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Something did not sit right with me as I and Sophia were escorted back into the castle. It wasn’t the bread…but the list of ingredients that I needed to complete this….this spell. I could not possibly get everything.



Spells are evil, Especially the manipulative spell. But if it will get me out of this place it’s not that bad.



“You two are back so soon?”



Kelly met us in the foyer,an unreadable expression on his face.



“Yes.Sophia took me to a nice bakery. Here, taste some” I smiled as I tore off a piece and gave to Kelly.



He shook his head as he glanced at Sophia.



Since he didn’t take it,I popped it into my mouth and ate it.


“Sophia, we have to speak… Alone”



She tensed up.



“Your highness and I were just getting ready to…”



“That is not an option Sophia!” Kelly said sternly



I watched his eyes began to….well show his wolf. I looked at Sophia and


she straightened up even more.



“We will speak later, Sophia” I said with a comforting smile.



Kelly look less than happy with her. He wrapped an arm around her waist and they disappeared down the hall.






I turned around slowly, watching hidden figure appear around the corner. It was Mirabel. She had a far look in her eyes.



“Mirabel” I said while taking a step back.



So Raymond has listened to my advice? I have to say it is surprising. My mother had to fight my father tooth and nails to get her views across things and Ray had just….. listened. It was odd. Odd for a man. Even more odd for a beast.



“ is your back?” She questioned.



She seemed to twitch a bit. It pained her to be nice to me probably. “Thank you for speaking to my…”




“You do not have to act as if you like me. I did a kind deed not to help you necessarily. You do not have to repay me with anything if that is what you are thinking”



She awkwardly looked around before sighing.



“You have no idea what I can do and what I can’t do. I am expressing my thanks that is all. ”



After that she walked away from me.



That was odd but it was not like I wanted her to be angry and crazed like before.



I walked towards ray study. I whipped open the door. My eyes quickly wandering around.



There I saw ray at his desk, book in hand. Looking incredibly annoyed.



I walked over to the door and closed it before looking at ray who was still concentrating on his book.



“What is wrong?” I questioned him.



“The humans retaliated again. They forced my hand, Isabella. They were casualties”



I tensed up.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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“My parent are they…”



“They are alright. They went to the local village. It kinda far from this disobedient humans!”



Of course those humans were my kind. What did he care? He is a beast!


He said it as if he was sorry which I knew he was not!



“Sophia and I were only gone for two hours,how could you get that information to and fro that easily?”



He might have known all day. When he kissed me, talked to me nicely earlier. He is a master at manipulation.



“My messenger”



“From what I know, it takes two to three days to get to the human kingdom. How is that possible?”



He is a liar. He had always been a liar.



He sighed



“On horse it takes three days. My messengers run in wolf form. They are quickest men I have in my kingdom. It takes them three hours to deliver a message from your world.”



I shook my head



“How can you just end someone life so quickly? Do you even tried to hear them out? Want to know why they rebelled against you? You are so cruel and straight forward with everything ray. You cannot rule the humans like this! They won’t follow your rules” I exclaimed


He just stared at me as if I were crazy.



“This how I rule. I won’t change my ruling habits because of the few deaths of rebelling humans. I am not discriminating against humans, not at all. Some lycans also rebelled against me long time ago. I have dealt with their insubordination with their deaths” he explained.



I stared at him accusingly. Some part of me believed him while a large part didn’t want to believe him.



“Also a man called Alexander would like to have an audience with you. I told him no”



My heart jumped. Alexander father was killed in my presence. Alexander wanted to court him but I didn’t like him. It gave me an odd feeling.



“Wh..what did he say?”



“Who is he to you?” He growled out



He looked tense and ready to pounce at the way I responded to his name.


It amuses and scared me a bit.



“He is an old suitor who’s advances I respectfully declined. He stays in the main town. His father was murdered along the people you killed in my village” I told him truthfully.



He looked annoyed that I mentioned their death. He has no right to be angry over something he caused.



“Why are you angry?”



“Nothing. I’m just bothered about why he wants to see you. I want to attempt at peace. So we will go to the human kingdom soon, when we get there we will meet him. I mean that as in us together. Not him alone with you. That will never happen” he stated watching me closely.



I did not wish to be alone with Alexander. No woman would want to be alone with him.



“So you are governing the whole human kingdom?”



“Kind off. You don’t like it?”



I bit my lower lip for a while. The former human government was cruel. The rich were getting richer and the poor getting poorer. If ray was the head I’m sure the human kingdom will be safe. He respects me and will not do anything that won’t make me happy with him.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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“Are we visiting my parent also?”



“No. ” he stated






“We are going to the main town, if we go and see your parent it will take four days and I need to come back to my kingdom on time”



“Why don’t you just tell them to meet us in the main town” I suggested



I really missed my parent.



“No. Isabella it not yet time to meet them”



“Why? Why are you keeping them away from me? Are they even still alive?” I yelled



“I didn’t kill them. I let you speak with them the other day, remember? I have my reasons and I will explain that to you when the time is right. Please try to understand Isabella”



He was being nice….that’s strange. I expected him to yell back at me. All I


could was nod



He rubbed his temples,looking away.



“So how was your tour around my kingdom?” He asked



His eyes never leaving my own as I somewhat fidgeted under his breath.



Should I tell him?



“It was interesting… I met a very kind baker”



He nodded slowly, his eyes brightening as we both sat in silence.






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“Sophia” Kelly growled



I continued to our room I could feel the heat from his stare. He was angry with me. I could feel his anger through our bond.



“Sophia” he snapped again as he spun me around,forcing me to look at him.



“Yes, lord Kelly?” I questioned



I watched his muscles tensed as I called him that.



“Sophia, look at me”



I frowned. I despised looking into his eyes. Everything…I mean everything a mate was supposed to look at their half with…was in his eyes. I could not stare back in his eyes.






“Sophia by the gods,you test my ounce of patience that I gave.” He growled out,cupping my chin.



“Then reject me” I suggested.



“Why should I do such an idoitic thing? You are mine Sophia”



Before I had a chance to think of something to say to him, I felt his teeth sink into my skin. Where my mark was.



“Kelly” I stiffened



My wolf perking up at our male very directly staking his claim on us. My body began to thrum with the sensation of his dominate wolf.



His large body pressed into mine his hands gripping my hips tightly.



“Kelly” I moaned as he withdraw his teeth, lapping gently at the blood he had drawn.



“D-dont do that”



My mark was extremely sensitive and he knew that.



“Tell me you are mine” he said as his lips hovered over my own



He always did this. His smoldering stare and sinful lips.



“” I forced out of my mouth even though it felt as if my tongue was going to explode for saying no to my mate.



As soon as he opened his mouth…he shut it,tensing up a bit.



He twisted to the side a bit,still traping my body with his.



“You,draw a bath. ” he announced to one of the maids



The realization of what he had just ordered them to do,kicked in.



“I am not…bathing with you”



“Whether I bath with you or not, you need to wash these horrid scent oil of your body. If I smell that one more time ever again, I will ensure that your pores reek with my scent. Every crevice of your beautiful skin will smell like me. Do you understand me, Sophia?” He growled out.



My wolf flash images across my mind on how he will get his scent on me.



He had toyed with me too much. My senses were on overload as his lips smothered my own



“Would you like me to join you?” He said in between his lips devouring my own.



I had to have him. My body craved him entirely too much. That is how we always ended up having intercourse. He would toy with our bond,my body. Subtle little things until my wolf could no longer handle being teased.



“Yes” I whimpered out,as I felt his strong arms wrap around my waist picking me up.














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