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Chapter 12



So I didn’t feel like the wedding ceremony ended well








All the wolves were running. Ray quickly migrated to the top of the pack. He was outrunning everyone. First it seemed as though they were purposely lagging behind….but as I watched them…I could tell he was the fastest.



Ray stopped abruptly. I looked up from my eyes closed for a second…to be surrounded with about 100 or so wolves. They all looked feral. As if they were waiting to pounce.



Fear crept up into me. I held onto ray.



“I want to leave” I said shakily



Ray looked back at me on his back and made a growl. They were many to be wolves. All looking at me. Probably some of the wolves who had murdered the villagers, took me away from my parent. The killers of the villagers were probably here.



I quickly got off of ray. I looked at the wolves…and gulped.



Turning my back,I began to walk away from everyone. I glanced back and a big wolf was coming. It was Ray.



He had managed to get in front of me and began to growl.



“M-move” I said shakily



“I need to leave”



I watched as his body transformed into a man, A naked man.



“What are you doing mate?” He said glaring at me. He seemed furious



“I-am going home!” I exclaimed



I began walking away from him.



“To the castle?” He asked gripping my arms



“This is our wedding day, love”



“No” I gulped



“Leave me alone!”



“We are tied together” he shouted



I need to behave well to see my parent again.



I sighed.



“Okay cab you just put on something?”



I wasn’t comfortable seeing him like this. All the wolves had left already.



He seemed to ‘mind link’ kelly because in a few minutes Kelly came with a pair of pant to give ray. He quickly slipped them on. After that Kelly left…..which left Ray and I.



“Now you will hunt? Or the feast?” I asked as he shook his head



I gave him a confused look



“B..but Sophia said that….”



“It is already too late. I am tired. We will go back to the private wing in the castle. Eat and retire for the night.”



My heart skipped a beat. He said ‘retire for the night’,as in to go to sleep. Did he realize that I don’t want to consummate the marriage? Was the beast actually not that horrible?



I smiled.



“I-i suppose…we are going to just sleep tonight? ” I asked slowly.



He nodded curtly and I smiled.



“I am a bit hungry.Do they have cake for us? In my culture we have cake” I said trying to make a conversation



He was being abnormally quiet. I was happy.he would not be touching me at all tonight.


“They have dessert” he said cryptically



I sighed. He was enforcing the marriage so much and now….he was quiet


about it.



“How is your palm?” He questioned, changing the subject



I looked at it.



“Um…it’s ok”



We walked in silence until we reached the was dark by the time we had reached the castle.



Once we arrived in some private wing, we entered a small dinning room. The food was already set and looked delicious. He had pulled my chair out for me and I was surprised at the ‘human like’ gentle man behaviour. When I noticed he wasn’t going to sit… I looked up at him. Was this tradition? Was he supposed to watch me eat?



“You eat. I have things to tend to” he said curtly.



“Once you are done, a maid will lead you to our chambers”



I nodded…and he left. I silently ate my food.why was he acting so odd? Had he regretted marrying me? If he has….he will break the marriage and allow me to leave? If I go back to my homelands…what shall happen?



The thought of going back to my village made me sick…but I missed my parents.what was preventing my parent from seeing me? Or has the lycans captured them? Were they being threatened?



As I ate in silence ,horrible thoughts twisted through my mind.creeping up and biting me.making the silence unbearable.I had to move around to do something,make myself useful or else the silence would kill me.



I ate a bit more of some chocolate cake…then stood up creaking the door and open a bit.I saw two maids in the hall….they were speaking.



“Yes…I hear she rejected the pack in front of him.he is furious”



“She has no idea what she did.They all hate her” the other said.



“Sophia seems to be fond of her”



“I do not know why.she is weak….too weak to handle someone like the


king.” They began to laugh



My throat constricted.I was in a place where everyone hated me. I took a deep breath. A few ones. I refused to show any emotions in front of them.



“Excuse me…I am ready” I said revealing myself



The two straightened up and both smiled at me.



“Follow us,your majesty”



I felt like hitting both of them….smiling in my face as if they both hadn’t


just called me names and insulted me.



I was lead up to a long staircase….that lead to a door. They opened the


door for me and it was what I expected. A beautiful bedroom with a large bed. Two large closets, a sitting area and of course a bathroom.

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“Thank you. You two are dismissed”



“Oh we have to bath you, my Luna. Get you ready for the Alpha.” One smiled as she looked over my clothed body



“That is alright. I can bathe myself”



“We must! A maid must do it. It is tradition” one exclaimed.



“You have to be presented to the king, bathed and everything.”



“Well since you two insisted that I must be bathed by a Maid,fetch Sophia then. If you two have a problem with that I will just inform the king that you both have disobeyed the queen simple request. That is what I am to you two…isn’t it?” I asked as both of them looked at me nervously.



“Or am I a weak human? Am sure the king will love to hear that”



They both bowed not curtsied or getting their knees on the floor, Their heads were touching the floor.


“We are so sorry queen Isabella. Please do not tell the king”



“Yes we are so sorry” the other agreed.



I rolled my eyes. It feels good to be a queen though and frustrating



“Yes well…we’ll see…now fetch Sophia and I don’t want to see your faces again, understood?”



They both nodded




“Now get up and leave”




They left. I sat on the floor…rocking back and forth gently. They thought I was weak. I didn’t meant to yell, but I had to. I had to show them that I was not weak….compared to these beasts. Both of them could have probably


killed me with ease….but I am the Queen. The king will have their heads.



There was a soft knock on the door.



“My Queen?”



“Come in” I said standing up and watched Sophia rush in.



She looked around worriedly as if she was expecting blood on the floor.






“You did…. well I have handled the two maids for you” she said as she took


me by the hand and lead me into the bathroom.



She began to undress me.



“Sophia you didn’t have to” I said as I glance to the warm steaming bath that awaited me.



“You are the queen and I serve you. Anyone who ever crosses you is not in my good graces”



I smiled softly.



“Thank you sophia”



I submerged myself in the bath. Sighing, it felt nice,wonderful even.



“Does everyone despise me?”



“No..some know that you are a human. They think you misinterpreted everything wrong…well…that is what Kelly and I are telling people” she laughed as I let a lose laugh too.



Kelly…lying on my part. He seemed like an honest man,yet he was lying for me. Both of these people I hardly know showing me extreme generosity.



We spent the rest of the bath time in comfortable silence. When it was time to get out, I insisted on drying myself.



“You will look beautiful in this”



I turned around to see Sophia holding up a sheer and plunging white night gown.



I blushed, shaking my head.



“No..we are just sleeping, I do not want the king to get any ideas.” I told her as she gave me a confuse look.



“Luna” she said gently



“You have to consummate the marriage, Tonight.It is tradition”



Shaking my head I walked over to her,shivering a bit.



“No he said we would retire for the night”



Sophia blinked a few times.




“Yes…you will retire in the bed chambers where you will consummate your marriage” . She finished.



“The king just mind linked me…he is coming”


My heart dropped



“ mean he expects us to.. but I thought…I thought he nodded. I asked if we will just sleep and he nodded” I gulped as she pulled at my towel.



“Sophia!” I snapped



“He is coming” she said nervously



“Please i am supposed to prepare you. He will get mad if he comes in and see that you are not ready for him”



The fear in her eyes was real. She was my only… friend. I didn’t want to get her in trouble.



I slipped into the gown. She had brushed my hair out quickly. I was pretty sure she ripped some hair out…but I was silent. I was terrified.



“Y…you will be fine” she smiled.



“Everyone of us has to go through it” she said as she quickly bowed and then ran out of the room.



Nervously… I sat on the bed. My hands were wrung heartbeat incredibly stomach hurt.


I heard the door opening……






Am beginning to feel for Isabella.



Do you think Ray should do it this night or wait till she is ready?



your opinions








A Human Mate For The Alpha





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