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“Do you need anything for her?” I questioned standing in the threshold of the bedroom that we had let king Arden lay Queen Elsa in.



“Maybe water…or…”



“No..” He interjected.



“She is fine”



Ray had left, muttering something about Kelly,leaving me with two royal guards. King Arden was leaning against the wall, watching his wife with his snake like eyes. It was unnerving the way he did not blink much.



“Does this happen often?” I questioned.



I really didn’t felt comfortable leaving her alone with him. I know they are married but he seemed scary and untrustworthy. She is just sweet, innocent. Uncorruptd to the horrors called ‘Royalty’.



He nodded his head.



“Yes, it happens often.she will be fine within a few hours and No, I have no intention to harm my wife. You should stop looking worried”



Were dragons mind readers too? I could not even attempt to say Anything back. He was completely right,I did not trust him at all.



“Is there anything else you will like to know? Or will you let us be?”



I felt my cheek inflame. Was I going to forward?



“Why did you pick her….as your wife?”



“Queen Isabella, you do not seem to pick up hints. I am tired, my wife is sleeping and I need to join her. I am not the type that talk much so I suggest you let us be in peace. ”



I cleared my throat. He was rude. Very rude. Or was I equally rude? I am not sure anymore…



“I am sorry” I apologized to him as I eyed his hand.



It was transforming right before my eyes.



“Oh..” I watched the shiny black scales grow.



It was beautiful disgusting. Then I thought about something….the list the


witch gave me called for dragon scales.



“I know you want me out of here….but may I ask for….a peculiar favour?”



He rolled his eyes and made a snarling sound.



“What is it?”



“May I have three scales from you? If it is painful then I would not expect you to…um…”



I trailed off as his arm began to be covered in black scales. I Watched ad he pulled them from his forearm making an ungodly noise as he did so. I stood in place, fear and intrigue making my limbs stiffen.



Once he was done, He walked over to me and placed them in my hand. It was six of them.



“Thank you very much. This is so generous of you”



He looked at me as if he was more angry.



“Yes,well my Elsa said I need to be kind. So that is my kind deed for the century. You will use them for jewelry, yes?”



“Of course. Dragon scales are rare and very beautiful. I will leave you to your peace. Again thanks very much. ” after saying that I quickly left the room.



I had not remembered anything from the list apart from that one small detail. I will have to hide them somewhere…






I looked up to see Kelly. I waved gently at him.



“How are you, Kelly?”



His eyes raked over me carefully as they brightened a bit.


“What is that smell?”



“What smell?”



He shrugged.



“I do not know. Smells of a cave. Something earthy” he admitted as my stomach clenched.



Maybe it was the dragon scales?



“I don’t know. I can’t really perceive anything”



He nodded his head slowly.



“How is the Fae Queen?”



“King Arden claims that she is okay. She just needs to rest. He told me to leave so they can have some time alone to rest. They are a interesting couple, don’t they?”



I still don’t understand the two and I don’t think I will ever understand them.



Kelly agreed.



“Yes they are such opposites…..has ray and the king form alliance? If they


have that means we automatically have an alliance with not only the dragon but the Fae kingdom”.



He looked happy about it. I was neither happy or sad. It was a good thing.



why don’t you ask Ray about these things? I was left alone with Queen Elsa while the two kings spoke. I’m not sure how their meeting went….are you two on speaking terms?” I questioned.



First they weren’t speaking at breakfasta few days ago…..then I hardly seen


them around each other, they are usually around one another.



“Ask ray why I no longer speak to him.whatever is reasons are that is why” he said cryptically



I do not understand why he had to be that secretive. He should just tell me…



“Alright, Kelly…”



I trailed off as Mirabel appeared. Walking down the hallway with a laundry in her hand.



“Mirabella… are well?” Kelly questioned as she stepped on her track


and stared at him.



She was staring at him but seem to be looking past him. I was a bit confused….she seemed unfocused.



“I’m fine, cousin”



“Good. I will leave you two. Sophia and I are going to town”. With saying that he quickly left the now very tense awkward situation.



I cleared my throat.




” how are you, Queen?” She asked as her dead like eyes fell on me.



A shiver ran through my spine.



“Fine” was my short reply.



The basket seemed heavy and I watched her toss the weight from one side to another. I wonder why she had no maid Carry it for her.



“Need assistance?”



Her eyes brightened a bit.



“Sure” she handed me the basket that was sacked on top of the one she was carrying.



We walked silently down to her room. No one speaking a word. They only sounds that made it to my ear were our quick footsteps.



Once we made it to her room, she opened the door.



“You can set it down near the dresser.”



I entered her room and set down the basket. Her room was nothing looked like one of the abandoned room in the castle. I slowly turned around and was met with a blade to my neck.



I sighed, not very surprised at the turn of the event.



“Kill me” I told her as her hand shook.



Her eyes brightened and she let out a snarl.


“I hate you”



“Why?” I questioned as I flinched.



Blood began to run down my neck. She pricked me with the blade.



“My brother killed your people right in your eyes. Deprive you from seeing your parent. Forcefully had his way with you and yet….yet….you are still here with him. You even had the Audacity…. Audacity… audacity…. I hate you”



I glared at her.



“Audacity to what?you think I like been here Mirabel! This are survival skills. I will survive all these for the sake of my parent and innocent humans out there! If you think I enjoy being with your brother you are mistaken. I cannot stand you” I snarled.



“You abused your power for no reason. You hate me for no good reason. No absolute reason. You are a princess of this influential kingdom….yet you


worry about me….a human! I did not ask to be with your brother. I don’t


want all these”



The pain in my neck was beginning to increase as she glared at Me.



“I was supposed to be Queen. Ray was supposed to step down since he couldn’t find his second mate….but you stupid,you showed up. You human got in the way!”



She was spewing nonsense. Second mates? Stepping down? I slowly backed away as she came closer to me.



The top of my dress had a damp place that was collecting my droplets of blood.



“Mirabel, kill me,kill me so Ray can step down and you can take over” I encouraged her as she shook her head.



“No” The sword fell to the ground with a loud clank.



She fell to the floor shaking.



“Tell my brother that I loathe him” she sobbed as I watched her wither in pain,clutching her neck.



It was as if she was feeling the pain I was feeling… Which was odd.



“I will not tell him that nor will I tell him what happened here” I said as I picked up a cloth from her laundry, holding it to my neck.



“Mirabel, get up”



She stayed on the floor still sobbing.



“Mirabella” I said sternly.



What on earth is wrong with this woman?



“Mirabel if you don’t gather yourself I am going to tell Raymond what you have done to me”



That seemed to quickly fix her posture. Her slowly rising from the ground and wiping at her tears.


“Why would you not tell him? He would throw me into the cells….


Probably kill me if he was angered enough. Why don’t you tell him? I would kill you if I could. If you think this act will sway my hatred for you….”



“Mirabel not everyone is a cunning and cynical as you. I am telling you this cause I wish you no harm. I am not like you, eager for violence or punishments. I was not raised that way.” I told her as she just glared at me as if her eyes would strike my heart and kill me.

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The comical thing was that she was able to do that I would have probably been dead the moment she laid her eyes on me.



“Of course humans are afraid of violence because you are always at the receiving end of it.”



“Yes. But know this humans may look weak to you that is because they try to be on their best behavior. Hurt any of my love one, I will spare you no mercy!” I said sternly making myself clear.



“Get out!”



“As you wish….Princess” I snapped.



I have things to deal with rather than be with a jealous Sister in law.






What do you think of Mirabel?
















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