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Waking up to see ray putting on his cloth. He turned towards me sensing that I was awake and watching him.



“I am meeting with Kelly and some of our warriors for the rest of the day. I will not be around much. If you need me call for a guard and they will fetch me. Stay in the castle.” He warned me as I nodded my head slowly.



He leaned to kiss me and I returned the kiss. I wanted him. No,not now Isabella.



“You should get going…for your meeting.” I said while scooting away from me.



Hiding my face. I could feel my cheek reddened.




“Isabell, it is natural to feel attracted to each other. ” he smiled.



“Okay.” I internally sighed.



“Have you finally accepted me….as your husband?” He asked as I glared at





“Umm…um…..” I stuttered



“I already know the answer. Just rest okay?”



And off he went leaving me all alone.



Once he did, I laid down and put a pillow over my face. I continued to scream into such pillow for a while… Over two minutes.



I was craving for him!


Why did he leave me!


Do I love him?


He isn’t even romantic!


Oh queen Isabella, get a grip of yourself!



I’m falling for him. How did this happen?.






My throat burned from the strained screaming that had recently just taking place. I needed to get a hold of myself. ….gather my feelings.






I heard someone at the door. It was Sophia.

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“Come in!” I said out.



The door quickly opened and Sophia rushed in. She was staring at me oddly but not saying anything.



“What is it?” I questioned.



She shook her head before sighing loudly.



“It is mercy. ”



“What is wrong with her?”



“She will not wake up. She is Ill of some sorts… I have to get Morgan here. No one else knows what is the matter. It is the only way. ” Sophia explained to me as I looked down at my naked form.



My heart clenched as I told her to get me a towel,heading to the washroom.



“Let me freshen up then we will fetch her.”



I hoped and prayed that nothing is wrong with the poor child.









********************** King Arden Pov



I internally cursed. My wife was going mad. Sobbing awfully loud over a piece of fish. A piece of dammed fish! I only made her eat it because she refused to stop flying around. Ever since she got her wings, she hardly rest.



She is always seen in the air. I was trying to help her stop but I caused this instead. A sobbing and inconsolable Fae.



“Elsa.” I said as I could smelly my friend approaching.



That was all this day needed. An ignorant fool to see this mockery,was all he needed.



“Elsa, love. Please stop crying. I am sorry.” I pleaded with her.



I have heard that women appreciate when you call them ‘beautiful or love’, maybe it will work.



“Look at the flowers” A maid said loudly.



I ordered them to get some flowers to appease her. She glance at the tall red flowers were to beginning to shrivel and break into pieces.



She shook her head, pulling away from me.



“Elsa, I promise I will never let you eat fish ever again. You can fly all you want. I won’t stop you. Please stop crying. ” I promised her as my fingers drew circles on her back.



I had seen a maid do it to her child once and it worked for the babe.



“Promise?” She asked, opening her eyes.



They were glowing beautiful colors. I knew it only happens when she is scared but it was beautiful…..unlike anything I had ever seen before.




“Yes.” I promised her.




She slowly began to calm down. My fingers slipped down to the small of her back. She shivered lightly a soft gasp leaving her perfect lips. She looks so f**cking beautiful. I can remember when I first took her. It was after the day she had her wings. I was so happy. It wasn’t easy enduring seeing her perfect curves every night.






A loud squeak broke me out of that incredibly vivid picture.



“That hurts.. ”



I looked down to see that the hand touching her lower back had fully shifted into claws and scales. How on earth did that quickly happened? She will definitely be the death of me.



My Bethmoth adored this fae and it was both a good and bad thing.



I forced myself to sit down as my friend and second in command arrived.



I watched him slowly walked into the room, a mischievous look in his eyes.


I groaned. Something was going to happen.



“Oh my Queen. What is the problem? Has the king and my friend upset you? ” he chuckled.



This dude is a pain in my ass. I wonder how I got him as a friend. Well, he is a great guy. That’s why I made him my second in command. We grew up together.



Elsa shook her head.




“Yes. But I’m fine now. He has apologized already. He is such a gentleman” She smiled warmly while glancing at me.



If she only knew what my gentlemind was thinking about her and what to


do with her next, she would retake that statement….



Felix nodded.



“As a king should be.” He said while sipping his wine and glancing at me with a grin.



F*ck you.



“When is the wife of the gentleman going to bear children? You have child bearing hips. ” he exclaimed while I slammed my fists down on my table.



Gosh! I can’t blame him. I did this also when he got married.



But he should respect me not to talk about her hips. My hips. I was about to throw him a fist in his face when Elsa held my hand. Guess she knew I was already angry.



“Soon…….We might have girls.” Elsa said while blushing.



If we were to have girls I won’t care for them. They will be too weak just like her. But males….I could teach a Fae dragon to be strong. Even though it will be extra work but that will be my son.



“Ay, with you two attractive persons as yourselves that is not wise. You will have a battle on your hands with all the suitors that will come for my friend daughters.” Felix chuckled as Elsa laughed too.




Did I forget to mention? Felix was the ladies guy. Girls fall for him too easily… Maybe it because of his cheerful attitude.



“You will not have any girl. I want all to be boys. All little princes. You need a boy, an heir not heiress. Not a bunch of dizzy little princess. ”



Elsa gasped.



“That is not very nice, your highness. ”



It was the first time I have ever spoken to Elsa this way. I have always be gentle not an ordering type. She was surrounded by sunshine at her old kingdom. Always nice weather. Never any storms. Now she comes here and experience a thunderstorm, which will not let up. She needs to be a strong Queen and I will train her.



“Oh, easy Queen.” Felix chuckled.



“King Arden can be ordering at times. But you will get used to it, just as I have.”



I was kind. I spared lives on many occasions. I threw most of the offenders into the dungeons for them to turn into rotten corpses instead.



So that rats might feast on their dead flesh. That was all too kind. I am a very nice man and not a ordering husband.






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