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“Darling, Alexander is here to see you. ”



I groaned as I held my book up to my face trying to hide from my mother.



“Dear I know you heard me, Now get up and be prepared. He would like to take you for a walk around the garden. ” she said as she plucked the book out of my hand and shut it.



“Mother tell him I am sick. I am very Ill and won’t be available for the next decade.” I explained to her as she rolled her eyes and grabbed my hand.



Pulling me up from the couch.



She chuckled.



“No darling, you can’t just keep rejecting suitors. You aren’t getting young. Your father will like you to get to know him.looking at him, I can tell he is a nice man.” She said with a hint of smile.



I felt my stomach churn at the thought of kissing such a fool.



“Isabella,stop. He is a qualified man. He had been chasing you and you kept rejecting him. Isn’t that enough sign to tell you how much he adores you?” She asked as I almost fell onto the floor and screamed.



“A wedding? With him? Mum I rather die single than get married to that pigheaded fool” I told her defaintly while she rubbed my back.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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“I said something similar when my parent offered my hand to your father. I said I would jump on broken glasses and land on swords, but look at I and



your father…don’t we look like a perfect couple?” She explained as we began to leave my room.



“Land on swords? Jump on broken bottles? That’s so violent mum” I shuddered.



She shrugged.



“Well yes. I had a deep seed of hate for your father. While we were young he called me Fat so I despised him for that. Now I love him than life itself. ” she smiled as her hand went to her beautiful ring.



“What does that have to do with I and the pig, mother?”



She laughed softly while shaking her head.



“Well darling, seeds of hate bloom into flowers of love.”






Mercy have been keeping me company since Sophia left with Kelly.



Mercy smiled widely clapping her hands.



“Pretty ones, just like yours” she exclaimed as she ran over to me.



I smiled grabbing her clapping hands.



“Just like me.”



She wrapped her little arms around me,squeezing me tightly. I smiled as I hugged her back. Such a sweet child.



She pulled away from me, staring at me with confusion.



“Your highness…” She trailed off as the door swung open.



In walk Raymond.



“Are you alright?” He asked.



He has been checking on me every single hour this days, that unusual maybe it because I haven’t been feeling too well lately but seriously I’m not that sick.



“Yes, I am fine. You don’t need to worry about me” I explained as I began to tangle with Mercy’s hair.



Ray was watching me closely as mercy giggled.



“Can you make it a simple braid?”



“Of course , I can.” I said while Ray walked over to us.



I stiffened, as did mercy. I continued to do her hair as he sat next to me.



“What is the problem, Raymond?.”



“She is a maid.”



I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes.



“She is a child who needs her hair done.”


He sighs loudly but didn’t press the issue, which I was glad about.



“Do her hair later. Mercy go and eat your lunch and finish your duties then you can come back.”



I glared at her as she quickly scrambled away from me.



“Yes your highness.” Her little voice squeaked out.



“Wait mercy. What is it that you wanted to tell me? ” I questioned her grabbing her little hand.



She looked between Ray and I.



“You…you smell different.”



“Go mercy”



Mercy quickly left us alone.



“She is a pest.”



I moved away from him a bit.



“She is a sweet girl.”



I felt his hand snake around my waist,pulling me closer to his side. He moved my hair from my neck and breathed in. I stiffened as his lips kissed all over my neck. He did this often. Not daring to go further than that…which I appreciated.



“How are you feeling?” He questioned as his tongue swirled around my neck.



I sucked in a deep breath of air. I hate when he does that. It sent a disgustingly pleasureful wave through my body.



“Okay. I still only want soup. ” I told him with disdain



My cold was doing a number on me. When the medic visited me, the old man said it was one of the bad human cold….which I did have often when I was small. This one seemed drawn out, I have been eating a lot these days.


They are just symptoms of my time of the month coming on.



“You will get better. I promise. ” he said.



His hand trailed over my hip and over my belly. I let lose a squeal glaring at him. Why was he trying to tickle me?



“Ray do not do that.” I snapped.



He had been doing that a lot which made me want to hit him but of course I did not.



He growled.



“Most women like that or so I hear. ”



I did not feel comfortable. I suddenly got up and wandered over to my closet.



“You have received two letters.”


I turned around staring at him in confusion.



“Letters? From who?”



“Queen Elsa and some woman named Sarah. It from the human kingdom. Sounds as if it is an elderly woman…I guess so”



I smiled thinking about Queen Elsa. Her husband might have reminded her about the letters or she remembered herself. But I knew no Sarah…it puzzled me.



“You didn’t read them?” I questioned.






I stared at him in bewilderment…that was a pleasant surprise.



“Here” he got up handing me the letter.



I took it muttering a ‘Thank You’



As soon as I wanted to open it, we heard knocking on the door. Ray walked over to the door and opened it. It was a guard.



“Your highness, you are needed in the council room.”



“I will be back.” He said as I smiled fakely.



He left the room and I opened Queen Elsa letter first.





Dear Queen Isabella,



It is me Queen Elsa. I just wanted to inform you that I have received my wings! I am so overjoyed. I don’t know what to do. Arden threatened to chain me to the ground if I don’t stop flying around without permission, I know he won’t do that. He care about my happiness too much, do not tell him about that…he will just die.



So how are you? You didn’t look that happy during dinner, I hope all is well. Meanwhile help me thank your husband for the wine, it was delicious!






I smiled, I would love to write back to her. She is so sweet. I was happy that she was happy. I still don’t understand how she was happy with that brute man….he did seem to care about her in odd ways though. But then


again I don’t know anything about relationships. I mean I don’t even know the relationship Ray and I share. We are just two strangers lying to the world about being a sweet couple.



I looked at the other letter. I knew no Sarah…no old woman. Unless some of the village old women. Looking at the address, it’s from town. I don’t know anyone from town unless Alexander.



I quickly opened it and noticed that was incredibly short.






Dear Isabella,



I miss you.








It’s Alexander. I sighed, taking a deep breath and looking at the little letter again. What if Ray had opened it? Alexander was a fool. Why on earth will he send such a cryptic letter like this here? To me?.



Does he know that I’m married? Do I have to ask ray to take me to the human land again?



At hearing a loud knocking on my door.I hid the letters and made my way to the door. Opening it, I felt myself stiffening. It was none other than Mirabel.



“You come here to kill me once again?”



“No” she snapped.



“I was searching for my brother….but… What is that scent?”



Did I really stink? First Mercy told me of how I smelt different now Mirabel.



I sighed.



“If we are done here….?”



I really did not feel like entertaining her insults or unwanted anger towards me. Not today at least. I began to close the door….but her foot was there to stop it.




“Mirabel,what do you want?”




Before I could even defend myself, she pulled me closer to her by my shoulders and began to sniff me.



“Mirabella, get off” I struggled as she suddenly let go of me.



The look of horror on her face was just enough to make me nervous.



“What…what is it?” I questioned while moving a bit from her.



She was scaring me. A glint of anger showed in her eyes.



“How long were you planning to keep this to yourself? I do not care if I do hate you, but I deserved to know!”



“To know what?” I stressed.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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I had no idea what she was talking about. She was insane. That was it because I had no idea about what she was talking about.



She threw up her hands,shaking her head.



“You have no idea what I am talking about do you? So no one has told you. That’s nice.” She smiled as I felt like slapping that smile off her face.



She should just tell me…if it something I need to know or not!



“I’m sure my brother knows about this. It is obvious from your smell.” She laughed.



“Mirabel what is obvious? This is the last time I will ask you before I will close the door on you.”



She giggled, running a hand through her hair.



“Oh, Queen Isabella… You are pregnant. You are carrying a pup or whatever you will like to call it”.



My stomach began to churn.



“You are mad, Mirabel. Maybe you are really going insane. Have a nice day.”



“Think about it Isabell. Why do you think everyone have been nice to you lately? The maids, the guards. I can’t believe I didn’t notice this early. I thought they were just being nice since they all hate you secretly….as I do,


but no. You’re carrying the next heir! Oh, oh this is so splendid. ” she laughed aloud while I continue to shake my head.



She was insane.



I slammed the door. I could still hear her laughter down the hall as I went over to the mirror. The last time Ray and I had done anything was about three weeks ago. No…four weeks ago. Kelly and Sophia have been gone for three weeks. I can’t be with child.



I lifted up my dress to stare at my stomach. There was no evidence that I was with child.



“What are you doing?”



I looked in the mirror to see Ray standing at the doorway.



I took a deep breath as he closed the door.






“Your sister claims that… That I am with child.”



He slowly began to approached me, I whipped around staring at him.



“I have a cold. I am not with child.



” Isabel, you…”



“I have a cold.” I hissed while pulling down my dress.



“I have a cold, Raymond. The doctor said so himself. ”



Ray was not looking at me.



“Ray, look at me.”



His eyes were glowing again. His ‘wolf’ was coming out. He grabbed my hand gently. I pulled away from him. He was acting…. odd.



“Tell me what you have to tell me without touching me.”



“You are with child. When you ask to see the medic I allowed him to check you, but I told him not to tell you ” ray explained as I stared at him.



My mind not processing what he had just said.



I shook my head, once again. There was no way I will believe this pregnancy story.


“You told….told the medic…to…to lie…to me? How did Mirabel know about


this? What about my smell? Does everyone know?”



“Yes” he sighed



“Lycanthropes have the ability to smell the shift in….hormones. When the


body changes, we have the ability to percieve it. So yes….They knew without


anyone telling them. ”



They f**cking knew and I myself didn’t know I was with child? He even hide it from me!

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Next chapter will be on RAY POV

















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