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~~~~~~Chapter 3 ~~~~~~


















**Fear and shame engulfed me like a ton of bricks as I slowly closed my mouth and look at my mother. My mother stood in the kitchen with her arm crossed over her chest, glaring.


“Yes mother?” I asked with a stuffed mouth.


“A good girl never, ever, ever stuffs her mouth with candies. Especially taking it without her parent permission”


I nodded my head as I gulped down the sweet food.


“I was very hungry” I admitted unabashedly


I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Don’t blame me.


“Don’t act rash because of a feeling.” She reminded me. I nodded


I exhale in pain. Gosh I had hit my leg in a stone this morning


She laughed softly, covered her mouth and laughed harder.



“Bella, you always have to smile .no matter what you have been through, you must never show that you are pain. A sad face is what the enemies called a defeated being. ”


It was my turn to laugh


“Tell that to father. Anytime he return home and didn’t catch an animal he always look sad”


She gasped. “Oh that man!”**


” miss, miss, miss”


I woke up to see a man tapping me.


I looked around the carriage. There was the man who had saved me. The beta? I guess.


“Hello” the man said gruffly


His hair was dirty blonde and close to his head,short. He had dark brown eyes and tanned skin. He had a shirt on…compared to before when he was shirtless covered with blood.


A pang of pain washed over me. We are on our way to the lycan kingdom. THE BEASTS NATION


To get me out of the village they had to sedate me. I didn’t want to go. The medic came in and many painful things happened.he was a beast healer not a human doctor. He had done things differently .


He had numbed it, stitched some parts up, and put me in some odd cast. After that the beast king came in and told me I needed to change my dress. He was right, it was covered in blood. I had changed then slipped a dagger that my father had given me when I was fifteen years under my dress. After that we had tried to leave, I had protested more. I can’t go with these beasts, But it was useless. No one cared



what I wanted. I was a human girl who he had decided to show mercy on for an unknown reason. I had no rights.


“What is your name?” I questioned the man,as he looked me over.


His eyes full of uncertainty.


“Kelly” he answered


“I am the king’s beta”


He had mentioned Beta before….to one of the beasts. That must be a high




“What is a Beta?”


“A beta is the second in command. In ancient days there used to be multiple packs with one Alpha, the first in command and a Beta, the second in command. Now there is one Alpha and one Beta to rule the Lycanthropes”


I nodded, what an interesting thing! So in a laymen terms he is basically a prince?


“And the alpha is the king?”


He nodded with a twitch in his lips with shows he is happy that I understand.


“What is the king name”


” Alpha Raymond”


“What are his plans for me?” I asked


I wanted to know if it would be better if they killed me in my village.


Kelly shook his head.



“That is something you would have to discuss with the king. I am not at the liberty to tell you so”


We were passing through their village. Many people were outside,waving, or just looking onward.some baby animals were chasing the carriage. I was horrified. They would turn into killers, eventually.


Few more minutes of silence and we were front of a large…. Dark castle. Scary.


I nodded mutely as Kelly had gotten out of the carriage and helped me out. The next carriage carried, king ray and four other men who were looking between Kelly and I as I had just did something to him with my ‘mystical human powers’


Once we were inside, the alpha held me tight.I gasped looking at him.


“Do you have something to say, John?”


He whipped around, I clutched his shoulders for stability.


“No,my lord”


“Well your thought are projecting to me and I don’t care for them. Where do you suggest I put my mate, john?”


“I’m sorry my king”


I was suddenly tossed into Kelly’s arms. I watched in horror as the king grabbed the man by the neck.


“I-i was just suggesting we don’t put her in the castle just yet….b-because she is


not one of us. She might get harmed…”


His speaking was cut short as the King’s claws pressed into his neck.


He was crushing his throat.


Then the king grabbled at his chest…then ripped out his heart out.





The king growled


“Let this be a warning to anyone who think my mate will be in danger…you will be in danger before I get to you” he roared as the group of men took a step back


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“Bring her to her room” he commanded


I walked with Kelly and we were met with an eerily beautiful hallway.


“The room at the end of the hall way is the King’s” he explained as I looked down the hall way.


Two large dark double doors. I will stay clear of that room.


“The other room is mine. The other room close to mine belong to the king sister, princess Mirabel.


The door to the right of the kings room is yours. You will have a maid at your beck and call. Her name is Sophia ,she should be here any moment. You will also have a companion.her name is mercy, She is still a child though, but don’t treat her like a servant.”


“Okay” I nodded


He didn’t say anything further. He walked down to my room and opened the door.


My mouth opened.


“It might be dusty,no one has occupied this room for years” he said


I entered the room and he left me alone. I closed the door and sat on the dusty bed


I was about to break a rule my mother told me


*Never act rash because of a feeling*





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Written by: Pamela James



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