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I could not believe Alexander was acting so idiotic….attempting to go


against Raymond. It would not end well….he was involving ray enemies. It


will not work. He will get himself killed and even more people. If I tell Raymond he mite kill the whole humans….I don’t want that. If I don’t tell


him and the vampires attack… What will happen? Oh gosh! I’m so confuse. I don’t want anyone to die.



I have being becoming more angry and annoyed by the day. Tired and achey. This child was making me exteremly irritable. Sophia thought it was amusing and ray was still appreciative that I had been cooperative with him lately. I was so tired to argue. That all. I have other things that were burdering me.



I was often plagued with odd dreams of Alex and his different plans to wed me and kill Ray. It had me waking up in the midnight,oddly craving for Ray’s touch.




I would press into his back, his immediate response would be to wrap his arms around me and fall back into his deep slumbers. I hope I don’t mention Alex name in my sleep…he will kill me if I do that.



“Are you hungry?” Sophia Questioned.



I nodded my head quickly. Every time I saw food it was as if my stomach forgot I had just eaten. I felt like some sort of animal. Being with child was truly an interesting experience.



“Yes.. Can you call a maid up to get me some biscuits and cheese. I will eat


that before I rest then I think I will take some porridge and bread


later…maybe some sweet tarts too after” I told her as she looked at me with


wide eyes.



Sophia smirked.



“You have been eating a lot lately. What do I expect when you are carrying the next heir”



I grimaced. I was carrying the next heir to Ray’s throne. The child will be an alpha in the future.



“Well…I guess you will do more when you are in my condition. ” I smiled as Sophia shook her head,blushing.



“Oh no. I am not ready for a child. Not even one bit. ”



I was not ready for a child either….but look at what happened to me. I felt


a rush of fatigue and I sighed. Sophia might had noticed it.


“Rest,if you are not down by sunset. I will be up with hot tea,okay?”



“Thank you.” I smiled.



As I walked down the hall, I could see mercy. She was crying. Is something wrong?



I hurried over to her.



I held her hand.



“What is going on?”



She was looking down at her dress and crying even more.



“Mercy, what is wrong?”



“I saw ….a ….scary man”



“What scary man?” I asked her as she clung to my dress.



Her little tears staining my dress.



“Mercy,please tell me.” I said thinking of possible people.



Raymond do frightened her but she was getting used to him. She adored Kelly. Who else could she be referring to?



“The scary man…. in my dreams” she whispered



“Everytime. I sleep…I see him. He’s scary. He wants to get me.”


I sighed. Relief running through my body. it was just a dream.



“Mercy no man can come and get you. It was just a silly dream.” I smiled.



“I have scary dreams too… It is natural.”



He shook her head. Her eyes begin to brightened.



“No…no…he will come for me. I know it. He will steal me away from you, my Queen.” She said as she began to cry again.



I know how scary nightmares can be…especially to someone who is alone.



“Sophia,no one is going to take you away from me.” I repeated,smoothing down her hair.



“You have a permanent home here, with me. Do you understand? I won’t let anyone take you, okay?”



She was sniffing and looking away.



“Okay” she whispered.



I hugged her tightly, wiping her tears with my hands. All of this bending was making me extremely tired.



“It will be alright. How about you go and meet Sophia to change your dress. After sundown we will take a walk in the garden,okay?”



She nodded with a little smile appearing on her face.




“Thank you, mother.”



My eyes widened.



“I mean…my…Queen”



I quickly stood up.



“Go, mercy”



My hands quickly fanned at my eyes.



I would not cry, it was just a slip of tongue. She did not mean to call me mother. That was all.



This day was all too emotional for me. I need rest, badly.



Ray had been acting odd recently. I tried not to care had been acting abnormally kind to me and aggressive towards some people. Of course I would not question him. I had noticed him going into some locked room also. I had no idea what was in there….but he always gets angry every time he leaves there.



Which made me think maybe he had a woman in there….a mistress. I may


had not notice her coming in and out of the castle. I am mostly preoccupied trying to stay awake half of the time and hungry….starving actually.



I tried the door.



It opened.



My heart began to hammer in my chest as I walked into the room. It smelt old,stale. My feet moved to the windows,where I pulled back the curtains.



Seemed like a storage room.



Trunks,old dresses, a vanity. This was someone’s old room. Was it Mirabel’s? I searched through the items . they were of royal status, most likely Mirabel’s.



There was a large square object leaning against the wall. It was covered with a piece of cloth . I made my way over to the item, and removed the cloth from it.



I began to cough uncontrollably. The thick film of dust on these objects were disgraceful!



As the dust settled and so did my irritated throat, my eyes soaked in a painting.



My eyes began to widen as I noticed the faces in the portrait.



A younger Mirabel, still with a straight face. Never smiling.



Beside her was a younger dashing Kelly, who was smiling using all of his teeth.



Then Raymond, my eyes widened. He was smiling. No teeth but he certainly looked happy. He looked a bit younger too just as Kelly and Mirabel.



How could Raymond look this….happy?


Next to him sat a young woman.



She was beautiful.



Dark hair, sparkling violet eyes and a forced expression on her face. I knew the smile was forced….it did not reach her eyes.



“Isabella. Get out!”


















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