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“So…a child knew that I was with a child before I knew….” Isabella





My eyes wandered over her wringing her hands while she stared at me with confusion.



She did not understand. She does not realize how irrational she becomes when she learns of certain news. I was going to ease her into this new information.



I did not expect the portion to work like that….to give her heat. I simply


wanted her to be more fertile. It was almost impossible to have hybrid children. Most human women could never conceive,lost the child in the womb or the child was weak and perished within the next few weeks of life. Mercy and Sophia were exceptions. Most hybrid children did not make it or had severe deformites.



The witch told me the portion would ensure Isabella’s health was up to par and a susceptible to birth a lycan. I did not know she would start to show lycan characteristics….such as heat. But it was not as if she had become one of us…she is still smelt a human.



I just hoped that we would have more time. Now once again, Mirabel had ruined a plan of my own!



“Isabella….I was going to tell you when…”



“You have no reason for actions Raymond. None. You are the Queen, I am the king. I understand. Whatever you decide is final. ” she smiled.



There were tears in her eyes.



“I…I think I will go and have a bath now.”



She disappeared into the washroom. No one had drawn her bath. Was there water still in the tub?



I sat on the bed. Once she is done I will speak to her. make her see reasons, having a child is a good thing.



I could hear her.


Every whimper.


Every sob.



It was a mental whip to my brain. A whip to my Wolf’s fur. I knew it would be a matter of time before she would find out, I didn’t know it would be these early.



After about twenty minutes, I decided to intervene. I could not hear her cries anymore. I vaguely heard her moving around in the water.






I walked into the bathroom. Her knees were tucked into her chest,her arms wrapping around herself. She was shivering.



“Isabella, ” I said again as my hand dipped into the water.



It was freezing.



“This is the same bath water from earlier? Why did you not ask me for the maids to draw you a bath?!” I growled out as she just looked at the water.



“I needed to bath. ” was her soft reply.




“It is time to get out, Isabella.” I warned her as I grabbed her arm.




Pulling her with her arm stretched out. I noticed an old bruised from our lovemaking was reddened and raised.



“Isabella,come. Get up” I was attempting not to yell at her.



She seemed…. fragile right now.



She did not respond to me. I began to pull her out of the tub. She screamed. It was difficult for me to get a good grip on her due to how wet she was. She fell onto the floor.



“Isabella.” I growled as I tried to help her up.



She let a lose yelp of pain as I touched her wrist.



She was drenched. I quickly grabbed a towel,wrapping her body in it. My eyes noticed every mark that I had left on her body was now raised again. Even my bonding mark on her neck. I quickly checked her stomach. It was unscathed.



Her body was shivering as I lead her into our room.I searched for a gown then quickly pulled it over a shaking form.



“Isabella, I know you are angry with me…but please speak” I ordered her as she crumbled to her knees then sat on the floor…..staring at her hands.



What on earth was happening to her? I don’t like this silent Isabel. I was expecting her to shout at me by now…but no! She is giving me the silent treatment instead and it’s killing me.






She began to hug her knees again.



“Isabella?” I tried again bending down and reaching to touch her leg.



“Bella,talk to me.”



She looked up, her face flushed. Her eyes were puffy and reddish. A stream of tears flowed from both eyes.



“Why…why did you not tell me?”she questioned.



Her voice sounded raw.



I was waiting for the right time to tell you. I thought you wouldn’t want a child with me and will harm it”



Her hands turned into fists as she looked up to me with an anger eyes.



“You think I will harm an innocent child because of you?” She said as she looked up at me with the most distraught look I have ever seen.



“Isabella.” I said as I managed to pull her a bit.



She was like a scared animal. I did not want to do to much and scare her away.



“Do you think I am a bad person? Do you think I will harm an innocent child? I’m scared. I can’t raise a child. I am not ready to be a mother. I just can’t…ray can you take me to my mother? If I’m with her I feel at ease….please…Ray…”



I stared at her. I can’t let her see her parent, not now. It’s for a safety. Seeing her parent will put her in danger, I can’t risk it. It’s believe that before an Alpha bride see her parent or guardian should be after a year, if she see her parent before that one year,she will die after two moons. I can’t risk it! The witch had instructed me not to tell her about this superstition. She is a human and won’t believe it. Moreover there is a spirit that will keep tempting her to see her parent once I let her know this. Seeing and hearing her beg me like this is difficult. But no! I can’t take any risk. She will have to be patience for a year.



I pulled at her body as she screamed and thrashed wildly, trying to get away from me.



“Stop” I snarled.



After a few seconds of this nonsense, she stiffened in my arms.



Once she decided to calm herself, I realized something. She molded perfectly into me. Her sobbing never faltering. Her entire body shook as she cried and kept murmuring over and over that she could not do it.



“You can, Isabella. You will have me, Kelly and Sophia.all of us will help you with the baby. I will not leave you alone with our child. You can’t see your parent now.” I told her, trying to get my voice to become more gentle as her sob quieted down a bit.



She still hadn’t ceased from shaking. She sat up, staring at me.



“Raymond, why do you not understand? I do not want you taking care of my child! I do not even want you near it. I don’t want to have this child because it is part of you.” She said while clutching at her chest.


I could feel her pulse quickening.



“What made you think helping me to raise the child will put me at ease? I don’t want my child to follow your ways! The only one I want to help me is my mother…..but you refused to let me see her! Why? Are you perhaps torturing her?”



“No. I’m not! I just feel like its not yet time to see her”



“Not yet time? When is the f**cking time I will see her?”



She became aggressive because I could not let her go. Hitting me,trying to claw her blunt fingernails into my skin. Eventually she ceased, tiring out yet again.



Her anger turned to sobs…again. I held her close to my chest as she repeated words of blasphemy to me.



This was the first time since she had threatened her own life the first day I brought her here….that I had seen her show emotions other than anger and


disgust. It made me feel …..odd to hear and feel all these emotions that she


was emitting.



Something in the back of my head kept nagging at me. Maybe it was my Beast. Realizing our plan was backfiring….but it was not. Isabella would get over this.



She would not turn out like her.



She would birth our child.


This child will bring us together.


She would accept me as her husband.









“Kelly…please… no…” I whimpered as I could feel his hand going up to my skirt.



He stilled,while looking over to me. There was an evident of confusion on his face.



“Sophia, you are aroused” he said while kissing my neck once again.



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“I am but I do not wish for you to touch me.” I told him while he continued to look at me as if I was a crazed woman.



“As you wish” he murmured while kissing my shoulder.



I was just tired that all. He looked at me as if he repulsed me,which was one hundred percent false.



I looked down, his hand rubbed over my knuckles which were a bit cracked due to how tightly I was holding the reigns on our horse. They petrify me sometimes when they go quickly.






“Yes princess?” He questioned as I shivered.



There was something about how he said princess that had my wolf going belly up and legs spread to please our mate and ourselves. .but my wolf and I had certainly two different respectives.



I sighed thinking about Isabella. I felt sorry for telling her what I did. She seemed shrink back at what I had told her. Our friendship not as strong…because I was care less with my words.



“I hurt Isabella…feelings” I admitted to him as his eyebrows drew together.



Maybe he was surprised at how I was speaking to him about my problems. That had never happened. I usually sit, nod and listen. And sometimes comment on whatever he would speak on.



“Why would you think that?” He ask, his hands going to my back.



Gently kneading the tense muscles that were a bit sore.



I sighed.



“I told her that I didn’t want to stay with her…..while….you were


gone….because I will…sad….I…” I trailed off not knowing what to say next.



“You, what Sophia?” He questioned, kissing me at my cheek then my neck.



“You can tell me anything. ”



Did he have do do that?





“I am usually sad… Often…I could not bear to hear Isabella hardships plus my own…you well…you..” I shut my mouth.



“Tell me” he growled, his eyes boring a hole into my head.



I looked away, his wolf was showing..wanting me to submit…to tell him…



“You make me.. happy.” I said while getting up.



I was feeling uncomfortable. I refuse to look him in the eyes,to see a smug on his face.






I stared at him. A look of utter disbelief was on his face as I stared at him the same way. How could he not realized it?



“Yes” I said while feeling my cheeks reddened.



“Well, I’m glad I make you feel something rather than sadness.” He said as his lips kissed my own once again.



I pulled away quickly seeing the desire in his eyes and his loins for made me happy that I could have such effect on a strong male….but right now is not the time, which I have expressed before.



“You seem sad every time you are with me Sophia…”



“Because I am afraid that this cannkt work. Us…A maid and a prince. It will not work. I am too weak for you….”



“Sophia stop.” He said as he cupped my face, making me look at him.



“If a beast such as Raymond can accept such a ‘Human mate’ ”




He the ‘human mate’ which made me laugh softly. It was unheard of. Raymond do not care about humans. Well in the past he had not. Now that his mate is one….it just blogged my mind.



“You are my mate, Sophia. There is nothing anyone can do about it. Till I take my last breathe, you will always be mine.”



I pulled away..tears in my eyes. I can’t cry in front of him.



“That…is very kind of you to say,Kelly” I said while my body betrayed me.



Tears were falling from my cheeks at a speed that astounded me. His fingers caught every tear.



I was lucky to have a mate like him.



“Kelly, you need to talk to Alpha ray again. “I told him as he gave me a sour look.



“I have you to make me happy…but…Isabella has none…”



“I will not talk to him Sophia” he said sternly.



“And do you not make her happy?”



I did before telling her that she was making me more sad….



I sighed.



“I have no idea why you two aren’t on speaking terms…but you should talk to him about Isabella. She has become more sad this days. Why are you



two not on speaking terms?” I asked which was another major question he needs to answer.



“Sophia you are her friend. If I tell you…you will tell her. I know it might not be on purpose but it might slip out. I cannot tell you what he has done” he said while trying to kiss me again.



I quickly moved away, I wanted to know. I would keep the secret no matter how horrible it may be.



“We are leaving in the morning.” He told me as I frowned , lying down.



“You are upset with me? You will get over it soon,princess” he then pulled me close to his body. Wrapping an arm around me.



“Goodnight.” He said as he kissed my hair.



I wanted to decline his goodnight but my lips automatically spat the word out.
























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