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I took a deep breath. We had managed it. We had managed to get into a carriage and only bring ….ten guards with us. I had no idea what Sophia’s


plan was, and I was nervous about it. How could we rid ourselves of ten men plus two pulling the carriage?



She looked confident.



“Sophia,how are we supposed to..





She shook her head putting her fingers on her lips.I suppose we are not supposed to talk about it. I just have to follow her Iead,which I had no problem with



“So king ray wants me to explain about our kingdom to you, what do you want to know about the lycans?” She asked as I sighed trying to ask a good question.



I had many but which one will not offend Sophia?



“Why does ray try so hard? Why does he insist on touching me,being around me? He obviously knows I do not feel that way towards him yet he continues. He also betrayed his sister for me.” I questioned her



Sophia looked at me grimly.



“Lycan men only think about only two thing throughout their lifetime. Their status and their mates. With these two things,their lives should exceedingly abundant in happiness. They will do anything for their mate. Turn their backs on family and friends. Because the pull from the mate bond is strong.



They will do anything,well in normal situations attempt to do anything to appease their wolves,which is their other halves.



I nodded slowly. So that’s why ray will betray his sister to please his wolf.



“His eyes also glow a lot too, is he that angry with me so often?”



It seemed like everything I did made his animalistic eyes to glow,which freighted me at times. Waking up to seeing him looking at my form,it terrifying.



“Well…the only way I can describe it…is if we’ll humans blush,yes? If they are angry or sad,embarrassed?” I agreed



“Let us pretend that it is essentially a lycan blushing.whether it be from anger,happiness or lust..that is how a wolf show its present which sometimes can seem dangerous. If the wolf takes over…it animalistic urges…might overpower the human side…does that makes more sense?”



I was actually more confuse than ever. It felt like if she continues to explain I will get more confuse.



“I…suppose so”



“Mates are very important to lycans. If your other half dies it very hard to move on. It is even difficult to even live well in most cases”



This mate thing is very serious.



“Ray just expects me to fall inlove with him and follow every of his instruction? And also lust over him like he does? I can’t do that easily”



She nodded her head eagerly.



“Yes I understand.Kelly expect that from me too. It mate bond also helps…it pulls you closer to each other. His is in full effect of yours…. since


you are a human it a bit more difficult to control…I understand. Do you feel anything for him? Even if its just little? You can be truthful with me.”



I looked down twiddling with my hair. It was Sophia. She is my only friend.


I can tell her things right? She won’t judge me.



“I do not know. I am starting to feel towards him. Some part of me have decided to accept him as my husband but I can’t bring myself to it. What if he hurt me? I barely know him. The only thing I know about him is he being an alpha.” I said struggling with the tears that were already piling up in my eyes.



Sophia was silent as I attempted to hide my tears. She does not need to see me crying. What will I get from crying? Nothing but pity. I shut my eyes tightly, trying to get my emotions under control.



I felt her arm wrap around my shoulders



“It okay to cry. It will make you feel better”



My body wanted to welcome her warmth,her comfort. I declined. I moved away a bit,smiling.



“I am fine Sophia. Just a moment of weakness”



She gave me an unsure look



“It not a mom…..”



“I do not wish to discuss this anymore” I say as I watch her closed her mouth as she look outside the carriage window.



I sighed,running a shaky hand through my hair. Since she was close to me I felt like it a good decision to ask her about her plan to save her friend.



“What’s your plan?”



She looked around before scooting a bit closer to me.



“There is a bakery that I have told the coachman to stop at. When he stops we will go in and pretend to speak with a baker. He knows me and will lead us through the back door, I know my way to her house through there. I also brought a oil that will eliminate our scent”



I nodded slowly as the carriage suddenly stopped.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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“Well…let us get going” she announced as we watched the carriage door open





I was let out first then Sophia followed. The ace looked like my village. Small quint,bricks everywhere,small homes. One thing that got me worried was the royal guards. How are we going to get rid of them?



“We will go in. Stay right here. The baker shop is too small to accommodate you all. Watch over the carriage,we will be back soon” Sophia told the men



They just stared at me as if Sophia had no authority.



“Your highness are you sure?” A guard ask making direct contact with me,avoiding Sophia completely.



“Excuse me? Sophia is also your princess! She is royal just like I am! I am sure prince Kelly will love to hear how you disrespect his mate. She has authority too just like I have also. So listen to her and do as she had said” I announced watching them give sorrowful looks to Sophia who was smiling and blushing.



We entered the small bakery and was instantly welcomed by heat. An elderly man stood behind a stone table,pounding his fists into a large heap of dough.



“Mr Anthony! How are you?” Sophia said very loudly, almost obnoxiously.



I watched the elderly man continue to knead the dough. Sophia sighed, clearing her throat.



“Mr Anthony! HOW ARE YOU?”



The elderly man looked up quickly,looking confused at us. A small smile spread across his lips as he waved his hand.



“Sophia how do you do? Who is this wonderful lady with you?” He shouted as I wondered what was going on.



“He is nearly deaf” Sophia whispherd as I nodded my head in understanding.



“This is Queen Isabella! She is My friend…” She said glancing at me while smiling.



I smiled back,watching the man clap his floured hands together.



He rushed Over to us and grabbed us both in a bone crushing hug.



“Beautiful” he shouted in my face



I tried not to wince at the loud compliment he had given me.



“Here,take bread my queen” he gave me two loaves wrapped in cloth.



I had no idea why but I felt the need to laugh.



He reminded me of an elderly nice person. Being overly sweet and kind.


He shoved the two loaves in my hand,similing widely as Sophia giggled.



“Bread is good for bones and smiles. ”



I watched Sophia grab the elderly man,bringing her lips close to his ears.



“We are going to see Morgana. Tell them we have left and went to the market. Okay?”



“Be careful” he shouted as he kissed her cheek and envelope me in a large hug.



“Remember eat bread.”




Sophia lead me past his baking table and furnace and opened a flimsy door. We stepped through and we were outside. Shutting it quickly,she sprinkled some oil on her dress and did the same to mine.



“This is what I used to…distract Kelly” she said ‘distract’ quietly.



“Oh…interesting” I told her as we walk through the village.



People glancing at us…giving us odd looks but dared not approach us. Did they know who we were? Why did nobody approached us? I am so confused. I kept my mouth quite though as I followed Sophia.



She stopped in her tracks suddenly and exhaled loudly. We were in front of a small old house. It had a sign that said ‘beware’…but scribbled out with ‘Welcome’. That was one warning sign.



Sophia knocked on the door three times before she checked the lock. She let out a yelp and I pulled her back.



“Sophia what was that?” I asked as she waved the hand that had just touched with the doorknob.



“Morgana! It is me, Sophia!” She shouted angrily ass her eyes began to glow with ‘anger’



I watched the door swing open suddenly.



An elderly woman appeared, she was unlike anything I have ever seen before.



Her eyes were white and twinkling. White old hair, and paper white skin was what greeted my eyes. She held a black cane.



“Morgan!” Sophia exclaimed wrapping her arms around the old woman.



A grunt of frustration left her lips as I watched her whack Sophia with the cane.



“You do not need to touch me child. Do not act freshly in front of the queen”





I watched as Sophia rubbed her leg and glared at the elderly woman…as she turned her glossy dark eyes over to me.



“Oh…oh we will have fun today. The queen is here.” She smiled before opening the door wider.



“Come,come inside”



We both stepped in and was greeted with warmth. It was quite chilly outside and the odd warmth was comforting yet terrifying. It made my body tingle. I glanced at Sophia to see if she was affected, she was not. Not at all. I stayed near the door watching Sophia happily looking at the odd things in the small home.



I jumped a bit as the elderly woman slammed the door shut.



“You have not come to visit me in a while,is it because of the prince?” The elderly woman snickered as Sophia frowned.




“How do you know that?” She asked




The elderly woman hobbled over to the small wooden table that had three chairs crowded around it.



“Set the loaves down.” She amnouced as I slowly did.



She hobbled over to the side where I set my bread down and then unraveled them. She then proceeded to tear into it. Devouring it…like an animal. Well I hope she enjoys my bread.



“And you know I know everything child. When are you having children? Bring the pups to me, I will discipline them with this!” She said as my eyes widened.



Her cane that was leaning against the door began to roll towards her. I yelped and jumped closely to Sophia. The woman chuckled.



“Silly human queen. I bet you have never seen a seer before?”



“You are a witch ” I claimed



I have heard about them before. My mum do tell me stories about them.


My father had once said it was fake and shams.



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“Witch,seer, devil. I have many names” she announced as she ripped a piece of bread off and handed it to me.






“No. Thank you” I smiled declining her offer respectively.

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Her hands were marred with soot. I did not want that in my mouth.



She shrugged her shoulders.



“Soon you will be taking any food you can get”



I stared at her as Sophia sighed loudly.



“Morgan, we do not come to merry and eat bread. The prince, my mate would like you dead. You should leave. He and king ray both agreed that you are dangerous”



Morgan stopped her eating.



“Oh, I know”



“You know and you are still here!” Sophia shouted.



The look on her face look as if she was about to pull her hair out and stomp up and down. I felt bad for Sophia. Obviously this woman is important to her… Although her manners atrocious….and the woman didn’t seem to understand at all.



“Because I am me. I do not fear silly werewolves”



“You should fear those two. They are breed of fury and strength”



I watched as the woman sighed



“Child cease your worries! I have dealt with them already. They just visited me. I must say both of them makes my body hum with delight. If I didn’t find laying with dog atrocious, I could have had those two on my bed!”



The image of such atrocity made my stomach curdle. I would definitely not be eating anything anytime soon.



“What do you mean about you have dealt with them?”



She smiled



“I mean no trouble child. I have made a deal with the devil….or should I


say devils?” The smirk white chapped lips scared me.



Did she made a deal with ray and Kelly?



“What? What deal did you make? And with who?”



She chuckled as she rose from hr seat and hobbled over a stack of old books. She was humming.



“Morgan! Morgan! Answer me” Sophia snarled



The woman spun around.



“Do not use such tone on me! Who kept you away from your prince all alone? I did!”



“Morgana,what deal did you made with them?” Sophia pressed again.



“When did they come here?”



“Yesterday child. The two dogs came here yesterday. I gave them some portions and they left. That is all I’m telling you. You don’t expect me to tell you what I gave my customers, do you? I am running a respectful business!”



So ray and Kelly have some magical portions. I wonder what they will do with it. For some reasons my stomach clenched.



“Morgan you an insufferable old woman!”



“And you a spoilt child. You both should take your leave now unless any of you will want some portions too? I am pressed to make portions for others too”



She would give us portions if we ask? That’s nice. What kind of portion should I tell her to give me? Ugh…give me a portion to return back to my parent? Or give me a portion that will make ray do as I say? I could tell him to forget me and take me back to my parent. Nice!



“I could give you a portion that will make one do as you say?”



“Isabella…this is not wise” Sophia whispered to me as the woman handed me a piece of thin paper and my other half loaf of bread.



“I…I didn’t say anything. I was thinking ….”



“Shhh…don’t be annoying. You will be called a child instead of a queen. Child suits you better. You and sophia should get going, it getting late. Goodbye and take care of yourselves”



It was as if someone had push me to the door. Sophia was in front of me, moving. I screamed as I saw the witch smiling. This was what magic feels like? It was as if an invisible being was pushing me!



She slammed the door in our faces. I glanced at Sophia who look irritated.



“That insufferable witch!”



“She is an old hag who Cares about no one but she did cared…”



I rubbed Sophia back as she wiped her tears away.



“It okay Sophia”



She slowly got herself together and fixed her cloaks while beginning to laugh.



“She would hit me with her cane if she knows I’m crying right now”



That cane look evil. I don’t want to be hit with that item. Never!



“We should get going” I told her



She grabbed my hand tightly and look at the paper that Morgan hand given me. It contains the list of items I will use to prepare the portion and instructions to follow.



Sophia scooped up the paper.



“You do not need this, right?” She questioned as she began to crumble up the paper.



“No…no…let me just keep it. In case I might need it one day” I gulp



I took the paper and stuffed it into my dress quickly















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