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“Mother! Mother please help me. I need your help”



My mother stood in her room humming to an odd mixture of music that she was playing. She seemed to be oblivious that I was in the room next to her,yelling at her.



“Mother please,listen to me” I screamed, tears trailing down my face.



I looked down at my body. Dark patches of fur were sprouting up from my skin.



“Mother please!” I sobbed as I watched her spin around the room,not hearing me.



I was becoming a beast and there was nothing that could be done to stop that. I felt wearing pain shoot throughout my body as I felt to all fours.



“Mother! Mother” I screamed



Each time I called her my voice sound more animalistic each second.



She suddenly turned around. Eyes wide and horrified.












My eyes snapped open,I could feel two strong hands gripping my shoulder. I could hear a deep voice calling out my name, glowing red eyes looking down at me.




“Get away” I screamed as I see the glowing eyes becoming more brighter.



I hit at the object the delirium from my dream clouding my judgment.



I felt the hands fell from my body and I began to try and get my breathing together.



“Isabella is it me?”



I heard a deep voice beside me. It was ray. He was standing with a candle in his hands.



He looked terrifying with how the light shone off of his half naked body. I looked away wiping my wet face.



“Are you alright?” He questioned me as he sat on the bed placing the candle on the night table.



“You do not care” I whispered out loud as I heard his long sigh.



“Can I become a beast? Will I transform into one since you have bit me?” I asked quickly not wanting to carry on this conversation.



“No, You will not but our child will be halfbreed. Like Sophia and mercy.” He explained as I shifted in the bed.



We will not have children. Never! I had no idea mercy was an halfbreed.



As I shifted from the bed I felt something wet coming from my womanhood. I internally groaned. I had either wet myself in the bed…or I was receiving my time of the was supposed to come two weeks ago but due to certain beasts I think it pushed back.



I quickly got up and rushed to the bathroom. Sure enough once I lit the candle it was blood. Relief flooded me. I quickly tried to wash up wondering what I should do. I don’t think beast women have this curse of the month.



Before I could go outside and ask ray….there was a knock on the door.



“You are bleeding, Isabella? What is wrong? Why are you injured?” His voice left no room for reason.



When I didn’t answer right away he opened the door.



“Stop, I am not dressed” I stressed as his eyes traveled over my body.



A small simple towel hid my private area from him but my br**sts were still out.



“What is wrong?” He asked keeping his distance from me as I stared at him.



My mother told me husbands must not know when the time of the month is for their safety. But I don’t care about Ray’s safety.



“I am on my curse of the month”



His eyesbrows drew together



“You bleed from your womanhood….correct?”



I nodded mutely as he began to walk towards me. I shook my head continuously as he approached me




“So you are not pregnant?” He asked.



his hands traveling over my neck,and down my spine.









He looked…angry… Upset.



“We will try again when you are done with this ‘curse’ ” he announced as I stared at him wide opened



“No….I do not wish to have a child,Ray”



His face said it all.



“We will try again,Isabella. This is not up for discussion. I have broken many rules for you but one that will not be broken is having an heir.



How could he say something like that?



“Am I supposed to be overjoyed by that? You took everything I loved and you think breaking a few rules when you are king is suppose to impress me?”



He glared at me.



“As I said before this is not up for discussion”



So he will force me again? That is good to know. I don’t know why I thought he would give up. He Is a beast and I am his wife, his property.


“Please leave me alone”



“I will call on a maid to help you”



After saying that he left. He would not do that to me again,I will fight.



I heard a soft knock on the door.



“Your highness?”


“Come in”



I was expecting to see Sophia but no it was another maid I had seen in the castle. I felt odd being half naked in this woman.



“Where is Sophia?” I asked her.



I haven’t seen her in a few days.after she cried in my arms I haven’t set my eyes on her since then.



The woman looked away.



“Where is Sophia?” I asked again making her look up at me with wide eyes.



“She has gone missing… one can find her your highness”



Pamela writes



I wasn’t able to go to sleep. My stomach hurt,thinking about Sophia,thinking about giving Ray an heir. I had no comfort. Ray will die if I requested to talk to Kelly in my bed and not properly dressed


I couldn’t talk to Sophia because she was missing…..matter of fact I need to


speak with Kelly. If she had been missing for a few days now that would be around the time Kelly wanted to meet with her. Did he have anything to do with her absence?



I threw the covers off me and slowly got up. Taking all my strength, I manage to get to my wardrobe.



I managed to get my dress on but I could not lace it up in the back. I walked over to the door and opened it. The devil was walking down the hallway.



“Oh,just the queen I was searching for” Mirabel smiled as I sighed.



I turned around.



“Oh! Your back is exposed….would you appreciate my assistance?”



I attempted to minimize my evident attitude.



“If you could”



She was trying it to incredibly tight but would I say anything? No.



“Thank you” I breathed out as I turned around stiffly.



She was frowning.



“What is the problem?”



“I heard you were bleeding from….a place. I didn’t believe it until now!


Ugh. The smell is horrid. Smells like blood and hot iron sword.”



I glared at her as I tried to smell…but I smell nothing.



“You with your weak human nose. Of course wouldn’t smell it.”



“Why have you come here?” I asked her as she watched me wince in pain.



I know she didn’t just want to see me just to smell Me and then leave or make fun of me.I actually do. She is a kind of woman who likes stepping on one nerves.



“I wanted to visit you, see how you are. I am trying to be kinder to you since my brother told me to do so”



“How sweet!”



“Now I came here to look for my brother. I need to punish a servant”



Whoever that servant is…I few sorry for her



“What servant? Speaking of servants…have you seen Sophia?”



“Recovering” she smiled



“From what?” I panicked.



Did someone attack her? Can she not fend for herself? Was it a beast?








“What do you mean from you?” I said hotly




“She committed a crime, two actually…so she has to be punished” she said while looking at her nails then looking up at me



“Why do you look horrified?”



“How did you punish her? And where is she?”



“Please stop acting like you are kind. You just like her because she listens to your idiotic human problems. You do not care about her! You care for an half breed but despise a wolf? Am surprised how you use your charm to bewitch my poor brother in letting you keep your so called friendship. Humans and half breed are like food chains to me…so disgusting!”



My face was hot with anger. I felt like taking a sword to her throat. How dare she insult me and Sophia! Let alone punish her.

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“I don’t have time to listen to your hate speech. Where is she? And what crime did she commit”



“Harming a servant…she harmed two actually. That is six lashings then she will receive six lashings today for tampering with the natural law.”



This woman is mad!



“What do you mean? She is the servant you are punishing today?”



This has to be an horrible illusion. How on earth could Sophia… Sweet Sophia be whipped! Is this why she was crying? I need to speak with her immediately.



“Yes you are welcome to join. She’s getting disciplined in the courtyard”



What is wrong with this woman? Does she enjoy getting me angry?



“She’s actually there right now,if you wish to speak with her…go immediately”



“As Queen I order you to terminate any further punishment


,and that include the six lashings you are about to give her.” I told her with as much anger and confidence I could muster up.



She began to laugh which was a hideous high pitch laugh might I add.



“My brother gave me a full reign to do whatever I want to do with the servants of the castle so your word means nothing. Your words can never trump over the king’s my Queen”



“I will find Ray” I snapped



“And tell him to call off this horrible charade” I pushed past her and began my journey towards his study



“Oh Queen Isabella, my brother is not here. He took a trip to one of our village”



I whipped around and was shocked to see she was directly behind me.



“If you know he was at the village, why come to his room asking for him?”



“You are right…I had momentarily forgotten but now I remember”



She just wanted to let me know that my friend will be getting hurt by her.


She knew from the moment I opened the door that ray was not with me.



“You are a disgusting woman”



“Well…I would have loved to discuss how much of a great woman I am but I have an half-breed to discipline”



I followed her and she scoff.



“Oh…you will like to watch the show my queen? Be my guest then”



I followed her outside where I was completely appalled at the amount of servants outside. Did they badly want to see one of their own beaten and humiliated? Or was I thinking wrongly? Were they just witnessing a monstrosity . The small sea of people began to part when Mirabel and I made our way to the center.



There was a post and tied to that post was a….small heap of a woman. Her


dark hair sprawled all over,her back exposed showing gruesome lashes on her beautiful skin.



“Sophia!” I shouted as I was about to run to her.



A large hand was gently placed on my shoulder pulling me back.



I turned around to see who had the audacity to touch me, to think about stopping me to run to my friend. It was Kelly!



“Kelly,what is going on? Can you please tell Mirabel to stop this nonsense.”



Kelly shook his head grimly,his eyes never leaving the ground



“I have as much say in this as you do. I am beneath you. The fourth in line. She is the third. It is better Mirabel does it….than Raymond”



I could not believe this was happening? Her head were hung low and her wrist were tied together. This is insane!



“There is nothing I can do?” I mutter to myself



I saw Mirabel with a whip in her hand






She glared at me



“There is nothing you can do to stop this my queen” she said in a sickly sweet tone.



“I will take her place”



Kelly snatched my hand,yanking me towards him



“Ray will have my head if I allow this happen in front of me”



“Then leave Kelly”



I could see the thoughts rummaging through Mirabel’s head. She looked angry with me which was not a surprise.



“Will that be acceptable..princess Mirabella?”



“If you like to blemish your skin for the sin of an half breed whom am I not do tell you to do so?”



I was shaking. That whip looked horrifying plus….Sophia’s back look horrid.


She was partly a beast and it hadn’t healed yet. What would happen to me?



“Well…I thank you for accepting my request princess Isabella”



“Someone grabbed the servant”



I watched two guards come up and untie Sophia. One took her in his arms.



I watched Kelly walk over to them.



“I will take her. Mirabel ten lashes,nothing more or else you will be breaking the law and you will be on the receiving end of the whip.” Kelly growled



“Of course,lord Kelly”






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