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****Three Months Later****



I have been eating much lately and I have become chubby. According to ray and Sophia, pregnancy look good on me. I now realize that this child will make me stuck with Raymond in my life. Raymond on the other hand has been kind to me lately, which I found amusing. He lets me do anything I want, eat as much as I can, make sure I take my bath. Sometimes I kick him out of the bed saying I was not comfortable, he will just simply nod and sleep on the couch. He was treating me like a goddess. I don’t know if its because I am carrying his child, the ray I know won’t comply with whatever I say or do. Still yet with this behavior of his I wasn’t satisfied. I needed my parent. Why won’t he let me see my parent?



My heart thumped wildly as I stared down at the small piece of paper. It would turn into bread recipe every time I laid it down. But when I picked it up…ingredients for the portion would pop up. It was surely magical…..



3 dragon scales.


Lavender oil


Dust of yukata root


An orange leave.



The list went on but I could not fathom the last one. There was no orange plant in the were kingdom. I had once ask Sophia to get me an orange fruit but she didn’t know what an orange fruit look like. I have done my research by searching through in the kingdom all in the name of touring….but I



couldn’t find one. If only ray could let me go to the human kingdom there are many orange trees there. I can find one in the main town since he said I won’t be visiting my village anytime soon.



I had only one ingredients out of four. I could not get the last one. I have no idea where yukata roots are located. I was thoroughly annoyed and doubtful.



Maybe I just need to let go….



I need some fresh air.



“Have you experienced morning pains?” Sophia asked me as she and Raymond walked into the room.



She had a potion for such things from that crazed witch. She would hear me emptying the contents of my stomach into every morning and offer me the potion, sometimes I decline her offers…



“Not today.” I smiled as she gave me a look of relief.



Lately the potion had not worked on me much. Even though I do not throw up the contents of my stomach,it still feels incredibly queasy.



“Would you like to accompany to the slik shop. I am going to get….”



“No” ray said before Sophia could get the words out.



“We are going to be gone for the day. Tell Kelly we will be back by sundown. ” Ray announced to sophia as she gave me a confused look.




I in turn gave ray one. Where were we heading to?




“Yes,your highness. I will relay the message now” Sophia bowed before clasping my hand and was on her way to find Kelly.



I turned to ray.



“Where are we going to?”



“The human kingdom. ” he said while I stared at him wildly.



“Are my parent..going….?”



He didn’t let me finish before he interrupted me.



“We’ve talk about this before Bella… Don’t make me change my mind. I have business to handle there. Do you want to go or not? ”



I watched him look a bit annoyed. I’m sure he had some sort of plan up his sleeve. I am only going because I want the humans to be treated fairly and yes… The orange leave.



“I will go with you.”



“Good. I will love to have my queen by my side. Is that what you are wearing?” He questioned as I watched him look for another shirt.



I could see marks on his backs. They were healing much slower than


normal bruises and marks would on his skin….



It did not concern me….but intrigued me.



“What happened to your back?” I questioned him watching him pause before putting his shirt on.



“Why are you concerned?” He asked, as I sat on the edge of the bed, glaring at him.



“I am not concerned. I’m just….curious” I claimed as he pulled his shirt on


and began to button up while staring at me.



“They are from a whip, Isabella. You already know what such marks look like” he replied as I sighed loudly.



“Who will be foolish enough to whip the Alpha king?” I questioned as I watched his face straighten.



I know I could be executed shortly…. My mouth won’t put me in trouble


one day.



“No one unless it is an order from me.” He changed his shoes and began to switch out his sword for a larger sharper one.



What was he planning on doing? Going to the human land to kill more innocent people?



“So you ordered a man to whip you?” I questioned trying to wrap my mind around what he was trying to tell me.



“You enjoy pain, Raymond?”



He stared at me, his eyes glowing and a smile on his face.




“Yes, darling. Both pain and pleasure. ”



“Hmmm…just like a true beast would.”



He glared at me.



“When you are ready, a guard will escort you to the carriage. We are done with this conversation.”



I glared at him. Why was he being whipped? Was he really telling someone to do such atrocities to him? And if he was…why? I heard about crazed people who enjoyed pain…but ray did not seem like one of those people. He enjoyed giving people pain but receiving it…it was just odd.



I took my bag and put a head scarf, some oils I might need on my short trip and of course a potion that would make my stomach sickness lessen. Sophia had brought it for me, once I told her about my….pregnancy news.



I also slipped the little paper list of things I needed for such a portion. Would I be able to find a orange tree close by? If I can’t find one… I will tell ray I’m craving for them. He will look for it for me. He had been kind this was because of my condition of course.





















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