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Chapter 10



I opened my eyes only to find myself in my room. Sophia was sitting close to the bed.



I smiled, at least she is save.



“Your highness, thank you for saving me”



I look at her. I saved her? Nope? I just put her in trouble,but wait ray gave me a condition.



“My queen, I have to leave now. I need to assist the other maids in preparation for your wedding”



My wedding?



“Whose wedding?” I ask her, hoping it’s not mine



“Yours and king Ray’s” she bowed and left the room



Oh no! This can’t be!







I have received no sleep since yesterday. All I think about is the wedding. All I can think about is that monster touching. When I had the luxury to sleep for a while yesterday,I had a nightmare. Horrible one. It was about him. We were at the alter, we got married. All the people he killed were at the front row of our ceremony. They were dead though.



Tattered flesh,ripped clothing …..bleeding. But they were smiling and


clapping. This doesn’t make sense.



I wake up screaming and king ray tried to keep me quiet. It didn’t work. I screamed at him. I threatened him. Called him names that if my mother heard me say those words she will be angry with me.



My stomach churns as I realize something. They were at my wedding to hunt me for marrying their killer. They are here to torture me.



I quickly sprang up from my bed and showered and dressed. I had to speak with the king. I had to do something before I am married off to a monster



Once I was dressed,I asked Sophia where alpha Ray was



“Do you know where king ray is?”



She nodded her head



“he should be in his study your highness”



“Thank you”



I rushed down the hall and down the steps. Everyone seemed to be avoiding me. The maids, the guards, all gave me a nervous look. They seemed to be treating me nicely for the past few days so I don’t know why they’re acting different now.



Once I arrived at his study,I heard two people arguing.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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“So you’ll let a human be your queen? After we attacked their land? You really think she wants to marry you! You are an ignorant fool brother ”



“Watch your tone with me”



I knew that was Ray



“She is my mate and I will not have her walk around my kingdom without my mark on her”



“Is she even fit to be a queen?” The woman spat.



I opened the door. Whoever this ‘woman’ was she did not know me. She did not know what I gave up for this kingdom. I didn’t want to come to this kingdom but if it will ensure the safety of my parent ,I will do anything.



“I didn’t force him to marry him. It was his choice!”



Ray now sitting at his desk,while a dark haired woman stood across his desk, over him. She was tall and beautiful.



“So you are the Isabella?” She looked me up and down



I did not want any enemy but this woman did not look like an ally.



“Yes you are?”



“Mirabel, King Ray’s only sibling, the crown princess of this kingdom” she said incredibly smugly as she turned her head upwards as if to snub me



“You are prettier than I imagined”



“I would say likewise if I have ever heard of you” I smiled watching her one eye twitch.



“King ray can I speak to you, alone?” I said completely ignoring her



I did not appreciate her. I am not here to make friends. I was here to survive and get answers!



“I cannot hear,my sister?”



The thought that she would call me her sister sent unsettled chills down my spine.



“I would rather be alone with my soon to be husband” I said curtly



“Mirabel out” Ray growled



The woman glared at her brother before smiling at me and leaving, slamming the door shut loudly.



I look at Ray who was looking me over. I sighed,averting my gaze.


I didn’t appreciate him looking at my body like I was a piece of meat,ready for his teeth to sink into



“What do you want to speak with me alone about?”



“Please let me go back” I sniffed



“Back to my home. I don’t want to be the queen. I don’t care about mates just let me go.” I cried



“Bella, what is the problem? Why are you so upset” he growled as he forced me to look at him.



“Tell me!”



“I want to go back home. I miss my mother, my father, my friends. I miss My peaceful and happy life. ”



I looked at me confused



“Your parent are alive if that is why you are worried” he said



I shake my head



“Then let me see them,let me go back to them”



He took at back


“No” he stated



I despise him. He wanted to anger me. I would anger him too.



“I will not marry you”



His eyes began to glow



“You will, love”



Shaking my head, I wiped my face



“I will never marry a man like you”



A smile crept upon his lips.



“Lucky for you, I am no mere man” he said as he wiped one of my wet cheeks.



I pushed his hand away.



“Do not touch me” I said



He growled and pressed his body against mine.



“What…what are you doing?” I gasped



He smirked.



“When you are flustered…you look beautiful” he remarked as his lips descended upon mines.


I couldn’t stop him.



His lips were soft yet rough against own. His teeth nipped at my bottom lip, making me gasp. My surprise turn into anger as his tongue made its way inside my mouth. While his hand felt up my backside, his mouth….dominated my own



I was at his mercy. I was pinned against a hardened door….and a


seemingly even harder male.



My body began to betray me at every turn. It revealed in his lips on mines.


It longed for his muscular body to sandwich me in….with no escape.



When realization hit me,it was all too late.



“St…stop it” I basically screamed



His lips departed for just a moment from mine.



His eyes were Crimson swirls so they kept onlooking up and down my body. I felt entirely violated.



“Please stop touching me, your touches are unwanted and we both know that”



A smile crept unto his face



“My love you are just shared of all these lustful feelings. Everything will be fine. I will take care of you once our wedding night comes”



Was this man mad? I chewed on my bottom lip….a thought processing in my mind.we couldn’t consummate the marriage…if I was on my menstrual



cycle. The worry slipped away from me, I will just lie. The day of the wedding of course. Surely, female lycanthropes didn’t have to go through those awful times!



“Ah….you’re right. King ray….I guess I’m just nervous” I said sheepishly as


he nod his head suspiciously



“May we….visit my village after our marriage?”. I asked



I want to see my parent” He nodded his head.


“If you behave throughout the wedding then of course. If not, you will not see your parent for a very long time. Do you understand?”



I nodded. All I need to do is behave.






I hear wedding bells in Isabella future….. More like next two chapters



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