I sighed out placing his hand correctly and not so hard.



“Have you thought of names?” He questioned as his lips kissed down my neck.



How could I think when his lips were all over to me?!



I had though.



“Anita…..after my mother name” I explained to him.



“For a boy….. I do not know.”


I do not want a boy. I prefer a girl child….she will keep me company and


give me joy. A boy is expected to follow his father, I don’t want to feel lonely.



“Roland. For a boy” Ray says aloud.



It was a different name…..a name that I have never heard before.



“Anita is an option for a female.”



It was the only option.



“Yes,well we just have to wait to see what I will have.” I sighed as I could see his eyes glowing.



“You will be a good mother.”



I froze.



He had complimented me? That has never happened…not that I can think of. I cleared my throat.



“Thank you.”



I turn towards him. he is being nice, I think it’s time to ask him one question that had been bugging me for a while.



“What happened to her?”



He was silent. Was he angry? Maybe he is feeling sleepy.




“She died.”






“Her brother killed her.”



I could not believe that I was getting this information out of him. It was odd.



“Why would he do that?”



“….she asked him to.” He admitted.



I could feel his hand gently splaying over my belly.



“She was with child at that time.”



I felt as if someone had knocked the air from me. My eyes watered. I blinked rapidly, refusing to cry. I had to think of anything on this earth not shed tears. Damn my emotions! I did not understand. How did that happen?



“I am sorry.” I told him truthfully as my hand grab his.



So he had experienced lost…real lost.



“You will not be such an awful father. ”



I could feel the rumbling in his chest. Was that laughter?



I suppose this is the first time I will get a compliment from you.” He chuckled.



I smiled at him as I turn away from him, sleep creeping slowly back into my body.



“That is correct.” I yawned.



He cleared his throat.



“Goodnight. ”






I sat in the garden.


Where my mother usually sat, was where I was seated. Rose everywhere.



Looking down at my body, I was adorned in the mundane Royal color. A beautiful yellow dress that flared at my hips and a daker yellow cape to match. I sighed as I sat on the floor. I wish Raymond was here. The environment was feeling…. comfortable.



“Isabella….do you feel it?”



A deep voice that I have very much recognized,whispered in my ear.


Turning my head quickly to the left, I felt my eyes widen.






Then the rose began to die. The sky began to turn black. What is happening?



Alex was wearing a crown as I watched Ray in a pool of blood beside him.



“Isabella, this is what will happen in due time”. He said as I felt tears drop from my eyes.



It hurt me to see Ray like this.



” what did you do to him?” I yelled as more tears fell from my eyes.



I reached towards Raymond…I shook him but he wasn’t responding.






“Ray! Ray! Ray” I cried out



“You said you won’t let me go! Why are you like this!” I screamed.



I didn’t wish for Raymond to die.



“What did you do him?” I screamed as Alex as my hand landed on his face.



I was expecting him to slap me back but what I got was a devilish laughter.



He is a monster! A demon!



“Hahahaha….wake up, Isabella! I am in your head.” He said while pulling


me away from Raymond.



“Don’t you fu*king touch me!”





He guided my eyes to a man at my side.



I did not have the luxury to see his face, a large cloak outlined in the purest of crimson adorned in his body. Black mist emitted from his cloak,reaching out across the white tiles and slowly evaporating before standing in between Raymond and I.



“Time is up, human.”






“Isabella get up!”



My eyes snapped open. I was met with glowing eyes. Strong facial features…..worry lines.



“Ra…ray…Raymond..” I hugged him trying to adjust to my surroundings.



He stayed put for a while before moving a bit and let me sit up. My skin was slick with sweat and my body felt as if it was drained.



“What is wrong? Why were you swearing so much?”



Ray was asking so many questions,the words from my dream world bellowing in my head. All too much for me.



“St…stop. Stop speaking please.” I said as I placed my hands over my ears.



“Please, just give me a minute. ”


A dream. A dream that did not feel like a dream. It felt real….in an odd


sense. My body ached more than usual. All of my senses seemed extremely sensitive.



“Isabella, you need to tell me what exactly happened to you”



I stared at Raymond in confusion.



“You were…. dead. Laying in blood.”



“What are you talking about?”



“I don’t know…”



“You were shaking and sweating. Nonstop for three hours ,bella. ” he explained to me.



“I tried to wrap the blanket around you, my body. Nothing worked. Then you just stop all of the sudden and woke up” he snapped at me as I sighed loudly.



I watched him assess my body closely.



“I don’t know….i had a dream… But it felt real. You died.”



“ is just a dream. Is your stomach well?”



My hands quickly went to my raised bump.



“Yes….it is fine.”



What is happening? It was a dream, was it not? My dreams are getting weird this days. Alex can’t kill Raymond.



He leaned in to kiss me,I don’t know what came over me.. But his warm lips moved over my own. A sigh of relief left my lips. My body began to relax as his hand sunk into my hair, keeping me in place.


My lips parted unconsciously and soon his hot tongue was coaxing my own. I don’t know but I felt like I need him. What is happening to me! This isn’t the cause of the so called heat. This is me wanting these. A confused moan left my lips as I felt his hand gently kneading my thigh. A moan left my lips and I heard him growl….



He pulled back and looked at me right in my eyes. I was disappointed he stopped the kiss. What’s was wrong? Does he not want me?



“Bella, are you sure you want this? I can stop if you…”



“Stop talking and just take me.”




Warning: mature content things like this.


please skip if you are triggered with




Oops….did I forget to warn you?


Mature scene.


please skip.








I froze.



“Are you serious?”



My mind was whirring with prayers that this is not just heat or desire speaking that she actually wanted me.



“Yes. I want you to take me.” She said, stroking my Jaw softly.



I pressed my lips against her forehead.



“I will but first….”



I dropped to my knees and dragged one of her legs over my shoulder so her core lined up with my mouth.



“I want to lick and suck on each of your folds until I memorize the taste of your delicious pu**y. ”



She gasped and I immediately covered her folds with my mouth,sucking lightly on her clit as it throbbed against my tongue. I circled a finger around her entrance, teasing it obnoxiously,and she clenched in response with a frustrated moan.



“Ray, stop teasing me like that.” Isabelle muttered.



She grabbed my hair as I swiped my tongue over her cl*t and made no other movements.



Watching her eyes glint with vexation over my light licks and kisses brought me even more satisfication.



Especially when it forced the dominant side out of her out.



After I had teased her to the point that she had enough, her hand dug into my hair and pulled me up so my lips devoured her p***y properly. She ground her hips against my face, and I smirked as she threw her hair back in ecstasy.




Being submissive didn’t mean you are weak. It was able to give power to give someone exactly what they wanted,whether it was control or in Isabel’s case, pleasure.



“Ray.” She whimpered loudly.



“I’m going to c*m”



I pried her hands from hair and stood up, quickly removing my short.


Without warning I slide into her with one thrust.



“Oh” she moaned.



With every thrust she kept screaming my name. Was this the same Isabel I know? has she finally accepted me as her mate?



The moment I came, it was like the broken ends of the shimmering line that had connected our souls before entwined once more and brought our heart closer and together than before.



I was surprised. The magnitude of emotions I felt, it was ten times more than the times I felt before.



Perhaps before she held just half my heart in her arms but now she had my whole heart.



And that thought did not scare me one bit.



















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