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Chapter 11









“I’m itchy!”



My eyes were filled with tears all day, Up until point. This surreal pinnacle in my life….I had no more tears to shed. The past few days had been a


whirlwind of nightmares. The dress fittings, the arguments of how I was a human and such. They had to change their tradition because of my humanity. I was being reminded every day, every second that i was a human and it killed me to know that I would not have my parent by my side.



“You look beautiful” Sophia complimented as I tried not to squirm at her staring at me



“Our king will love it”



That was when the beautiful was shattered.



“I don’t want him to”



Sophia looked down seeming to bite her bottom lip.



“He will” she said quietly



“And he will love you too. He is a kind man….his views are a bit…..”





“Unorthodox” she said with a small laugh



I sighed.



“If he is not the monster you say he is…if he is so kind…if I ask him not to consummate the marriage,will he give me more time?”



Her shoulders sagged



“No….that because of his wolf…he”



“Forcing someone to do such s£xual acts when you haven’t even been correctly courted is an animal way of thinking, he is a monster” I snapped as Sophia pressed her lips tightly together.



I sighed.



“Forgive me, Sophia”



She smiled, bowing slightly.



“No,the fault was mine. This a happy occasion” she smiled as I attempted to do the same






“But mother I don’t want to go! My head ache and my stomach hurt. I am sick and these heels aren’t helping matters. Everyone will be able to tell” I whimpered as my mother grabbed me into a hug



“But you have to go. Every young maiden will be at the party,don’t just sit here”



I pushed away from my mother.



“That’s not fair. No one will notice I’m not at the party. If I go,everyone will know that I don’t feel good”



My mother straightened up her shoulders and glared down at me.



“They will not know if you do not look in pain. Smile through it , people should never see any emotion on you my dear. Masking the hurt and pain is a strong woman job, Which you will become one day”



“B-but what happens if I can’t mask it anymore?”


My mother didn’t respond. She just kissed my cheek and began to fix my curls




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“Are you ready?”



I nodded slightly



Sophia had the guards open the door for her. They were having the ceremony outside. I had no idea why. It was probably their tradition.



I had no shoes on,just my dress. No veil either….it was odd



As they walked through the forest, I heard Mercy laughing. Glancing back, I noticed that only females were walking behind me. Sophia was walking beside me, behind was Mirabel. She looked incredibly angry, I felt how she



looked on the outside. A few women were behind her,wearing black just as her.



They were smiling at me,I smiled back. It wasn’t their fault I was getting married to this monster. As we walked I saw a clearing,it was beautiful. Greenery and flowers everywhere.



The beautiful scene was wrecked in my mind when my eyes landed on Ray. He wore a simple white shirt and pants. There was absolutely nothing dressy about his attire. No suit?



I recognized some men. They were all behind him as well. Except of Kelly who stood next to him…in front of a large stump that had items on it.



“Just walk over there. On the other side of the stump…and you will have to get on his back….when he becomes a wolf” Sophia said squeezing my hand and smiling.



Hesitantly, I walked over to the stump. Kelly gave me a curt nod. I guess he is acting as the priest…I glanced at king ray. He was smiling at me. I looked to the ground. He growled but said nothing else.



Kelly began to speak. I didn’t understand the language. I stood there, confused. Kelly recited words, which ray recited too. They both looked at me.



“Say them aloud” he told me.



I tried my best. I wish I knew what I was saying, what I was getting myself into. Once I said those words, ray grabbed this sparkling gold necklace. Sophia was right, it was beautiful. My eyes snaked up the appearance of it,


sure enough it was two wolves On it. They were facing opposite directions.


The tails were inter-wined.



“Your hair” he said



I slowly turned around,holding my hair up.



The cold metal touched my neck,and an odd sensation flowed through me



Turning back around. Kelly gave me ray necklace . he turned around and I glared at Kelly. How on earth was I supposed to put these necklace on him? I was shorter than him.



“Try” Kelly said with a smirk



I sighed,going on my tippy toes managing to get it around his neck. As soon as I pressed the two clasps together securing it into his neck. They melded into one. I gasped, touching my own necklace there was no clasp it disappeared…I had to be going mad.



“Now” Kelly said as he pulled a dagger out of his jacket.



I took a step back.what on earth was he doing with that? Ray willingly gave up his palm. I watched Kelly slice his hand. Ray then balled his hand into a fist,and the droplet of crimson blood cropped unto the wooden stump.



The stump… Was actually dark red. It looked as if this wasn’t the first time blood had been dropped into it.



“My Queen” Kelly said while holding his hand out to me




My hand shot. I was going to get this over with.



Kelly sliced my hand…blood oozed from my cut….without me having to ball


my fist up. I watched as my bright blood seeped unto the stump.



Kelly took a piece of cloth and wrapped my palm in it. Then his hushed voice turned into a loud shout. They were speaking in their language I supposed.


Everyone began shouting,howling and yelling. Ray turned around and all the men began to hug and now and such.



I turned around too, Not knowing what to do. I met with Mirabel…she dropped one knee..bowed, then left. Other women I have never seen, kissed me on the cheek. hugged me,bowed or just smiled and then began to tear off their clothing



As the women begin to go nacked,I turned my head to the men. The same thing was happening I gulped, deciding to shift my attention to the blood wasn’t seeking. I glance at Kelly, if it didn’t seep will they kill me?



Kelly quickly put a finger to his lips…before averting the men gazes by howling.



and ripping his shirt off. They seemed to appreciate that.



Before I know it. All of them were large wolves. I gulped, looking down at a particular wolf with a gold necklace. He was dark and large. My heart began to pound in my chest.



Memories from the night it happened clouded my vision. They were monsters, everyone had change. The large wolf began to walk up to me.


“Stop” I tried



Last time I had commanded them to stop, they stopped…but I was commanding their king now.



I stumbled back,falling onto the ground. I was frozen in fear. How did their beasts work? Did he recognize me? He was growling and showing his teeth. He looked ready to kill.



He then did something surprising,He began sniffing me. I stood deathly still as he sniffed my head, my neck,my chest and began to grumble as he sniffed at my stomach further



“St-stop that” I said while hitting him with my hand.



He snarled and I remained silent. He then began to tug on my dress



“What is wrong with you?” I shouted as some of it began to rip



Was he going mad?



I pulled back at the end of my dress but I could hear the material ripping. In less than a few seconds, he had a piece of my dress in his mouth. He trotted over to the male wolves and put it on the ground.



The next thing I saw amazed me. They began fighting for my piece of dress. I watched as they bite,clawed and scratched each other. The females barked,growled and Yipped. What a barbaric behavior!





The fight continued for at least straight five more minutes until one dark wolf grabbed it on his mouth.




He had been fighting everyone and was the only one who was able to stand on his….four legs,without a single scratch. I looked at his eyes….a smile arose from my lips. Of course it would be Kelly.



He trotted over to me where ray stood and placed it on my feet. Everyone looked at me expectantly. I grabbed it. Kelly lifted up a paw. Did he want me to tie it around it?



I hope I was doing the right thing. I took the dirt covered piece of material and wrapped it around his left paw.Ray then head butted Kelly and they all began to howl.



I felt something nudging at my back . it was a female wolf. I quickly get up as the wolf Ray looked at me expectantly. Everyone began to run and barked at me.



I supposed this was the time,I was supposed to ride him. I hesitantly got onto the beast he was soft….and warm.



Ray made a growl. I closed my eyes and he took off.



This is my new life….Running with wolves.








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