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I have felt warm all over the past few days,like an ongoing fever. I spent most of my times with sophia in my room. It either I was sleeping or lying down on the bed. So I decided to take a stroll through the hallway.



I wiped at my forehead,as I began to sweat a bit more. Wondering what on earth was wrong with me, little subtle cramps began to bloom in my



stomach. To the point where I had to stop in the middle of the hallway,and grab onto the wall.



This could not be my womanly time. It was too early. Was I sick? Did I come down with some sort of plague?



Trying to gather the strength to get to my bedroom.



“Your highness?”



Sophia was down the hall. A look of worry crossing her features as she rushed over to me.



Her nostrils glared as she grabbed my arm softly.



“What?” She said.



Sophia sniffed over my neck like ray does some times.



“How is….that possible?” She asked aloud as the pain in my stomach


became more insistent.



I did not know what she was talking about….but I needed help.



“Sophia…please help me to get to my chambers” I told her as she nodded slowly and began to help me down the hall.



“I feel awful. I don’t know what is wrong with me” I admitted.



“I have told king ray….to meet you…in your chambers…he…he


will…um…remedy…remedy your… issue” she stammered as I watched her in confusion.




Ray was no healer. He could not help me. All he would do will be questioning me till I fall asleep or even worse, try to touch me.



“Is everything alright your highness?”



A guard suddenly appeared in front of Sophia and I.



He was looking down at me, eyes glowing and smiling. I felt myself pressed close to Sophia. He was… weird.



“Your assistance is not needed warrior” Sophia snarled.



I watched in astonishment as Sophia eyes began to glow and her teeth lightened.



“Go, warrior”



I stood deathly still as Sophia’s hand had a vice grip on my arm. It felt like she was going to crush it at any moment.



The man seemed as if he were suddenly snapped out of a trance. His eyes flashed a deep red before returning their natural color. He cleared his throat loudly before looking between Sophia and I.



“Forgive me, your highness” he begged as Sophia made a growling noise.



I looked at her weakly.



“ is alright…go back to your duty”.



I had no idea what transpired in the beast world, but whatever it was… It didn’t make Sophia happy.



Sophia? ” I questioned as my body began to feel especially cramped and heated.



“I think..I might need….” I trailed off as my body began to shut off against


my will.






“This…is horrible”



I could hear a soft feminine voice as my eyes fluttered open. I was lying down on something rough…. It hurt my skin. I could see Sophia above me. Was she removing my cloth? I felt on fire. Hot and cold at the same time.



“Sophia” I choked out as she looked down at me.



A look of relief coming across her stressed features.



“Yes?” She questioned as she fiddled with my cloth.



“What are you doing?” I asked her slowly, trying to overcome the horrid pain to speak!



“I do not know where Alpha ray is. I’m trying to take off your cloth so you can have a warm bath. It will ease the pain ” she announced.



“Can you get up?”



After about four attempts to get me into the washroom. We had managed to submerge my body in the warm liquid. It did not help me though. Not at all !



“Sophia” I shook



“Please find a healer….please find someone…I can’t bear this…anymore” I


begged her



My stomach began to rack itself with cramps,making me bring my knees to up to my naked chest.



“Please don’t come back without bringing someone” I manage to say.



“I don’t know what is wrong with me!”



After about a quarter of an hour of crying and attempting to stop myself from throwing up the content in my stomach, I began to give up. I will die of this pain. This is how I will end my life!



At the sound of the deep rumbling voice…my heart skipped a beat. I didnt he know when he came in.



“You are not feeling well?”



I had no energy to even say anything rude or sarcastic to Raymond. My body felt like it were getting over a brutal beating. The slightest movement or touch…making it extremely uncomfortable…. Almost sore.



“You….heard correctly” I ducked in at shaky breath as pain enveloped my


body once more.

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“I think… I’m sick” I shuddered keeping my back towards him.



“I know what is wrong with you” he said in a quieter tone.



I felt the warmth of a towel… Then his fingers. I cried out. Where the towel touched it was as if I was being whipped. Sore and tender.



“What…what are you doing?” I asked as he gently scooped me up in his arms.



He had not seen me naked…in a few weeks. I was completely exposed. I was in such an odd engagement of pain…I could not even protest.



He set me gently on the bed and began to wipe the water from my body.


When his skin would brush against mine…I felt a small amount of relief.



“What is happening to me?” I asked him as his hand gently smoothed down the valley of my bre*sts



I exhaled loudly…. the feeling like a cool cloth on a fevered forehead.



“Heat” he announced.



“I had no idea you would go through heat. Most humans don’t..I am guessing since I am the king…my saliva and blood so pure that it has tricked your body into thinking you are a were. It has happened before.” He said absentmindedly.



His hands smoothed over my bre*sts now, making moans slip from my mouth.



I had no idea what he was saying. His hands were speaking to me and I needed them to be louder.



“Okay” I said tight lipped



Words I thought I would never say escaped from my mouth.



“Heat….that is what I’m feeling….but when you touch me it cools” I tried to


explained to him as the burn intensify



“I know, Isabella”



“Did you do this on purpose? To touch me….again?” I asked



I could feel his hands gently parting my legs. He was acting too slow in his movement. It unnerved me….it angered me! Why was he taking so long? He was cooking to my inferno of a body!



“No. I didn’t know you would go on heat. ” he explained as I felt his hand travel through my thighs.



Not once touching the center where he had so overly joyed to have been a few weeks ago.



“Ray….make this stop!” I panted with tears filled in my eyes.



My body felt like imaginary whips were hitting at it…and his hands..his touch was the salve to relieve the sting that was caused by the devilish whips.






His hands completely off me now making me cry out helplessly. Was this my punishment? He would not touch me! I began to sob, my naked body shuddering with the intense painful waves coming over to me.



“Please ray….I need your touch….I need it badly”



I did not even know if he left. I was so blinded by my tears, I could not see clearly. I could not even get up to follow him. That is how much I ached, I would follow him naked to have him touch me. I am coming down with a horrible plague….which I hope kills me.



I whimpered out as I felt his hands on my thighs again



“Isabella, I will take you… I did on our wedding night….do you





“Y…yes” I manage to croak out.



I was terrified. I didn’t want to say anything that could angered him and make him not want to touch me. His hands left my body again.



“Ray no…please” I whimpered



“Shh…I’m here my queen” he said gently as I could feel his arms wrapping around my legs.



Pulling me closer.



“I will try to make this quick. I know your normal feeling will return after this.”




“I don’t care what you do.just help me!”

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I felt his large member slide into me with incredible ease. My body instantly blooming with such an intense spur of pleasure. It made more tears spring to my eyes.



He began to move inside of me, the pleasure hitting every spot of my body. I never believe I was capable of ever feeling this way.



“Ray” I shrieked out



The amount of pleasure making me fearful of my own actions. Making me dig my fingers into his large biceps.



Trying to handle what he was giving me.



He had his whole body covering mine. Our chests together,making my ni**les harden from just being under his sinful skin.



“Oh, please” I moaned out as I felt his fingers rubbing gently against the bundle of sensitive nerves that he had focused much of his attention on our wedding night.



He thrusted gently in and out of me as his fingers kept their assault on my woman hood. I could not handle this all. It was all too much.



My body began to tense. My back arched making his member go deeper inside what tight space my body had already accommodated him. He was trying to kill me. I felt my hands flying to his face.



“Please more” I cried out.



His odd glowing eyes meeting my own. My lips brushed his own, eager to make more physical contact with him. His movement faltered as I continued the assault on his lips.



“Kiss me back” I felt myself pleading….yelling…crying.



I was not sure but after I had said those three words. He did and his gentle thrusts became harder and faster with each stroke of our tongues moving together.



He sat up,his eyes greedily looking over my body,his large fingers splaying over my hips. He began to pound into me relentlessly. The firm grip on my hip, the bed shaking making my sopping core even more wet if that were possible.



A silent cry left my lips as I was thrown over the pleasureful peak and plunged into an abyss of utter bliss.



The speed as which he began to go, had robbed me of my speech. My body could not take it anymore. The sound of our slick flesh pounding together, with the noise of the bed that seemed like it will collapsed anytime soon,was enough to make another blinding orgasm rip through me.



I could not even control my own body at this point.



“I…can’t” I gasped out.



My hands finding the sheets to be a comfort on this incredibly sensitive pleasurful trip.




“You will” he growled as he let lose a loud groan .




His movement became slower as he pushed me close to him. He was grinding against me while still inside of me….causing my body to retreat from the pleasure.



“Oh my” I cried out not ready to be thrown for yet another pleasureful haze.



I found myself clawing his back as he thrusts a few more times before I felt him empty inside of me with a loud growl.



My body shook as I held onto him tightly. The aftershocks of the seemingly violent intercourse we had,had me moaning and squirming still. Holding onto him for dear life.



“Ray” I gasped trying to recover as I felt his now softening member slip out of me.



“Please” I breathed out feeling him about to move away from me.



I was scared, I did not want him to leave.



“Isabella, Breathe” he said while massaging my sides.



His lips kissing where he had bit.



“Okay” I whimpered



My body pressing into his own. My body was shaking. I was confused. I felt like crying…..but I held my tears. Ray just aided me and I didn’t want him to leave just yet.





That happened… Never saw it coming










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