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Chapter 14









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I awoke…to feel pain booming in my body. I sat up…nervously looking around the room.



Looking down my nervous body…my eyes widened. Brushes marred my pale skin. My stomach and thighs had bite marks everywhere, even my chest did. I don’t even recall him biting me,I was so worked up and I didn’t notice. Looking down I saw a sleeping Raythroa


Disgust filled me,I got up and ran into the bathroom.seeing an empty pale,I threw up the contents in my stomach. I clutched the bucket tightly….recalling the events of last night.



I had liked some parts of the experience which made me throw up the more. The other part like when he entered me was horrible. He ceased to stop when I told him it hurt. His grip on my body while doing…. Was


unbearable. The only good part was when his tongue descended on my Womanhood which I thought was unkingly



After my stomach had calmed down I used a wash cloth to wipe my mouth,then went back into the room. I looked at myself in the mirror, my neck looked as if someone had gnawed on a bone.






I quickly turned around to see Alpha ray sitting up staring at me.



“You are beautiful” he said as he got up and began to walk over to me..naked. His member was thoroughly aroused.




I tried to cover myself with my hands as best as I could. Fear wracked my body.


“No please, do not make me do that again” I whimpered, taking nervous step back.



He stop in his tracks.



“I won’t” he said clearing his throat






He tossed me his shirt. I quickly put it on,staring at him warily.



“I just want to bath you…heal your bruises then you can go”



I shook my head



“I just want to go to the garden”



“Isabella… We are not supposed to leave the room for a week. We should be working on ensuring an heir to the throne.”



The thought of having a child with him made me physically ill. I heaved over the bucket once again and threw up liquid. After gathering myself together, I looked up at him.



“You caused to throw up. How could you ever think I would want to be with you after i throw up thinking…about that. I need some fresh air. I need some space away from you.” I spat at him



He just stared at me.




“You have taken everything away from me, my parent,my dignity,something I had kept all this years hoping to give it to one special man who I will love with my whole heart. I just need some space”



He left the room, leaving me by myself.I quickly washed up, gently washing my body. My entire body ached. I put on a dress.



Once I was dressed, I began to walk around the castle. Trying to find the exit door that will lead to the garden. I was lost though, the castle was large.



“My queen?”



I whipped around ,to see Kelly. He looked at me with confusion. As if wondering why I was there.



I smiled lightly,not being able to look at him.



“Can….can you direct me to the garden?”



“Luna,are you okay?” He asked as he was suddenly in front of me.



Glaring down, I nodded nervously.



“Isabella” he said and I snapped my head up.



“D…don’t call me that, call me Isabel please. H…he uses that name too much” I whimper



He was the only one who called me by my full name and I don’t like it.


“My cousin?”



I nodded my head while wiping at a few stray tears.



“Mhm” I said trying to hold it together.



I felt his large hand grip my shoulder.



“Kelly do not touch me like that” I shrieked



Instead of him pulling his hand away, he pulled me closer to him, to his chest



“Stop it!” I cried as he simply just held me there.



“Let it out.”



I did.


I cried.


sobbed. I hit him.



I cry and you comfort me


I’m lost and you hear my scream


So it’s hard to watch you falling


When you run so deep in me


You live in me


Gonna stand by your side now


Let me kiss all your tears away


You can stay in my arms now


And I know I can make you believe again


I walk but you can run through fire


I search for reasons and baby you inspire


But I know somebody hurt you


And I know you really need a friend


Well you can take my hand


Gonna stand by your side now


Let me kiss all your tears away


You can stay in my arms now


And I know I can make you believe again


So when you’re feeling like you can’t go on


Don’t you know


You never walk alone no


And you live in me


Gonna stand by your side now


Let me kiss all your tears away


You can stay in my arms now


And I know I can make you believe again


I’m gonna stand, stand by your side


Kiss all your tears away tonight


I’m gonna stand, stand by your side


Make you believe again


I want to look in your eyes now and see you smiling again


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Until I crumpled to the ground. He sat down with me as I sobbed into my arm.



“I miss them” I cried.



“I know”



“I hate him”




“He knows”



“I hate this place. I hate your people” I cried as Kelly said nothing.



“Why can’t he let me leave? Kelly you can help me leave, can’t you?” I asked,looking hopeful.



He shook his head.






I sighed shakily and tried to get myself together.



“Everyone hates me including those two maids. They talk about me and sophia said she handled it. I have no idea what that means” I said while laughing a bit



I looked at Kelly to see realization dawning in his eyes.






“The blonde and the red head?”



nodded Kelly smiled.


“They will never be able to talk period. Sophia ripped their tongues out”









A strangled snarl left my lips as the silver lashed my back,searing pain shot all over my body. My skin producing patches of fur trying to shift to the beast, To give me more comfort in my suffering.



The stench of my blood filled the dark and cold cell. I could smell the guards fear, smell Kelly’s anger.



“Is…is that all Alpha?” The solider ask once again.



My hands gripped the silver chains that bounded me down to the ground.






“No! Put the whip down”



I snarled throwing my head back to look at my cousin.



“If you cannot stomach this, leave”



Kelly slammed open the cell.



“The solider cannot even stomach this” Kelly said through gritted teeth



“Cab you boy? Answer my question! Answer the damn f*cking question” kelly shouted



The solider leaked himself. I smelt the odd mixture and glared at the man.


No Kelly was right, boy.



“No I cannot”




“Then you do it Kelly!”



“There is blood everywhere. Haven’t you have enough for today?”



The small ounce of anything human….anything king like I had being frayed


by Kelly.



“Unless you have killed the only thing in your life that matter to you.unless you have spilled their blood on the ground. My blood shed right now is nothing to the blood that I have brother, you either make me bleed or leave me to my hell!”



There was silence. The only thing audible was my harsh breathing. I could already feel my body trying to repair itself as I suddenly heard him coning towards me.



“She came to me today, she despise you” He said as he began to release me from my silver chains.



“Damn, you Ray” he snapped as the silver burned his hands.



“That is not a surprise” I said as my thoughts wandered to my miserable wife.



She is a jewel, strong and hard.



I consummated our marriage” Kelly nodded


“I know”



“She told me she wanted me dead” I chuckled bitterly as my hands picked at the burned flesh of my wrists



“Now that is what I call not a surprise.”



“If she is with child,do you think she will harm it?” I asked absentmindedly



If she despised me that much, she will kill what we made. It was possible. I had seen women do it to plenty men who they hated



Kelly shook his head



“No never. Humans cherish the young. She is not a evil woman cousin. She is a hurting woman. A woman scorned. You are the face of her hate”



Ignoring Kelly comments I began to put on my shirt,As soon the fabric touched my skin I growled in pain.



“Have you seen Sophia?” Kelly questioned



I gave him an interested look.



“She’s going to be gone for the week. She is in her heat. Do you need your clothing washed?”



Kelly cut me a dirty glare.



“No…I was just wondering which make caters to her”



The child mercy was his mate. She is a child and he Is a man.he needs a female to sate his needs until he could properly mate her.



“As far as I know she has none. She takes some herbal mixture but it doesn’t works. Mirabel has tried it before”



I shivered thinking of that time I had to lock Mirabel.


I had to lock her in her own specific part of the castle and female maids watch over her. She was incredibly persuasive with the male guards.



“Maybe I will ask her to be her male. ”



I have been many women’s male. It was a male who serviced a woman during her heat,it was an honor. Especially when I was a younger prince, I had my time.



“A maid, Kelly?”



“Yes,a maid. She is beautiful. Is she not?



” she is”



“Exactly! I haven’t bed a woman in a while and sophia there is something about her”



do whatever you want Kelly, she is a good maid though don’t break her heart. She is Isabella’s only friend ”



To be continued








A Human Mate For The Alpha






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