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Chapter 5



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So I have decided to write in a different way. Enjoy
















***** “You are truly a jewel”


I grimaced,staring at my father friend son,Ronald. He was handsome, tall and lean..a dashing smile. Everything a girl could ask for in a man,yet he lacked brains.


I sighed.


“Your flattery does not appeal to me”


“Oh?” He questioned.


He pulled something from his jacket pocket.


“Does this type of flattery,do? A jewel for a jewel” he smiled as he revealed a sparking sapphire necklace


My greed was eating up with me. It was beautiful actually, any woman will be proud to have that round her neck.


“One fit for a daughter of your father” he smirked


A frown graced my features.


“I think it’s best for you to go. That daughter reference was meant to imply that only one of your status can give me such riches and what? Because of this necklace I will be compelled to marry you?” I scoffed


He look offended that I have unraveled his whole idiotic plan.



“Because of my charm dear. One thing you lack greatly”


“I think it best you leave now” I scoff


He walked away, face red with anger and I did too. How can someone insult my family this way.


“Isabella my dear, why didn’t you take the gift?”


I turned around to see my mother hiding a smile from her lips.


“He insulted our family mother”


“He was right about you.” She said as she circled me with a Look of severe criticism.


“You lack charm. Sure your beauty with get you somewhere but charm is the weapon of a woman”


“So act like an incompetent fool with men,who’ll only use me? He would give me a necklace with one hand and slap me with the other?”


She smiled


“No honey, we women rub their backs with one hand…and simply stab them with a blade with the other”






I stared at the Alpha. It was a week since the tragedy. No one spoke about it. None of the workers in the castle. None of the guards. My only time to question was the meal times.


“I’m not very hungry” I admitted as I watched his jaw tighten.



This happened often when we would eat meals together. I would decline food or avoid answering any question he ask.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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A growl erupted from him as he stabbed at the breakfast.


“You are lying! I hear your stomach from the other room. I will force feed you if I have to”


I gulped and bit of a piece of bread. That would be a horrible thing to go through.


“Why did you kill the villagers? What was your goal?” I questioned him as he stared at me for sometime before he continue to eat his food.


“What? You will not answer me?”


“I have no reason to”


My hand wrapped tightly around my fork. How dare he! He took my life! He ripped it away! All I want within a day?


“You owe me an explanation for killing my parents!”


His eyes met mine.they were ablaze with anger. He seemed to be upset. Which was preposterous considering he had no love lost from this recent tragedy ”


“I didn’t kill them! I only killed those who connive with the vampires to destroy my kingdom.” He yelled


“Vampires? The villagers wanted to ruin your kingdom? Why?”


“What else if not for money? You humans are greedy!”


“Not all humans. Stop judging. And what do my parent have to do with this? I know my parent can’t be involved with this! We aren’t rich but we were satisfied with what we have. You are a horrible king. How could you….”


“Like I said. I didn’t kill your parent!” He Roared


I can see he is trying to control his temper. Well I don’t care if he doesn’t control his temper


“Then who did?”


“Did you see your parent dead body?” he asked


“No, but I didn’t see them alive too. You didn’t give me time to search for their bodies”


“They aren’t dead!” He said


“What are you saying? My parent are alive?”


“Yes” he snarled


So I have been grieving for nothing. I thought they were dead


“So why am I here? I am supposed to be with my parent. Why was I the only one you took from the village?”


He looked up from his food, his eyes was capturing mine.


“I am a king without a queen. It simple” he said as he took a sip of water


I blinked.he could not be serious. Was this a cruel joke to play with a human? “What?”


“You are going to be my queen”


“I will not marry you”


He must have taken something sour. Was he drunk? Something…. Something


wasn’t right.



A smile appeared on his that had me leaning back in my seat. From fear? Intimidation. I didn’t know


“It either you get married to me or you will never see your parent. You don’t have a choice in this matter beautiful”


See my parent? Is he blackmailing me? What if my parent are really dead and he is just lying? If my parent were alive he would have told me to choose between my parent nd death not sacrificing my life for the villagers. He is a beast. I don’t trust him. He is lying.


My heart began to pump widely. I stood up from my seat. If I stay here any longer I will not be responsible for my actions.


“You have lost your sanity if you think I will seat here and become your wife because I have no where to took my family, my home away from me. You will not have me too!”


He stood up. The chair scraping,against the floor was especially loud in my mind.he slowly and yet deliberately, took his time walking to me; until he stood in my line of vision.


I stood my ground, even though I was shaking terribly. His hand darted out ; I expected a slap. Some show of force. He gripped my chin gently, the warmth from his hand washing over my body like a wave.


“I will have you….all of you Isabella ” he said as his eyes raked over my body.


I tried to get away. His other arm wrapped around my waist pulling me closer.


“No you won’t!” I spat angrily at him.


My body gradually welcoming in his warmth. I hate him!


“I will” he claimed


He smile making the scar on his face looking more fierce.


“I will have your body, heart, soul….everything.” He growled as I watch his eyes


zero in on my lips


“Don’t you dare!” I panicked.


I shovel with all my might at his chest. He let me go quickly,making me almost fall into the table.


“Don’t you ever touch me again!” I said staring at king Ray He chuckled as he grabbed my glass of wine “Till our wedding night”


“I will not marry you”






Marriage na by force?






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So I wanted to clear up some misunderstanding about the story.


Ray and the rest of his people aren’t in animal form. Although sometimes they change to werewolves but most times they are in human form.







Pamela James


©Pamela Library



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