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I saw a girl that look like me, sitting on the bed. The blinds were closed.


No light was streaming from outside. It was so dark.



“Isabella?” The voice said again.



I was nervous. Why do I get the feeling that she had just lost her baby? I had only ever heard of that once from a woman. She looked sad.



“You haven’t come out of your room, Isabella” the voice said calmly.



“Come, here.” The girl said to me.



I look around…there was no one in the room except of her and me.



I gulped as I slowly approached her bed. Her voice sounded like a frog, groggy and crackled.



I crawled into her bed.



I felt her arms wrap around me.




“Do not cry.” I said nervously.



“I am sorry.” I said as I felt her tears fall into my hair.



I did not know what to do or say.



“You can have my children.” I blurted out.



I felt her stiffen.



“You cannot say such things dear” she said.



It sounded like a sob and a laugh.



I had gotten her stop crying. Her hold on me tightened.



“Isabella when you have children you get to keep them. You cannot give them away to anyone” she explained to me as she kissed my forehead softly.



I found my hand traveling over to her stomach. It felt odd…it was as if I was touching mine. It made no sense.



She gave me a faint smile. I don’t understand how she could be smiling. She was sad and so was I!



“Wake up, Isabella” she said while kissing my forehead.



“Wake up”






“Wake up, Isabella.”



I awoke confused.



My eyes wildly searched my surroundings. I was in a carriage with ray next to me.



I wiped at my tears as they began to uncontrollably flow. Realization hit me like a bucket of water, as I quickly touched my stomach. I sigh of relief escape my lips. I could still feel my baby.



“Isabella, why are you crying?” Ray asked as his snake around my shoulder.


I don’t know what came over me….I turned to Raymond and hugged him.



“Isabella, why are you crying? Is everything all right? Are you in pains?” He asked again.



I could not even get the words out.



“I…don’t know” I sobbed.



Ray looked at me with a worried look.



“Do you want us to go back to the castle?”






I’m sure he had plans for today. I don’t want him to ruin it because of me.



I will be fine.” I told him…while assuring myself that it was just a silly dream.



Ray stared at me with a confuse look and held my chin up, before I could say anything to convince him that I’m really fine…his lips were on mine. I don’t know why I didn’t stop him but it really helped me. I felt calm afterwards. He broke the kiss and wiped my tears with his fingers.



“Crying doesn’t makes you look beautiful. Whatever it is that made you cry,I’m sure you don’t want to discuss it now. We can discuss it when we get back to the castle. He said as I could feel his lips on my temple, then my forehead while his hand gently sprayed over my stomach.



” okay. ” I murmured.



Fear was a disgusting disease and I wished I didn’t have it.



The carriage halted abruptly. Ray grabbed me before I was flung across the carriage.



I could hear a man yelling at the coach.



“You will a perish! Perish for your sins! Lycans are devils! They are the….”


His voice was cut off with a loud shrill.



I could hear snarling and sickening snaps….before there was silence.



“They killed him” I said gently,watching ray nod his head slowly.



“They should have put him in jail. Death is the only option?”



Ray nodded.



“Yes. It is the only way to get the humans listen at times.”



The humans. I sat silently seething. Humans were only violent when being pushed to do so. They were not out for blood like his kingdom.



Once the carriage stopped again, it was slower and I knew we were not stopping for a crazed old man…but for the new castle Raymond had built.



The door opened and ray got out. He helped me out and I looked at the people standing at the steps of the castle. Not too many familiar faces. Some women I had recongized…most of the people I knew that were from the main town where murdered….that day.



“Queen?” I heard a man’s voice say.



I looked throughout the crowd. My eyes searching for the familiar voice. I’m sure Raymond had announced his coming because a lot of people were here.



“Won’t you all bow in the honor of your…great Queen?”



I could feel Ray’s snake around me as my eyes met the familiar eyes.



Dark hair, twinkling glacier eyes and a tall frame, same as I remembered him. His eyes were twinkling with much more than usual mischief.






“She is my queen” ray basically barked at Alexander as he smiled and looked me over.



He had a ring on his finger. He had married? In the last six months?




“It is nice to see you well, queen” he said as he stuck his hands out.



“You will bow, that is all.” Ray said curtly.



“Where are the other two generals? I want this meeting to begin promptly!”



Was I to be included in the meeting? I much rather wander the halls to see the beautiful castle.



“Raymond, am I part of this meeting?”



He shook his head.



So he brought me here to parade me around and make it known to people that his wife was a human? I should have known that this was his plan. I would eavesdrop on their conversation if I get the chance.



“I have to relief myself” I whispered in his ear.



“Go ahead. You will find a maid who will direct you.”



I began to walk up the stairs as I looked back. Ray was speaking with some men I did not recognize. I could see Alexander watching me walk up.



I looked away and continue walking. The castle was beautiful. It had much space. It looked like it could contain the whole people of the city. There was a big hall… The stairs are long. Beautiful than the lycan kingdom. Ray did tried in building this in less than six months.






I turned around knowing who it was already.






He reached out his hand for me. Ray would smell him and kill him. I stumbled back, smiling gently. His eyes furrowed… I don’t care. I don’t want anyone should die because of me.



“How are you doing?”



Confusion overtook me. There was no jokes? He didn’t insult me for getting married to Raymond? This was not the womanizing pig I had grown up with….who I despised.



“I’m fine.” I said lightly as his eyes zeroed in one of the god awful necklace I wore.



The symbol of my marriage to Raymond. I remembered his ring.



“You are married?”



How could you get married during such chaos? And what poor girl would marry someone like him?



He chuckled.



“No…I was planning to talk to you today and I felt as if your husband would not get upset if he saw a Ring”



“Oh…that is a smart idea.”



It was not…ray is insane.



“Good. Had he been treating you with respect?” He questioned,his eyes widening as they inspected my neck.



A flare of anger crossed his features.



“Isabella…does that beast abuse you? I will have his head chopped off” he fumed grabbing at his sword.



I scoffed.



He thinks he can kill the alpha. King of the beast? Does he think Raymond is a five year old kid? I have seen ray practice with a sword and I can bet it no man can defeat him.



“He is treating me fine. ”



I don’t want him to die prematurely. He doesn’t have anyone to continue his legacy.



“I can tell your lies, Isabella! Why defend the beast? I bet he has forced you to do things that no woman can bare” he said his hands still protectively around his sword.



“He will kill you before you even have the chance to draw out your sword.


Do not act foolish. I can handle myself” I proclaimed.



Do not let your emotions for me cloud your judgement.



He shook his head, beginning to come closer to me.



“You chooses to marry a beast rather than getting married to me. If only you had agreed to marry me this wouldn’t have happened. You lied in the



bed with a monster while your fellow humans were being killed and tortured. I bet you even grant him access in between your legs every night. Tell me, Isabella every cry of ecstasy he gives you do you not hear the cry of the people he had killed?! ”



My hand striked his cheek fast as rain drop falls from the sky.



“I do not care about what you think of me but you dare bring my taken virtue into this? I did not fall into his hands with love and affection. If you ever think of talking about what lies between my legs ever again I will end your life!” I shouted, unshed tears pooling in my eyes.



How dare he! How dare he! How dare he accuse me of loving every minute of Raymond. How dare him think that I didn’t mourn the lives that were lost! How dare him think I enjoy how ray touch him! How dare him think I cared for him.



He looked down, his face reddened with the sting of my Palm.



“I apologize. It just angers me that he is the one that have you. He has the one thing I longed for.”



“Unbelievable! You should be upset with him for killing your father. Yet you are angered that he has me as a wife? Are you mad? I was never going to marry you even if this atrocity didn’t take place!” I basically shouted at him.



“I was happy to see your later.. I thought we could be friends but no, I made a mistake. You are still a pompous dunce, Alex!”



I attempted to leave but he grabbed my hand. I moved away quickly, shaking my head.




“Alex if you touch me, your scent will be on me. And ray will rip you ofyour heart.”



He took a deep breathe, a serious look in his eyes had me surprised again. He rarely cared for me before. He hardly looked at me this way. But things change… People change.



“Isabella, I’m telling you this…the beast toture will eventually stop and I will rule this kingdom. Be Prepare for your husband to die.”



He was mad. He could never kill Raymond. It was impossible.



“You can’t do such things, Alex. ”



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My eyes widened as I tried not to grab him by the shoulder.



“Ray, what are you planning?”



“I have an alliance with the vampires.” He explained.



“You will be my Queen soon.”



He was mad. My stomach churned. This child made me weak at the most pressing times.



“And you will be my husband?”



“I will.”



I had to stop the laughter that was bubbling up inside of me. Once he noticed my belly getting rounder,he will probably throw me into the dungeons if his crazed plan succeeded and he became king.



“I am with his child.”



He was quiet.



I watched his hand pound against the brick wall.



“Bastard. ” he murmured as he shook his head slightly.



Silently fuming.



“Isabella, if having you will include the child. I will take care of it.”



“Alex you can’t have me” I chuckled.



“I am with a child. The heir to the wolf kingdom. Do you think it will be that easy to take me away from that kingdom? You will just cause unwanted discord, Alexander. You can’t take me away from them. I am past that” I told him truthfully.



“Forget about that and prepare to be a widow soon.”



My stomach began to churn as I began to try and calm myself down. This was all impossible. It was never going to happen.



He shook his head.



“Go, I hear footsteps.”



















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