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Chapter 18



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Ray’s Pov



“Can I see your beast?”






“Why not?”



“Because I have said so” I growled down at the small half breed child. Isabella has been fond of her recently. She insisted that I hold her hand, she spoke too much for a child of her age. Well I don’t blame her,Kelly gave her that right.



“Alpha ray, how do you get that scar?”




I glared down at the young girl.




“By speaking too much, my father took his claw and slashed it across my face.”



The look of fear on the girl face was truly satisfying.



Opening my bedroom door,he ran inside yelling my wife’s name. I walked in after to see mercy attached to Isabel. She was hugging her tightly but still seemed in pain. Her back was healing fairly well. It has only been a week and she healed quickly for a human. The medic thinks it due to us mating…she is not a were but I am guessing our union as given her some qualities or characteristics of us.



“What happened Luna” mercy asked as she watched her wince in pain



“Sammy said you are hurt”



She laughed lightly



“I helped a friend mercy, that’s all”



I watched her slowly,her recovery was slow…. too slow. Her body was too


weak but her head and soul were strong. Her long dark hair were braided back exposing her beautiful face. Her bottom lip were still bruised due to the force at which she had bitten down when she was whipped.



Her lip would look much more beautiful if that was caused from pleasure not pain!



“Queen Isabella I missed my parents. Do you think I will see them again? I know they are angels now but angels do visit earth at times” mercy muttered.




Mercy parent died two years ago. They had an illness and before it was treated it was too late.



I could feel Isabella’s heart beat pick up. I felt her anguish as she tried to think of something to say.



“Do you have good dreams?” I asked as they both look at me in confusion.



“Yes! Last night I dreamt that I ate the biggest dessert in the world”



I cleared my throat. I did not believe in angels and I know that Isabella would have been the one who told her about this angels stuff. It’s their culture not mine.



“Angels are so far busy to visit earth so they send gifts to us in our dreams. That dessert was from your father” I said hoping that sounded eloquent and not like a bastard trying to learn a new language.



That is what I felt like.



“Oh that makes sense Luna. Mommy knows I love dessert. I can’t wait to go to sleep again to see what father have for me”



The child bought it! I didn’t think she would



“Wait! If they send me my dreams why do I have bad ones? Are there bad angels?”



Now that is a question I don’t have a straight answer to.



“Of course not mercy, when you are bad they send you bad dreams so you won’t do anything bad again” Isabella answered.



She was looking at me with a slight smile which was not normal for us.



“Oh well…I and Sammy stole fruit from the kitchen the other day and ate them. Is that bad?”



Isabella began to laugh. I did not think it was funny.



“Yes. It is very bad”



“Okay.I won’t do it again then. Can we play? I can’t find Sammy and I haven’t seen Kelly for the past few days. Where is Kelly?”



*your highness, lord Kelly is in the courtyard*



A wave of anger left me as I heard about my cousin. I had failed to see him this past few days. I had refused to track him down, Kelly knew me better. He will feel my wrath, ten fold! As for Mirabel she had already been dealt with.



“Isabella I will back. Do not leave this room” I warned her



I watched the look of defiance eyes in her eyes but she nodded her head. At least she is learning how to control that awful tongue of hers.if she had use that rude tongue of hers on me I would have been forced to rip out her tongue just as Sophia did to the maids.



I quickly made my way down the hall way and steps to the courtyard.



Kelly was there alongside with Sophia who was dressed as if she had a royal status…she still had bruises on her face.



“What is the meaning of this?” I growled clenching my fists.



Attempting to control the rage that was building up inside of me.



I watched Sophia beginning to bow.



“Forgive me your highness,I…”



“Sophia,go grab something to eat from the kitchen” Kelly said sternly.



She nodded quickly before leaving us.



Kelly looked tired and angry



“You will tell me how on earth you let that happened to my Queen! The queen you care so much about,the queen who came to you in her time of allowed your queen choose a servant place. Choose your next word carefully cousin. The urge to spill your blood is strong.” I warned him as I watched his eyes begin to glow.



“I am not the Queen keeper. Far from it cousin,she knew what she was doing. Do you even know the full story? Of course Mirabel was kind enough to tell you half of the truth”



“Enlighten me, lord Kelly” I spat



“Sophia was beaten by some of the maids for coming against them for speaking poorly against Queen isabella. But before she was disciplined for punishing the two maids Mirabella let them beat her down,then she



whipped her for that. I supposed sophia was delirious from the pain and began to confess some wrongs she had committed.”



“One being in the deception of her mate. Mirabel heard about it and forced her to tell more. Once she found out the whole story she was furious and said she was bringing charges against her for tampering with the natural law. Sophia could not take it anymore, they left her in the cell overnight without tending for her wounds. All this happened because you gave Mirabella the right to do anything she want to do.”



I shook my head.



“Do not blame me for this brother. And why on earth do you care so much for a maid, a servant Kelly”



“Do you know who are mate is cousin? She was so afraid of having a royal as mate! She tricked me!! She has been using some potion from a sorceress to mask her scent. She has been rubbing her cloth and true scent all over Mercy to throw me off. All this damn years cousin!”



The hurt and anger in my cousin’s eyes was enough to make me think of my next words.



“I find out that morning….a few hours before she about to be


you know how angry I was? I wanted her to receive those whips and I couldn’t watch it. So when Isabella volunteered to take her place I couldn’t stop her yes to save my mate. I am not ashamed to say that. Brother I’m sure if you were in my shoes you would have done the same.”



As much as I wanted to disagree, Kelly was right. Hr didn’t seemed as if he were in his right mind either.


“I will remember this.” I told him



Even if I did agreed with him, My mate was still harmed.



“Has she rejected you?” I asked noticing he bore no mark on his neck.



“I never gave her the chance to. Once I carried her off to the medic, I bit her while she was sleeping”



“How could you have known? Didn’t you aide her in her time of need?”



“Dont you remember? My sense of smell is weak” he hissed out looking around to see if anyone heard him.



To be such an high ranking wolf with a flaw like that could be dangerous. So how on earth did Sophia find out?



“And as to her heat…she covered her tracks well. I just thought she smelt amazing because of her heat. She doused everything in that you know when I arrived at the maid house she let me in, agreed for me to male her then gave me tea. She put drug in the tea, when I woke up she was gone”



I never realized that Sophia was that smart.



“That is why I was so angry the day that Isabella threatened to kill Mirabel. I just wanted to ask her what happened? Why she will do a thing like that? I don’t understand why she refuses this much. Do you know that she wanted to stay as a maid forever? A maid rayomnd! ” my cousin growled out



“I threatened to kill the witch that gave her that potion that was the only way I could get her to accept her role by my side”



This was all happening fast and suddenly. A maid is now a princess? At least Isabella will have her as a friend not maid anymore.



“So she is now a princess. I will like her to teach Isabella more about our ways…..if I were you I will end that witch life”



The amount of time Kelly had wasted in following that half breed pup is shameful. He did everything for her! If Isabella did this to me I will be so furious with her.



“I fully intend to”



“No Kelly…please don’t…you promise not to kill her.” Sophia held a glass cup in her hands.



It fell on the ground and broke into pieces.



She ran to him and tumbled on the floor. She grabbed onto his hand, pleading with him. Tears gathering in her eyes.



“She was just trying to help me. Please Kelly”



“Help you from what? I am a good man Sophie. I will never harm you. I don’t understand” Kelly growled out to her.



“Get up Sophia!”



“No…please…please don’t” she cried as Kelly helped her stand up.



She kept crumbling back down to the ground. Then hr just tossed her over his shoulders, Like a bag of laundry!



I had more important things to attend to rather than watch these two make a fool out of themselves



“We will talk later Kelly”






Sophia is one lucky girl. She finally stole my favorite character oh my kelly










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