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The shirt he wore looked ripped in the front, as if someone had clawed at it. His muscular body showed through the large rips. My eyes wandered over his frame, my body felt weird as our eyes met.



We were just coming from the garden.we have been playing the ‘hide and seek’ with the kids in the palace. He looks cute when he is playing.



I cleared my throat.



“Well, looking at me that way isn’t pleasing at all” I said curtly as he chuckled.



“You look ravishing. That is pleasing” that was his response.



I could see a bit red on his shirt. Not a lot but I was interested.



“What happened to you?”



His features hardened.



“I went to visit my sister once again. I informed her of when she will be free. She did not embrace my judgment” he said dryly



“In telling her she will be jailed forever?”



He nodded his head.



I sighed taking a deep breath as my thoughts carry my mind astray. Not a good direction either. I could not believe what I was saying. Was I mad? Yes! The simple answer is yes!



“Ray,she is your sister. I am not saying I like her because my dislike for her is strong but she and Kelly are your only family”



He watched me closely.



“What kind of human tactic are you using on me?”


He could not believe I was saying such a thing.I would not either. But why will he risk his sister life because of me? Was this how beasts her? Discarding relationships for their ‘mates’ or halves?



‘I just feel as if you need to use a different method with her. You keep her in the cell might make her resent you and well hate me more than she already does” I explained



He just stared at me as if I was slowly going insane. Which I have to admit might be true.



There was silence on his end for a while.



“I should let her walk these halls again?” He questioned his hands going up to my chin,forcing me to look at him.



We were locking eyes, I suppose he wanted to see if I am okay with it or not.



“Yes” I said while trying to keep eye contact.



His gaze was searing…. It made me nervous,as if he could look into my





He needed happiness. I was surely not able to give him that but his family could. Kelly and Mirabel will make up for what I couldn’t give him.



“Explain why to me again”



I was getting frustrated. I thought I had explained it well already.



“I want you to be happy. I can’t give you happiness and your sister obviously Cares so much for you” I explained to him as he nodded slowly.



Without any reason,his lips connected to my own. It was not a rushed kiss like our wedding night. It was slower.His lips were moving against my own….confused ones that were Slowly copying his skillfully movements.



A gentle gasp left my lips as his tongue slid between my lips,my mind not ready for all this. I pushed myself against the wall more as I felt his hand press against my hips.



An involuntary moan escape my lips as his tongue stroked against my own and he stopped. Removing himself from me and staring down.



My mouth felt tingly,I brought my hand to my lips.




“Why…why did you do that? ” I questioned him with a flustered manner.



My body felt hot. This was not suppose to happen.



“Because I wanted to” was his short and simple reply.



He was too close, I gently pushed at his chest and he moved back a bit…but he was still invading my space which he did often .



“We’ll refrain from doing so next time”



I cleared my throat while paying attention to anything but him. The floor


ties were nice….



“Here,take” he interrupted my thoughts while handing me a cell phone.



I looked at him confused…



“Talk to your parent, they are waiting” he said sternly.



Oh god! My parent!



I quickly took the phone from his hand and put it on my ear.






There was complete silence for a moment before she screamed.



“Oh my God!” She yelled so loud.



I had to move the phone away from my ear in fear that I would go deaf.



“Bella,is that you?” She asked slightly quieter yet just as frantic.




The sound of her voice made me tear up. Before I knew it,I was bawling like a baby.



“Mummy” I cried not even daring to look at Ray’s who was watching me stoned face in the corner of the room.



I clutched the phone tighter My knuckles were turning white.



“Baby where are you? How are you feeling? Is he taking care of you? Is he mean to you? ”



Her questions were too much,before I could answer a question she will ask another one .



I heard a commotion on the other side and suddenly someone else took hold of the phone.



“Isa, Isa is that you?”



It was my father’s voice. His worried voice made me cry even harder.


Hearing their voices made me realize how much I really missed them.



“Yes dad,its me”



“Oh Bella”



I could her my mom sniffling in the background.



“Are you safe? I don’t know where the wolves lives I would have come and get you”


I didn’t want him to be worried about me



“Dad,I’m safe. The wolves are not that bad. Alpha ray is taking good care of me”



I heard a growl at the mention of alpha rays name.



“Well…he said you are his mate”



“Yes,that what he said”



“Yes we couldn’t believe it either,when he told us…there was nothing we could do. It either we agreed to let u go with him or we will never hear from you again” my father said sounding dull



I guess he is not happy with my current situation



“Sweetie…can you visit us.I miss you” my mother said



I missed her too. I could see ray clear his throat looking uncomfortable. Of course he was listening to this conversation. There was no way I will refuse to see my parent.



“Okay…I will …”



Before I knew it,alpha ray grabbed the phone from my hand and slammed it down,cutting the call



I looked up at him in shock. My hand still in the air as if I was still holding the phone




“I didn’t finish” I said with my eyes opened wide.



“Well…that’s enough for today” he said sharply



Okay,let me not argue. I should be grateful for him letting me speak with my parent isn’t it?



“We will be meeting with another royal couple soon”



I gave him a wary look.






“The dragon king and his new wife. I feel a war brewing between the vampire and us. I want the dragons to be on our side.” He explained to me as i thought about it.



“That’s sound interesting…”

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“Yes it is. He was just crowned king. His father died unexpectedly and he just got married to one of the princess from Fae kingdom. They are odd couples,that’s what I heard”



As if we aren’t one



“I want you to be on your best behavior, do not say anything that will offend them”



Was he serious? I am not a child.



“I will be fine” I said shortly as I heard a knock on the door



“Queen Isabella?”




It was Sophia. I slid out of the corner that ray had me in and rushed to the door.



“What took you so long?” I questioned as I looked at her.



She was flushed. Her dress was rumpled and her hair a bit messy.



“Um…Kelly and I had to talk about some things”



Somehow I knew it was a lie but I just smiled as I heard ray cleared his throat.



“Isabella we will talk later”



The look he gave me,made me think he wanted to talk the way Kelly and Sophia had just done and I won’t agree to that.



“I think not”



“Enjoy your tour ladies. Sophia if u put her in harms way you won’t live to see the light of the day,understood? ”



“Yes, your highness”













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