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My body shook as I made my way over to the….whipping post. I held my


head high though. I can do this, this is for a friend. A friend who had gotten into trouble on my behalf. If I had not made such a big deal about the disrespectful maids she would have not had tried to defend my honor by such a gruesome act. But what was the other reason? Was I taking more six lashes for her now? Something about mates.



“Your highness”



I look up to see a terrified looking guard. He was holding the rope he will use to tie me to the post and that he would use to tie my hand also.



I knelt down on shaky knees. I put my hands up….wrists together. The


guard was shaking, I don’t know why. It made no sense. He did not know me personally, I can’t recall seeing him before. Maybe he respect me as a queen and feel bad to see me hurt, that should be the reason. He is a beast and beasts don’t care.



“Your highness, you are punished for the crimes of Sophia Roland for the tampering of the natural law. You are receiving 10 whips for her crimes,do you accept?”



Somehow I did not believe that she would be giving me 10 lashes but





I looked up at Mirabel,watching the joyful glint in her eyes. The smile of a devil.



“Do you accept, your highness?”



“Yes” I said tight lipped.



I was doing this for Sophia. She is a minority in the beast nation too even if she was partly a beast….they didn’t treat her as if she was one of their own.



My body tensed as I heard the crack of the whip.I had planned on being silent and not crying out but the moment that whip hit my flesh, my entire body tensed and I cried out.



I held on tightly to the rope that bound my hands as I heard the crack of the whip.



The skin of my back pulsed, with the connection of the whip once more. I closed my teary eyes, pressing my forehead against the rough wood of the post.



This is the third lashing. Only a few more left.



“You mutt will not take over this kingdom. I and my brother worked far hard for a human to be a queen.” She shouted as my body jerked from the onslaught of lashes that she began to pelt me with.



My back felt as if hot liquid were being poured down it. Hoarse screams left my mouth as I began to lose count of how many lashes I had taken. My heart beat rapidly as I attempted to move. The back of my dress or what remain of it was sopping wet.I could feel the wet material pressing down on my body. Weighing me down, it was wet with my blood.



My eyes peeled open when I heard sobs. One of the maids I had recognized was staring at me in horror as I smiled weakly at body was shaking uncontrollably now. From the pain and the fear I had felt,I urinated on myself.



“Her punishment is over. Someone go get the medic and get her out of her” Mirabel angrily spat.



“Stop” I screamed out weakly, jerking away from the hand that touched my back.



“You animal….you need to be cleaned.bloods all over your dress, I hope


now you will learn to be a good pet for my brother”



The pains from her nails digging into my exposed flesh was too much for my weak body. With one loud cry my eyes began to shut and I tumbled into a peaceful slumber.



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“There was blood everywhere,your highness. From her womanhood,her back…it was revolting”



Loud voices made their way to my ears, making a cry come from my lips. My eyes felt heavy and weal but I managed to slowly open them. My mouth felt like dry sand…my entire body felt like someone had pressed needles into my flesh and left them there.



“Water” I crocked out



My voice sounded disgusting as if I had wailed all day and all night.





An alarmed deep voice boomed making me cringe at how loud and familiar the voice sounded. I cried out in pain as that small movement made blazing fire


dance across the skin of my back. My back felt raw.



I watched Ray appear, he had a cup in his hand. His eyes glowed,making me give him a wary look.



“Part your lips” he said gently.



I did as I was told. The moment I felt water drop into my tongue,I greedily began to drink up what he had to offer.



“More” I whimpered as he brought the cup back staring at me intensely.



“How do you feel?” He asked as I watched him stand






That was all I could mutter as I stiffly looked around the room. A sob left my lips as my stomach clenched. The pain from my monthly period mixed with the pain from the horrid lashings making me shake.



“Medic I need that concoction” ray snapped at the woman.



I watched the elderly woman hand him a cup. He brought it to my lips. I glared at him pressing my lips tighter as I smelt the disgusting liquid.



“Isabella open your mouth or I will force it opened for you” he hissed



I reluctantly opened my mouth. The putrid liquid slid down my throat and I was forced mouthful after mouthful to drink,until the cup was empty.



“Why would you do something so idiotic ?



I could hear ray growl out as his fingers ran through my hair.



If I could move I would swat away from him but an odd sensation traveled throughout my body.



” Sophia is my friend” I whispered



I felt my body floating. It was grand,a marvellous feeling.



“Once she is asleep if you don’t find my sister or Kelly I will have every bastard who watched this atrocity occur head on a stick.”



A hysterical noise left my lips.



“That is very mean ray” I sighed.



I watched his eyes look intensely at me.



“The guards have been searching for Kelly. We believe he is at the maid quarters with maid Sophia,also your sister is nowhere to be found. We think she is in town.”





His eyes were glowing,his teeth were sharp and his voice was getting deeper and deeper. I was mustering up my fear. I knew he wasn’t angry at me but at his sister which I would use to my advantage.



“It should not be damn so hard to find them!” Ray roared scaring both the poor maid and I.



“Ray,please come here” I told him as he gave me a wary look



I held my arm up,staring at my fingers.They looked odd…were they turning into different colors?



“Isabella what is it? Are you still in pain?” He growled out.



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I grabbed his huge hand holding it to mine.



“My mother said if you are upset hold a happy person’s hand. The happiness will transfer from them to you. I am giving you my happiness” I explained to him as I felt a yawn left my lips



“Happiness tastes good like warm chocolate cake and cookies”



“She is delusional. What on earth have you given to her medic?” Ray growled



“Can I see my mother? I miss her so much” I yawned again and felt his hand got tighter around my own.



“She is so sweet and nice to everyone. Do not tell ray about this,he will not believe parent argue but they loved each other so much. I wish I have a relationship like theirs. My mother adored your way of life…the dragons and vampires too,if they truly exist”








“But I would like to see her. Even if it just once. I just want to hug her, but then it dawned on me that you won’t let me see her. Please ray…I just want to see her” I whimpered



The odd feeling slamming into my body as I looked around the room



“Oh look, that is a beautiful beast!” I said pointing towards where I saw a pink and purple beast with fluffy hair.



Jewels was on its shiny fur, what a beautiful sight!



“Uhm…perhaps I had given her too much of it. I forgot she is a mere human”



“That human is queen to you miss!”



“Isabella,just be quiet”



Another giggle left my lips as I yawned again feeling my eyes beginning to slowly close.



“You beasts are so bossy… I will be quiet only because I am tired. ” I told him as I felt myself beginning drift off to sleep.



“The one time she speak recently to me and she is hallucinating ”



I heard ray growled as i wandered off into oblivion












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